Franziska Weisz and Wotan Wilke-Möhring: Rien ne va plus

Franziska Weisz, Wotan Wilke Möhring, usually they are together as a Hamburger "crime scene"Duo in front of the camera. For us they are hatched is now in the

Franziska Weisz and Wotan Wilke-Möhring: Rien ne va plus

Franziska Weisz, Wotan Wilke Möhring, usually they are together as a Hamburger "crime scene"Duo in front of the camera. For us they are hatched is now in the Casino in the roles of James Bond and Bond Girl. How did it feel this contrast for you?

Wotan Wilke Möhring: of Course, Bond is a completely different character than the "crime scene"-Commissioner Falcon, which is firmly planted in his Hamburger the present world. However, the new 007-the Interpretation comes to me personally, which has established Daniel Craig: He's a predator of some, more commercial character than previous Bonds, which were rather dandy-like figures. It makes also fun to roll up your Sleeves and save the world. Such roles there is in Germany hardly.

Franziska Weisz: I would have taken in this Shooting also like the Part the secret service boss M, but then the dress selection would have been limited to. (laughs) in the name of "Bond Girl" is a gradient of a power – it is the appendage, while he is for the big brand promise. Admittedly, the Bond Girls ' sports today are more, also more Autonomous characters than 30 or 40 years ago. Nevertheless, only a certain type of actress here continues to be eligible, young and sexy. The stereotypes against which we fight in the film business for some time are accurate.

especially in the early films Bond was, in fact, quite a Macho. You will not find that he has developed in this regard over the decades, quite positive?

Weisz: This might be true, but it has not changed the basic constellation. The films follow a very specific order in which the men are the heroes, and the women play mostly pretty minor roles. As a viewer, we notice that often, because very many of the stories with which we are in the course of time, faced, work the same way. It starts with children's films: The Comic book heroines, you can count on one Hand, and the is rarely an issue at all. It seems to be completely clear which traits or qualities are supposedly typical female and typical male. the Jens Schmidt suit, blouse: Dries van Noten, earrings: Cartier

Möhring : With this assignment for my feeling today plays not such a big role in the society as before. Men and women are no longer put so much of this emotional drawers. The question is much more how much each person exploits today, his own potential, his characteristics and Skills. This is very individual and has to do, in the best case, rather little to do with gender.

How was it earlier? Were you influenced as a young man from the male and the feminine ideal from the Bond films?

Weisz: My image of men has been much more heavily influenced by guys like Peter Sellers in the movie "The pink Panther". (laughs) Otherwise, I grew up in the Era of the Supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. This was a different, no less serious ideal of beauty.

Möhring As mentioned before: This world-saving, hands-on, clearly a Good James Bond I found in the confusing world of my youth, very intriguing. The Gimmicks and cars, the Action, this demonstrative British Understatement – looking who as a young man, the best way to impress women, you will find it here.

My favourite Bond Girl remains Ursula Andress, who rose in the very first Film in 1962 in the white Bikini out of the water. That it is mainly superficial carnality and not to the relationship level, has not disturbed my youthful I really.

Weisz: Ha! Ursula Andress is, in fact, my clear favorite, but not because of "Dr. No". In the "What's New, Pussycat?", a movie from 1965, which has to do with 007 nothing, it will jump with the parachute directly on the passenger seat of the car of Peter O'toole. Later, Sinn says, according to anyone to him: "Before you have to take good care of it, you know, James Bond!" I thought that was great.

In the scenes in the Casino that we see on these pages, represent a Bond and his companion, however, another side to the story: 007 as a Gentleman who has perfect manners, and to move in society knows. This classic image is still up to date?

Möhring : Difficult question. What relates to emancipation, we are still lagging behind men women today it is still a piece of. It is in the spirit of this strange Back-and-Forth: First, the image of the gentle family father is summoned, then a few weeks later, we are in need of more robust types, and so on.

James Bond, sitting there in all respects between all the chairs. If he has resided as a Gentleman of the old school, the woman five times on the door, no longer feels taken them as enlightened individual also really serious. 2020 Bond as an Indian in the big city would be. The not more would find their way around. Jens Schmidt tuxedo jacket: Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo shirt: Etro, bow tie and pocket square: Seidensticker, tuxedo pants: Digel, belt: Digel, watch: Patek Philippe

Weisz: in My opinion, the impetus for the current hipster fashion: If the men see your self – image too much in danger, let them first time to grow beards was the " Yes " - because you know that women can not. (laughs) Seriously: is it a man to admit that he drinks with his guys together for beer and football Peeps, then in a Tuxedo in a Casino, and in the Morning on it for the wife and kids Breakfast. The basic error, it would be to see this as a completely, of course. Anyone who praises the working mother in the year 2020 as a holistic phenomenon, you must treat the men necessarily exactly so.

From time to time proposed, the Bond should be embodied for a change of an actress. How would you like that?

Weisz: That would be me then but a little too bold. I think it would be smarter and a lot more interesting if there were the number of times a Film in which the Bond Girl plays the main role. A Bond story that is told from their perspective. That would be cool.

Möhring I would find exactly this, in turn, is difficult, because it would be easy at the end of a completely different Film. Much of what is for me one of the Bond would then be missing: the job-Briefing to the entrance, the Handing over of the Gadgets, and so on. I could imagine, however, that 007 himself might be a androgynerer type. Possibly even one who is not even on women.

Weisz: And the Bond-Girl would show up in the most critical Moment, the gun snap him out of this predicament hit? Okay, Wotan, we could some of us.

Styling: Lale Aktay

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 18:26

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