Baltic sea or North sea? These are the most popular beaches in Germany | travel

Baltic sea suggests the North sea – at least in terms of the number of hits on Instagram. But there on the beaches? Win a seaside resort or the Wadden sea? Th

Baltic sea or North sea? These are the most popular beaches in Germany | travel

Baltic sea suggests the North sea – at least in terms of the number of hits on Instagram. But there on the beaches? Win a seaside resort or the Wadden sea?

The 15 most popular beaches in the social network Instagram have been identified - key: the number of Hashtags that allow users to tag your pictures on Instagram.

The 15 most popular German beaches


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white houses, the beach

Baltic sea

Natural dunes delight the visitors to the popular beach of the Bay of Hohwacht. In the holiday Park weissenhäuser strand is a beachfront hotel and apartments, a water Park and several shopping opportunities for visitors. So, it's also on Instagram quite mixed: From Windsurfing on the Beach-Feeling to Germany imported coconut to many of the group photos is posted pretty much everything.




North sea

On the fourteenth place in the Ranking Bensersiel is still 8.878 hits. The North sea beach, families with children get their money: family camping directly on the sea, a sea water outdoor pool with a giant slide and numerous other offerings, such as jumping on a trampoline or on a treasure hunt for tiny pirates.




Baltic sea

To 10,500 hits the "Holy island". For water sports enthusiasts some of it is here: At the upstream sandbar it can be up to two-Meter high waves for surfing. Otherwise Wustrow is protected from harsh Wind. Fans can the official Instagram Account "ostseebad.wustrow" to follow.




North sea

The idyllic fishing village in the North sea comes on 11.361 answers. Especially the shrimp boats are a popular photo motif. The ten-acre beach is divided in a Sand and green section with around 600 beach chairs.




North sea

A 15-kilometre-long walk on the Beach on Spiekeroog no Problem. The length of the beach with fine white Sand. Visitors can move only on foot, because cars are prohibited on the entire island. The wooden "not Badekarren", which were inspired by their idols from the 1920s, only serve as changing rooms and information, but give Spiekeroog is a unique and distinctive beach picture.




North sea

Sylt's Sunny South, is a UNESCO world natural heritage Wadden sea and is surrounded on three sides by the sea and the beach. Unfortunately, the Region's Wind to create weather in this season: The dune edge has been "chewed on" and the led crashes to the Sand.




Baltic sea

60 kilometers of fine sand beach, the coast of fish country meander-darss-Zingst along, until the "end of the world" – the small Baltic sea resort of Ahrenshoop is called. It is known especially for its special light conditions: In the spring, blue in summer, Golden-yellow in autumn crimson.




Baltic sea

The "Imperial Spa" has smartened up and is now a tourist pearl of the Baltic sea. Many of the buildings in the Villa style, have been renovated and Shine in new splendor. Also on Instagram, it's under #Heringsdorf right-glamorous: On the photos of pearl glistening at the end of drinks with pieces of jewelry to the bet. Also popular is the pier, where you can even stay in comfortably furnished apartments.




Baltic sea

The Baltic sea resort of Boltenhagen offers a five-kilometre-long sandy beach, crystal clear water and the impressive cliffs as a photo backdrop. Very photogenic also the pier, which extends 290 metres into the Baltic sea and is the starting point for many boat excursions is shown.




Baltic sea

The sixth place goes to a Baltic sea beach. Anyone who enters #hiddensee on Instagram, receives numerous results. Hard to miss the landmark of the seaside resort, the lighthouse Dornbusch is.




North sea

Juist is 17 km long and just as wide, the beach of the island. In addition, the island is only 500 meters wide, visitors are always close to the sea. Known to the Juister beach for fine white Sand and lots of colorful beach baskets. Also shell collectors come here to their costs.




North sea

Since 2015 is the büsum beach area is particularly "instagramable", because the promenades for strolling and picture – taking were significantly broadened. In addition, there is a free Wi-Fi Hotspot, with the carefully arranged photos, as well as snapshots immediately can be posted. With "Hall of Watt" has been started a photo campaign for visitors, this has not succeeded, however, on Instagram.



St. Peter-Ording

North sea

This place surprised with a total of twelve kilometers of fine sand beach, white dunes and salt meadow – a nature Paradise! A part of the beach area is a UNESCO world heritage site. In some sections of four-legged friends are allowed, here selected beach basket platforms for tourists are marked with the dog.



Timmendorfer strand

Baltic sea

the beach of The homonymous resort of Timmendorfer strand lands on the second place. No wonder Udo Lindenberg has here written his famous song "horizons": More blue sky more blue lake. Of course, one or the other Influencer in a Beach chair, or on the water slide at the newly opened "WaterSports-the Park is posing in front of this Maritime setting".




North sea

Actually, it is at Norderney, an island. This, however, is surrounded almost completely by a fine sandy beach. Who calls up the corresponding Hashtag, gets a feel for the versatility of the coast: The beach-Selfie at sunset, when cool Drink at the beach bar, when riding on horseback or on Mountain-Bike through the dunes. As a wedding backdrop of the beach is used.


source: Holidu

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