Career engine attractiveness: How closely beauty and success really depend on

That attractiveness that brings one or other privilege, is not a big Surprise. Us has a specific question: How closely beauty and contexts success on the j

Career engine attractiveness: How closely beauty and success really depend on

That attractiveness that brings one or other privilege, is not a big Surprise. Us has a specific question: How closely beauty and contexts success on the job ? Or differently formulated: we Can perhaps speak even of a “ career Motor” attractiveness? We asked sociologist Dr. Johannes Krause, a researcher at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf, among other things, on the subject of attractiveness.

What makes men especially attractive

“The male ideal of beauty has changed little over the last decades,” says Dr. Krause. As before, it would be marked by features such as a prominent jaw, a full head of hair, a symmetrical face, a symmetrical body and a low fat approach.

As ideals of beauty arise? You always have two components – a more evolutionary and a social. The evolutionary perspective has remained over the past 10,000 years almost unchanged: We read in the external appearance, as well the reproductive capacity of our counterpart. The social Ideal is always changing, depending on what is in a society just.

250 years Ago food was in short supply – accordingly, there were at that time, rather plump body, which corresponded to the ideal of beauty. “With the current ideal of beauty above all discipline is to be associated,” says Krause. It is going to take in rapidly changing times, time for healthy food, Sport and relaxation.

How attractive a man is not determined but only its Exterior. Especially in the case of social interactions, but also properties and values, such as Charisma, empathy, are impairment, attention and tolerance, circumspection is crucial. In science, only physical attractiveness is attractiveness, however, is almost always meant to be – because this is according to certain criteria as empirically measurable, such as the level of education of a Person.

Why we think attractive people for a competent

the first impression that attractiveness plays a crucial role. Within a very short time, we decide whether a Person is likeable or not. And, in fact, “attractiveness moves the first impression tends to be in the positive direction. This is also studied relatively well,” confirms Krause.

attractiveness can be a Person, however, is not only likeable, but also competent to act: “There is the so-called Halo-effect, of the effect of observable characteristics such as attractiveness to non-observable characteristics, such as competence,” says Krause. This is not actual, but imputed competence – it is, therefore, a positive bias.

As these positive biases arise? Attractive people to focus our attention. We will give you (unconsciously) pay more attention, write to them positive qualities, such as diligence, competence and reliability. We treat them better and forgive them more likely to be errors. However, this first impression can change. The Attractive may prove, in time, as his inability, as the Unattractive and can leave its ability to detect. (Also interesting: the dress code for good Deals: What says her suit on you)

the Same applies also for the popularity. Initial popular, who is more attractive – but this does not mean that this Person is after some time is becoming even more popular. Because: “although There is no second Chance for a first impression, but there are enough chances for a second-and third-impression – is then perhaps even more deeply,” explains Krause.

The whole of these mechanisms is referred to by experts as the “Attractiveness Competition Advantage”. What is meant is a real competitive advantage in social interaction processes, one of which, of course, also the labour market.

From the set-up process to the income – so great is the influence of attractiveness really

attractiveness is also plays in the recruitment process, the level of income and promotions a role. Dr. Krause explains: “It shows that people who are attractive and apply, are more likely to be taken and the means to earn more money. Also on promotion attractiveness has a positive effect.”

Adopted, it would apply two to 100 percent of equally qualified people for a job – then the attractiveness can be something like the “Tie-Breaker”. Whether consciously or unconsciously.

in addition, Who is more attractive, earn more money. “With each point on the attractiveness scale, you get a few percentage points more money – this is well documented,” confirms Krause. There were, however, a caveat: It is a linear process. At some point there is so here's a cover effect.

How closely beauty and success together

“Between beauty and success depend, there is a statistically überzufälligen connection, but it is in almost all of the statistical models, never the strongest connection," explains Krause. Factors such as gender, age, or education would increasingly impact on the success and the income, as the attractiveness of a Person. But: “the attractiveness of a factor,” says Krause is definitely more.

you Can refer to attractiveness so as a kind of career engine? Quite! Who is on the associated mechanisms of action, aware of and uses to its own advantage expertly, can benefit from it certainly. However, it is also attractiveness is not everything, in the Job progress. A clever head is not a substitute for an attractive face just. To know (a good

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Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 13:26