About the Coronavirus is from the many half-truths circulating

half An hour on Twitter. The Hashtag #Coronavirus trendet, and looks something like this: Jokes about hamster purchases. Five new cases in Spain. Two new cases

About the Coronavirus is from the many half-truths circulating

half An hour on Twitter. The Hashtag #Coronavirus trendet, and looks something like this: Jokes about hamster purchases. Five new cases in Spain. Two new cases in Spain. In China everything is much worse than reported. More jokes about hamster purchases. You wash your hands. A man sold on Ebay twenty face masks for 20'000 Euro. And again hamster jokes.

This is the special feature of the current outbreak. It unfolds not only virologically in an unprecedented pace. He also unleashes a flood of voices, opinions, and pseudo-information. Everything happens in real time in front of an audience of Billions, of which a large part has to turn on the option itself at any time in the communication.

The Corona-epidemic was a month old, when complained to the world health organization already on a "Infodemie," a surfeit of information, some accurate and some inaccurate, to be. The differentiate one from the other, is not so difficult, as hardly ever before.

The great flu-misunderstanding

This is only partly due to the fact that often it is not clear what is actually true and what is false; many of the questions to the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 are still open. And sometimes there is no clear Right or Wrong. Some of the Asian countries from their citizens requested to wear face masks. The Berlin-based Robert-Koch-Institute recommends not explicitly. Both is understandable.

The face protection can reduce the germs from the Diseased in the surroundings sneezing, offers Healthy but little protection. Whether one is in favour of or against masks, it is a balancing thing that has to do with various risk layers, with Differences in risk awareness and cultural practices.

it is necessary to wear The Mask for a lot of Asians out of courtesy. However, the context is lost quickly, at the end of hoarding people everywhere masks because others do it also. You are going to use the products, perhaps; for you are lacking in hospitals and surgeries.

Some of the Information is not wrong, but in Public is wrong. In their Efforts to calm down, experts have widely used at the beginning of the message, you should be more scared of the flu. In fact, it was and is much more common as a Coronavirus infection. However, the flu comparison, has developed to a big misunderstanding. Many people came simply, the new disease Covid-19 was compared to the Influenza harmless. And because of the flu be cancelled any measure. The left's efforts to fight the new disease, seem to be exaggerated.

In the comparison, the Details were, indeed, Covid-19 has the greater potential to spread among people and kill them. In the Background is also the crucial fact that, at the beginning of an epidemic a realistic Chance to stop the new virus, or at least to delay the spread of joined – that it is so worth it, solid against upgrade.

For Details stays in the hustle and bustle of the epidemic, no time

Some of the information clutter that goes back to the wrong conclusions basically correct, although often irrelevant facts. People googling "Coronavirus" and be suspicious, because what they hold for the brand-new pathogen, for years, is mentioned in specialized publications, and even Patents. In all of this, however, either to other corona virus belonging to the genus of several types of microorganisms or epidemiological scenarios with fictitious corona pathogens, how they are to training and practice purposes by played. However, where this Knowledge is missing, solidifies in some people, the Belief in a conspiracy. So that the sinister forces that have set the exciter is intentionally free.

For the differentiated view, the tedious arguments with Details, also the acceptance of uncertainties and knowledge gaps remain in this hustle and bustle of the epidemic no more time. And long some people take advantage of this Situation. Some abuse the Virus, in order to promote racism and contempt for people. Even experts and business men are called to propagate all sorts of cures, onions, garlic, a nasal spray with seaweed are recommended. There are currently, in fact, no means that can fight the disease caused or prevented.

Others want to be part of the hold-up cacophony. Even some of the scientists are part of the mix. At least four current research work on Sars-CoV-2 were already pulled back. A suggested that the Virus was related to the Aids virus HIV, another suggested that snakes could transmit the Virus to humans, a third claimed that the Virus came from space. The articles were published, the authors on the so-called Preprint servers, where they are untested and without scientific evaluation will be published.

Also, a magazine has already had to drag a post back. In the Lancet Global Health, two Chinese nurses had described their experiences in hospital in the heavily affected city of Wuhan; they are described prior to exhaustion, collapsing colleagues, wundgewaschene hands, painful pressure under the mask and goggles. "We feel helplessness, anxiety and fear", they wrote, and appealed to medical personnel in the world, your colleagues in China to help out. But apparently the author had not experienced these situations on your own.

misinformation fueling irrational behavior

The damage caused by false information can be enormous. You can fuel irrational behavior, exclusion and stigmatisation, encourage, undermine trust. Even against control? "Risk communication is difficult," says Maike Voss, who is researching at the German Foundation for politics and science the issue of global health . For you, communication is "very close to the property location, very close to the evidence" is the only right one. In this respect, the communication of the official page working so far, is exemplary. Nevertheless, it might be necessary to do more on the new social media to engage.

The effect could be similar to that in the Impfdiskussion. "The hardliners not, but the level of uncertainty is already achieved." The WHO tried to use information about newer channels to exploit. It cooperates with the operators of social networks, so that reputable sources are preferably displayed. Facebook announced to clear failure information. To utter nonsense such as the alleged garlic cures are likely to be less visible.

is still questionable, what happens to the claims that are currently confirmed not safe or disprove the half-truths, irrelevant quibbles that distract from more important information. And how to evaluate it when people spread permanent photos blank purchased noodle shelves? You have every right to share personal experiences, but they animate to it, probably, also the Hamsters. On Twitter #corona panic trendet a long time.

Created: 06.03.2020, 09:14 PM

Updated Date: 06 March 2020, 12:03

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