NFL Morten Andersen: 'I was wrong'

Much has happened in the last 30 days in the NFL's world. Several teams who were on the sure path to the playoffs in January, has come under pressure after a

NFL Morten Andersen: 'I was wrong'

Much has happened in the last 30 days in the NFL's world.

Several teams who were on the sure path to the playoffs in January, has come under pressure after a few bad matches. Here, the Ball is still miserable, and a young quarterback delivers performance from another world.

B. T. has therefore associated itself with the Danish american football legend and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Morten Andersen, who serves as the NFL's expert in sportsportalen SpilXperten.

Here he gives his assessment of the month, who went in the NFL, who should pull themselves together, and who hit the Super Bowl final.

The headlines

Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens, we can't get outside. It dominates the headlines in the UNITED states. That is what the team and the one player people are talking about. It is exploded.

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks were clearly the favorite for the MVP title. He is no more. It has Lamar Jackson taken now. There is no doubt that he has lifted his game so much that he has put air between himself and Russell Wilson, and there is no other, there is talk of at all.

It is also not just the way to Baltimore just wins. The saver the opponents over. The smashing Rams' 45-6 in Los Angeles – the defending Super Bowl participants! The running long run. We must just say that it is the big headline. It is Lamars world.

I can only think of Michael Vick, who reminds me of it, Lamar Jackson makes. I played with him for a year in Atlanta, and he had the skill-set, the physical options, so he could do something extraordinary. But nevertheless, I have not seen anything like it, for Lamar throws better than Michael Vick did.

We talk so much about their attack, that the defense in fact is completely forgotten, but the defense yielded only 22 yards rushing yards away against the Rams. And they have a really fine running back, if you need to say the least.

they also have the league's best kicking of Justin Tucker. They run on all cylinders right now. I can't see who will stop them.

Last year we had young Patrick Mahomes, who impressed and was MVP. In the years we have Lamar Jackson. If you are a Bears fan, it's probably not so fun. They could have had Lamar Jackson and/or Patrick Mahomes, but chose to go with Mitchell Trubisky, which just has dirt in the hat ever since. You really must be bitter as a Bears fan.

I must admit that I took a little mistake a month ago, where I gave Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers have enough love.

San Francisco-the team has damn well proven, they belong in the top. The will to win, and Garoppolo has done very well. Their defender impresses also. Hats off from here.

Historically, Garoppolo has not been big in the big situations, but I must say that he is week after week in november has delivered the goods. He is razor sharp right now. It is very impressive.

Quarterback Tom Brady has even recently been out to say it. 'Our two best departments on the team is our defense and our special teams.' I don't know if he just says it to motivate the attack, but in fact, I think he believes it. You can also see it statistically.

10 points in the last game. I know it is pissede down. But they just can't move the ball angrebsmæssigt right now. It must be very worrying for them. Especially when you, as a Patriots fan watching, what Baltimore is doing down in Maryland right now. So to be a little nervous of what is happening down south.

Tom Brady also looks deadly out all of a sudden. He has not been impressive. But I dare not hazard a guess as to whether it is lakke against the end for him. One should not be mistaken that he still is in fantastic shape and is one of the league's best. He has surprised before when one has written him of. So he comes back and wins a Super Bowl to.

But it will be interesting to follow them the next month, how they get adjusted the attack. For what you are doing now does not work.


the Philadelphia Eagles were predicted storhedstider in the year, but it is definitely not done. They do not play inspiring football at the moment.

the Dallas Cowboys have also disappointed. With the players they have, they have really underpræsteret. Owner Jerry Jones has said that he is disappointed with the coaching staff.

It was also a crazy decision, head coach Jason Garrett took in the fight against the Patriots, where they are trailing by seven points with a few minutes left, and then kicking a field goal on fourth down and seven yards.

I must give Jerry Jones right in that Jason Garrett is doing a blunder by not going for it. Troy Aikman, who has played for Dallas, commented on the fight, and he also served on and called it a wrong decision.

Jason Garrett sits really on a hot seat right now – especially after the decision. He would still be in trouble if they had lost the battle with seven points instead of four, but at least he had been more proactive, if he went after it. Then they had shown the owners and the fans that were here to win. It is here signaling to all: 'We are not a playoff team'.

The same is true with Jared Goff and the rest of the Los Angeles Rams. To a Super Bowl team fall so quickly down the rankings, and the quality also...

Aaron Donald have you not heard anything from. I know very well, he is a dominant defender, but has not been there. Jared Goff is not on the same level. His QB rating is all the way in, he's doing many turnovers.

It is as though head coach Sean McVay can not get the strategy to fit in with the players. That worked last year, doesn't work. It is as if people have watched them. 45 points was given Neyine by the defence, who have Wade Phillips as forsvarskoordinator. So, he keeps, as a rule, people in the field for 20 points.

And so I have not even talked about here, the Ball.


It is easy to say Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens. Their huge dominance is therefore a surprise.

But we look a little on the Oakland Raiders – will soon be the Las Vegas Raiders. I had not expected that they would be so stable and good playing under Jon Gruden. But it has been impressive what they have been able to deliver so far.

Maybe it will be interesting to see if they can reach the Kansas City Chiefs. The Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers has been run backwards. But they are a victory from the Chiefs right now and make it interesting. Maybe they can reach to take the division, but if they can reach a wildcard. If they continue, they may well sneak in the playoffs, and it could fucking be fun.

the Fans in the Oakland stands in a peculiar situation, that the team is moving to Las Vegas. But they have tried before. But the stadium, the Raiders have been in Oakland, has clearly been the worst in the NFL without the VIP-boxes or anything. Now they get a spritnyt, 'state-of-the-art' stadium. Even in Las Vegas. It's a good fit.

They are a little on edge with all, and they are always entertaining to look at. They have fans throughout the world and is one of the most popular team in the whole world.

I was in Las Vegas a month ago, and at the airport there was a giant Raiders-store with the merchandise. So they have moved in. And I really think they will raise the profile and profit to move. They are mega popular. There is so much upside to move.

And then there was also no further from Oakland than you can jump on a plane and be in Las Vegas at a time.

the Super Bowl bid

We had the New England Patriots against the New Orleans Saints before. Now we change out completely.

I say the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers. They are the two best playing teams p.t. in the NFL. And it is, of course, what we need to go out from.

I would of course like Saints in there, but they lost to the Falcons at home. It was disappointing. Really disappointing. And they had problems with the Carolina Panthers, where he was in front and let them get back in the fight.

Updated Date: 01 December 2019, 16:00

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