Germany's top teacher warns: We are doing the second step before the first

In an interview with FOCUS Online, the Chairman of the German teachers ' Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger explains why he considers that the inclusion in the

Germany's top teacher warns: We are doing the second step before the first

In an interview with FOCUS Online, the Chairman of the German teachers ' Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger explains why he considers that the inclusion in the regular school is in operation for negligently – , and is opposed.

FOCUS Online: Mr Meidinger, according to the Chairman of the German philologists Association, Susanne Lin-Klitzing, is torpedoed with the mask of duty, "the core of every class". How are you to mask duty in the classroom?

Heinz-Peter Meidinger: is Therefore, in principle, perfectly clear: No teacher or student is a Fan of the mask duty. Of course, a mask of duty would be a significant restriction and not in the sense of a lively classroom activity.

However, here is a consideration: Is it more important to have a full classroom, then certain restrictions must be taken into account. Or are we waiting for with the start of normal operation until a vaccine is available. Then we don't need the mask duty. I would me position on the side of caution, because the risk that there is a second wave of Infection, and the day-care centres and schools have to close, is still there, also the view to the Israel shows, where after the Opening of many schools because of severe infection outbreaks, the same had to be closed again.

just last week, the world has recommended health organisation, the Wearing of protective masks by the way, clearly, and wherever the distance regulations cannot be met, such as in public transport, shops or in narrow or crowded areas. And you're right, however, to schools in full operation. A recent study by the University of Mainz shows the example of the city of Jena, a mask is mandatory for health protection in Europe would contribute greatly.

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FOCUS Online: In North Rhine-Westphalia affect happen to all primary schools from the age of 15. June until the beginning of the summer holidays on 29. June re-opening – the distance drop off arrangements. Is this the right way?

Literature: Since the core of the previous hygiene concept, the conference of education Ministers is eliminated without viable Alternatives. And the Alternative may not be alone in regular Tests. It has to apply a number of protective measures, if the school operating back to normal is to be recorded.

These include the isolation of groups of learners independently during the school day, reinforced ventilation arrangements and, where appropriate, a mask is compulsory for students. For the teacher only, if he is unable to hold a distance of one and a half meters to the class. If the class rooms are full, is the main problem, according to the virologists, by the way, the aerosol load. And here I also see big problems, because there are many classrooms in which not at all properly ventilated can be; in the higher floors, for example, the Windows because of the security provisions of a gap, or even open.

I'm getting lately a lot of letters from people who are generally opposed to restrictions such as the Mask requirement for dangerous bodily injury to keep. Regardless of such extremists, you have to ask yourself the question: What sense does it make, in shops or public transport to the mouth duty of protection and distance schemes for months, to waive, but at the same time in schools on both? Such a different approach is utter nonsense. We all know that schools can be very fast spreaders to "Super".

FOCUS Online: press and Hold the recording in the regular school is in operation before the summer holidays, in principle, over-hasty?

Literature : of Course, we all want to see again the full Opening of the schools – the parents, the students, the teachers. The school is not only a place of Education, it is also a place of encounter, of communication and socialization. However, I believe that we are doing the second step before the first.

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The first step would be a new resilient, workable security and be Hgyienekonzept. It is only when we have that, we can start a try with the full instruction can, however, always with the Hand on the brake lever and the possibility of the reverse gear, when the infection happen again should deteriorate. What's happening now, but is exactly the opposite way.

FOCUS Online: as a rule, operating from 15. June for all primary school pupils in North Rhine-Westphalia, a rolling operation of the school from 15. June in Bavaria: The arrangements for recording the operation of the School differ in the Federal States of the part of striking. A uniform procedure would be more appropriate?

Literature : Basically, it would be because of the clarity and acceptance is always better, if the procedure is uniform. On the other hand, the infection is done in the individual länder, very unheitlich. In some countries, the number of new infections is in the single-digit or low double-digit range, while others have significantly more cases of new infections are among. In this respect, certain differentiations make a lot of sense.

makes No sense, however, to say, that is dispensed in the schools now, generally speaking, on protection measures, because the number of new infections in the country is low. The Virus is still there.

FOCUS Online: Also when dealing with performance of surveys, certificates and transfers, there are differences, which are not for students to understand.

Literature: for that matter, as we had in Germany has always been a colorful patchwork quilt. In Hamburg, the seat stay many years ago abolished, which I think is wrong by the way, other countries are more likely to be performance oriented, when it comes to the achievement of the Standards and the appropriate to Advance to the next year level. This is reflected by Corona, which now allows for a more generous deal with these questions, the clearer.

The core point that it needs to go, and the successful Educational career and the question of what to do to make a student reach his desired conclusion remains. And there it is, in fact, so that some students would be useful to repeat a grade, because to occurred large the gaps are and you know that an individual support of weaker pupils may not take place in the coming school year, probably in many places in the current environment, and will.

What all the countries need in General, and what is still missing is an overall concept of how we handle in addition to the promotion of pupils that we have achieved in the Homeschooling Phase, barely, with the collateral damage of Corona and the consequent massive loss of teaching time – so how can we make up the fabric that was not treated, and at the same time the educational standards of the future school year? Since it is also a question of whether we need to temporarily shorten certain educational content.

FOCUS Online: Can be summer schools an Alternative for students who need to make up for their deficits?

Literature : I'm afraid not, that we reach the students that we want to achieve, so those who come from socially difficult backgrounds, those with an immigrant background and motivation problems. The summer schools themselves are not, therefore, offer a fundamental solution to the overall problem.

FOCUS Online: Are prepared in the schools, in the case of a second wave of Infection always go back to Homeschooling?

Literature : Basically, we are set up now, of course, better in terms of digital communication is seen as the school closures. Nevertheless, we still have big challenges in front of us. We need to improve the Wi-Fi and IT equipment to schools, where necessary, digital devices given to the students who are not able to access this at home – we need clear rules for the distance learning. It also includes a compulsory attendance as in the classroom teaching, the criteria for fair performance surveys and digital exam formats. There is also the question of data protection is not clarified in the case of some digital Tools, still Far from final. There is still a lot to do. ECB: First Inflation, then a new monetary order is coming - what the saver is in FOCUS ECB: First Inflation, then a new monetary order is coming - what is the for savers


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