Mercedes GLB: The true successor of the GLK | car

The Mercedes GLB is the successor of the GLK, albeit with one big difference. Ride report for GLB. The Mercedes GLK is no longer produced. As the official succ

Mercedes GLB: The true successor of the GLK | car

The Mercedes GLB is the successor of the GLK, albeit with one big difference. Ride report for GLB.

The Mercedes GLK is no longer produced. As the official successor of the Mercedes has chosen the GLC. But the Mercedes GLB is the true successor.

five years Ago, he joined. In the Bremen plant in 2015 the last of the Mercedes GLK rolled off the production line in June – after seven years and over half a Million units produced. The official heirs of the GLC was elected. But it is only now shows: The true successor of the GLK, the published GLB .

The latest SUV model, the Schwaben was not only externally, strongly reminiscent of the GLK, also in the interior, and the driving characteristics of the Parallel will continue, as we in the Test have to learn.

Mercedes GLB: Noticeably longer than the GLK

The GLB comes in spite of the many curves, very upright and straight, carries a large cooler and a steep rear end, plus short Overhangs, as once the GLK. The only, but great difference to the GLK length . The GLB is noticeably larger, measuring with his 4,63 meters for as long as 40 inches. This is especially true in a considerable large Knee clearance in the rear noticeable. There are surprisingly a lot of space (wheelbase of 2.83 meters).

+ The rear seats if required, flipping.©Mercedes

In the second row , the seats tend to and to 14 inches of longitudinal displacement. In addition, there are two optional seats in the third row , which the GLB is the seven-seater. There should not, however, sit because of the limited headroom people over 1.70 meters body size. In the case of a folded second row of seats, a load capacity of 1,800 litres in the five seater standard position, there are 570 litres. Under the boot floor there is a large storage compartment.

+ In the trunk of the GLB are with Seats down, up to 1,800 litres of load volume possible.©Mercedes

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Mercedes GLB: The large Compact-SUV

With its dimensions of 4.63 meters in length, 1.83 meters in width and 1.66 metres in height, the GLB is about the size of a VW Tiguan Allspace. The 1.7-ton truck, based on the A-class is almost as long as the BMW X3 (4,71 metres) and significantly longer than a VW Tiguan (4.46 meters) or Audi Q3 (4,49 meters). The GLB acts almost like a sort of a miniature version of the new Mercedes flagship GLS .

And thus, the GLB, is hardly a Compact SUV , but stands in direct competition to its almost the same long Mercedes-brother GLC (4.65 metres). External difference: The GLC has a sportier, racier and also radiates in the interior a little more modern Chic. Although the GLB provides, of course, by no means disappointed and also high quality. The only hard plastics in the lower doors halves on something falls off, but in good overall picture is not negative.

+ the Cockpit of The new Mercedes-Benz GLB.©Mercedes

In the Cockpit the three silver round air vents on traps, as well as the long-drawn-out digital Monitor that runs without interruption from the left to the middle. The GLB inherits the large Widescreen Cockpit of the B-class and the operating system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), which also responds to voice commands and Gestures. Two 7-inch Displays for the Instrument cluster and media system with Touchscreen are standard, the 10.25-inch screen costs.

The square Touchpad on the operation sits in the center console and in the operation a little getting used to. In the so-called "themes" one can also store his own profile. Then the personal settings for air conditioning, display styles or driving programs such as the suspension will be activated from the beginning. The eight-speed automatic switches used in liquid form. The narrow switching lever, which has not been inserted in our Test, the passages "D" and "R" is always at the first attempt is on the right behind the steering Wheel.

the Mercedes GLB

The GLB drives, in spite of his quite stately in stature handy, with very easy-running steering and a turning circle that feels smaller than the specified 11,7 meters. Despite his more jovial character he is stable in curves , and tends to there is hardly to the side. To put it simply: He feels relaxed. Also, the visibility and sense of space are very good.

The all-wheel drive 4Matic there is surcharge. Then, the driver can choose by pressing a button, the power distribution between the front and rear axle. The range is from 80:20 (front/rear) to a uniform 50:50 distribution of power. All-wheel drive as standard but only the GLB 250 4Matic, GLB 200d 4Matic and GLB220d 4Matic. In these models, a eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox is used.

Mercedes GLB: off-road also available as an Option

Who wants to move the GLB is more often off paved roads, you can opt for the optional off-road package . In addition to the special off-road light , which generates a wide and bright light distribution in front of the vehicle, the power delivery of the engine, the characteristic of the four-wheel drive and the ABS control for easy terrain beyond paved roads.

The engine range contains four diesel from around 37.300 up 55.800 Euro (136 HP, 163 HP, 224 HP and 306 HP). The three Diesel make 116 HP, 150 HP and 190 HP and range in price turned out some 38,500 to 45,300 in Euro . In about two years, it will give GLB with an electric drive (EQB).

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+ The Mercedes GLB is the true successor to the GLK.©Mercedes

The tested "medium-sized" two-liter Diesel with 150 HP, it comes along with the 1.7-ton truck and is always relaxed in the situation, to provide sufficient start-up. In the case of restrained driving behavior, the fuel consumption on the highway may be significantly under six litres , in the city we were mainly in about eight liters . Overall, we came to an average of 6.8 litres per 100 kilometres. In the Tank is 60 litres max.

summary for the Mercedes GLB

A comfortably-high-quality SUV with a large space in the interior, which appeals to less sporty oriented customers, but rather people who like practical and comfortable.

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data sheet for the Mercedes GLB 200d 4Matic

engine and transmission:

four-cylinder in-line-Diesel,

displacement of 1,950 CC,

150 HP at 3,400 to 4,400 U/Min.,

max. Torque 320 NM at 1.600 U/Min.,

all-wheel drive,

the Eight-speed double-clutch gearbox


0 to 100 km/h in 9.3 sec., Top 201 km/h

tip 201 km/h

fuel consumption:

6.1 l/100 km, EU-standard, urban,

4.6 l/100 km extra-urban,

5.1 l/100 km combined (NEDC)

6.4 l/100 km combined (WLTP)

6.8 l/100 km (Diesel) fuel consumption Test figures

CO2 emissions 160 g/km (WLTP)

dimensions and Weights:

length/width/height: 4.650 x 1,845 x 1,700 mm,

the boot volume of 565 to 1,800 liters,

empty weight 1.735 kg,

load 515 kg


43.125,60 Euro (features Style)

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