The patient was stable, suddenly, she died

In the Canton of Vaud died a 74-year-old woman in the night on Thursday to the consequences of the Coronavirus. The woman was treated at Lausanne University hos

The patient was stable, suddenly, she died

In the Canton of Vaud died a 74-year-old woman in the night on Thursday to the consequences of the Coronavirus. The woman was treated at Lausanne University hospital (Chuv), such as hospital Director, Philippe Eckert said yesterday at a short notice, convened a media conference. The woman belonged to cases, according to the Canton of doctor Karim Boubaker to the "first wave of Infection", which were found in the Canton of Vaud. She suffered from a chronic illness, the powers of the authorities, no further details. In a Communiqué referred to as a "high risk patient". The Coronavirus has infected the woman with a large probability in the case of a stay in Italy.

The course of the disease and the medical treatment made the authorities vague information, relying on the protection of the deceased and their family. It is clear: On Tuesday, the woman went to a Vaud regional hospital. There it was found in an initial medical history, symptoms, pointing to a Corona virus infection. It took the wife a saliva sample and isolated in the University hospital on a special unit for highly infectious diseases. The Corona suspicions were confirmed a short time later.

According to the hospital Director Eckert was the condition of the woman on the Wednesday stable. Although she suffered from breathing problems, but the intensive care seemed to work. However, in the night on Thursday her condition, according to Eckert worsened dramatically. The woman passed away. The Doctors had treated the 74-Year-old with two anti-viral drugs, such as diseases with other viruses and also abroad, from the hospital doctors will be used. Drug name Eckert called no. The members are in quarantine, to avoid the risk of infection.

cases continue to

The Canton of Vaud has cases to date, nine confirmed Corona. Of these, a Person is considered cured. In the whole of Switzerland, the number of cases rose yesterday to over 100 (the news Ticker). In the previous course of the disease from China by almost 45'000 patients: people with pre-existing conditions of being diagnosed with a greater risk, difficult to Covid-19.

Who was suffering from a pre-existing condition, had a significantly higher risk of treatment in intensive care was needed or the disease has been fatal. The biggest risk for people with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, chronic pulmonary is suffering, and Diabetes. The viral pneumonia, strained heart, or lungs, which are anyway already attacked, stronger.

Also, age is a risk factor. Still, there are no clear statements on the General death rate, the information provided by the experts vary between 1 and 2 percent. In the over 80-Year-olds, this value increases to almost 15 percent. The Vaud cantonal doctor Karim Boubaker stresses, you know, how the number of cases developing in Switzerland. You have to get used to the existence of the Virus.

Leuba attacked authorities

On Wednesday visited the Canton of doctor Boubaker for two hours at a meeting of the Vaud government. His remarks also Director of Economics Philippe Leuba (FDP) followed. On the same evening Leuba appeared in the "daily news" of the Western Swiss television. Leuba played the dangerousness of the Coronavirus and economic interests against prophylactic measures. He attacked the Federal authorities. The Coronavirus is "not the black plague," says Leuba. It'll stoked "scared", but Infected with the "just need to take a Dafalgan, and in four to five days, the thing is over," says Leuba. Anyway, the Virus is only for people over 65 years of age and patients with chronic heart, circulatory and respiratory diseases dangerous.

Spicy was: While Leubas "daily show"appearance discussed health Minister Alain Berset with the health Director and Directors on a common action to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. On the Statements of your government colleagues have raised, stressed the Vaud health Director Rebecca Ruiz (SP) yesterday, it did not apply to the requirements of the health Department in Bern. These people should not question it. But at the session of the cantonal health Directors, with Alain Berset, significant differences have emerged.

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