I'll take anyone like to cry

In an Interview with Javier Bardem, and it was because of the crowded schedule of the Berlinale is still so short, you have to go with a healthy Dose of respect

I'll take anyone like to cry

In an Interview with Javier Bardem, and it was because of the crowded schedule of the Berlinale is still so short, you have to go with a healthy Dose of respect. This has to do something with it, the 1969-born Spaniards in "No Country For Old Man" (2007) played not so convincing a psychopathic murderer with but a funny Prince valiant haircut, that it upset him rather. But even more so with the size of his other roles: Bardem is become by films like "Before Night Falls" (2000), "The sea inside" (2005), and "Biutiful" (2010), a kind of philosophical instance among the actors. One has the feeling, the husband of Penélope Cruz knows the answers to the big questions of life, and not in with the in tenderness of packaged hardness behind the mountain: Hardly anyone manages to be as good as Bardem, that in the cinema in tears. The dementia drama "paths of life - The Roads Not Taken" (cinema start: 13. August) proves it once more.

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teleschau: your new movie is once again an emotional challenge: Bring to cry the audience like?

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Javier Bardem: (laughs) Absolutely. I'll take anyone at all to cry. Okay, in the cinema, I have to sometimes, especially when I'm in a Drama play, this goes so much to the substance as "The Roads Not Taken". The show was really sobbing quite a lot.

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teleschau: This is actually a good sign.

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Bardem: Yes, apparently, the audience was touched by what it saw. When people cry in such cases, then I have done everything right.

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teleschau: "The Roads Not Taken" is a pretty personal Film about dementia. How has Sally Potter convinced you to play?

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Bardem: There were a number of aspects. Most of the challenge, to not dare me to a place that is absolutely safe appealed to me. My character loses out on the journey into his past, more and more of himself. This is quite uneasy and uncomfortable, but for me as an actor, of course, is also delightful.

teleschau: And even without the language: Leo gets due to his illness, barely an understandable word on the lips.

Bardem: This is an important aspect of the figure, because it is a very specific Symptom of frontotemporal dementia (Pick disease, d. Red.) is that can affect even relatively young people from the age of 35 years. The Sufferers tend to repeat only a few word scraps you pick up.

"Salma is a force of Nature"

teleschau: Director Sally Potter tells in "The Roads Not Taken" a very personal story: her brother suffered from this disease. How did you deal with this responsibility?

Bardem: first of all I have listened a lot to her and me by Sally Potter, so to speak, to take leave. I had exceptional respect for it, that I was allowed to play in this tribute to your brother in the main role.

teleschau: your character Leo has a turbulent past, and mourns the supposedly wrong decisions: to what Extent has changed your own view on life through the movie?

Bardem: in General, I try something not at all to me allow. I just do my Job, and if celebration is the evening, is the evening. But of course I'm thinking, in particular, because of the history, Leos can be quite good in real life translate. I feel a great gratitude that I am able to, the world around me and me in you consciously perceive.

teleschau: you have rotated quite a lot of scenes with Salma Hayek: How was it to work with your wife's best friend Penélope Cruz?

Bardem: funnily enough, I had worked with them before, never with her. Of course, I already knew that she is a force of Nature and very, very funny. I knew Salma so well, helped us in working on the Film. We had to waste time to build a relationship. It is wonderful to work with someone with whom one is blind.

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