Holiday in Austria, in spite of Corona: when will it be possible? | Travel

Austria with its mountains and lakes is a popular holiday destination of the Germans. This raises the question: can people with Wanderlust travel in the meantim

Holiday in Austria, in spite of Corona: when will it be possible? | Travel

Austria with its mountains and lakes is a popular holiday destination of the Germans. This raises the question: can people with Wanderlust travel in the meantime?

In the Corona-crisis, Austria has responded quickly and the borders to the neighbouring countries in March, closed. After about three months of restrictions, the people driving slowly back to the Wanderlust. Since the location of the Coronavirus now in many places has stabilized, and even Italy, its borders opened, the question arises as to whether Austria will follow suit.

vacation in Austria in 2020: May I enter again?

Austria has borders with all the neighbouring countries of 4. June - but not to Italy. As the Bavarian radio reported that foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg at a press conference in Vienna, the border and health controls to be set to entering the country from Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary . According to the Website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior this rule only applies, however, if you stopped in the last 14 days in any state other than Austria or to any of the above-mentioned States, or a resident has.

Due to the infection situation in Italy, the borders to the southern neighbouring country which will continue to remain closed . In the coming week, this should be checked again. The government is considering, according to the BR, for example, the entry of the Italian regions with low infection to allow numbers.

holidaymakers from Germany have item-free travel to Austria

holidaymakers from Germany, this means that you can now re-enter without problems for a recreation trip or a Hiking trip to Austria. In addition, the regulations for the 14-day quarantine was lifted, so that an involuntarily extended vacation* is eliminated also. Also, the presentation of a negative Corona Tests is no longer required.

vacationers who want to Austria on the way to Italy cross* may also load again stops. As Italy, the borders opened, it was the first of the government that travelers no breaks for Refueling, or the toilet should be inserted. the Well, it is allowed for the traveler, a Stop schedule . However, the situation in the home travel: Who is traveling from Italy to Austria must adhere to the prohibition of intermediate stops once more.

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Austria: arrival with plane or train

The airports in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck are with a restricted range in the operating , such as the Online Portal writes. Austrian Airlines wants to on 15. June, the flight operation.

with regard to the arrival with the train, so only the is currently cross-border transport between Bavaria and Tirol via Kufstein possible . Trains day-to-day transport from and to Munich via Salzburg and the ICE on the line Vienna - Passau roadmap in terms of on-the-go, such as the ÖBB informed. Expected to be from 15. June also restored Connections between Munich and Innsbruck recorded. From and Italy the cross-border transport is set to continue. All of them are Close and long - distance trains affected as well as Nightjets and InterCity buses.

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So you need to vacationers during the Corona-crisis in Austria behavior

Austria provisions for containment of Coronavirus :

In Public, at least a Meter of distance to foreign persons must be kept. On shaking hands, or hugging should be avoided. Meetings of more than ten persons are prohibited in public spaces.

Moreover, the continue to Wear a mouth-nose masks required. Namely:

in Restaurants, in public transport, shops, public institutions (e.g. museums) and leisure activities in enclosed areas at the reception of Hotels in the interior of the Sauna or swimming pool, for example, in the funds or sanitary area

From the age of 15. June is. the mask is compulsory only for public transport, in the health sector including pharmacies, and in the case of services, where A Meter can distance be not complied with,

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