Sebastian Preuss (Bachelor/RTL) is killed in a hard-to - witnesses: Something black flew towards us | Munich

RTL"the Bachelor" Sebastian Preuss has a serious motorcycle accident. With a Post, the Victim turns to his Fans - witness reports of the dramatic experience.

Sebastian Preuss (Bachelor/RTL) is killed in a hard-to - witnesses: Something black flew towards us | Munich

RTL"the Bachelor" Sebastian Preuss has a serious motorcycle accident. With a Post, the Victim turns to his Fans - witness reports of the dramatic experience.

On Saturday (30.5) suffered the 30-year-old Sebastian Preuss* (“The Bachelor*“, RTL) between munsing and Holzhausen (Bavaria) a bad accident. He came to the Horror of a Crash, the circumstances of which, as he says. Now he turned with a last Post to his Instagram Followers.

Update from the 2. June, 22: 40 hours: Saturday night on the state road between Holzhausen and munsing to the South of Munich: A family goes Hiking in the middle of the forest, home to the lake Starnberg . It is a relaxed atmosphere in the car reigns Supreme, "but there is how out of Nothing something black flying directly in our direction," says Imke C., who was sitting in the back seat of a jeep type Land Rover, compared to tz*.

"My man is on the run crack of the control, we came to the Meadow, to Stand." No Impact. The Black - the RTL-Bachelor Sebastian Preuss (30) was with his BMW motorcycle. Imke C. is sure - would not have reacted to her husband Matthew is so great, they would have been made. But they were able to help the victim, who was a slippery slope, next to the BMW, with others, and to take care of him. A helper is also the companion of Preuss was, as the witness describes more.

+ Bachelor's of accidents from Saturday to see In the Background of the Land Rover, Matthew and Imke C.©Sasse

Imke C.: "The injured motorcycle driver suffered severe pain. He was conscious.“ From another car a blanket had been brought in to warm the injured. Imke C.: "the rescue was here. A compliment, how fast are they.“ Later, she was again the moments before the mind's eye to reminisce. What can happen to you would be, what happened to the motorcycle driver. She thinks: "It could have been worse. A broken leg heals again.“

Horror accident: Bachelor's Preuss logs - photo of the Fans

Update from the 2 shocks. June 2020: To his motorcycle accident has written the Bachelor Sebastian Preuss a last Time via Social Media to his Fans. He posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed with intravenous access, ECG cables , and a blood pressure measuring device on the Arm. In the subtitle, he writes that for him it is the circumstances, "very well" and is grateful for the wishes of his Fans. In addition, he announced that he would now focus on its " recovery " and "withdraw". In an interview with the evening newspaper, a close Confidante said: "It is his first was the last to Post in Instagram . More there will be.“

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Hey people, today is a good day to be thankful for and life to appreciate Me, it's the circumstances, very good! Thank you for your concerned messages and love that you think of me. I am going to focus first on my recovery and me currently have to pull back, so I'm soon back in full force since ! Thank you for Your understanding, Enjoy every day and make the best of it! #stayhealthy #alleswirdgut #thanks

A post shared by Sebastian Preuss (@Sebastian Preuss) on Jun 2, 2020 at 1:09 PM PDT

initial report on the accident:

Munich based Sebastian Preuss has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Bavaria is hard. The Bild newspaper reported (behind paywall). He is in the hospital and is said to have the left Arm and the right leg broken. The 30-Year-old has become known by the RTL-Show "The Bachelor" .

The accident happened on state route 2065 in Bavaria. He was flown to the accident hospital in Murnau. It is suspected that Preuss lost in the case of over-speed control. He drove according to the image of a BMW RR (207 HP). During the accident, he grazed on the opposite lane, nor a convertible. In a convertible is a 44 should have been sitting-year-old Ickinger.

Sebastian Preuss' Horror-Crash: The embankment worked like a ski jump - "Bachelor" flew 20 meters far* describes the accident as follows: "The motorcyclist came off further to the left on the steep embankment next to the road. The embankment acted like a ski jump, so the bike flew took off and about 20 meters far through the air over the adjacent green area. When the motorcycle crashed, the driver and skidded with the bike back on the Asphalt and about 90 meters across the street. There, the driver and the motorcycle came to rest.

+ The street from munsing to Holzhausen leads in the direction of lake Starnberg. ©Google Maps Screenshots

How to refers to the wolfratshauser police, was the man of munsing in the direction of Holzhausen on-the-go. The accident forces the volunteer fire covered place to fight back from munsing and Holzhausen, more reports of .

"the Bachelor" Sebastian Preuss after Horror accident: "I had giant luck"

Preuss said to BILD: "I had giant luck that nothing worse happened. Broken bones grow together again. But of course, it is also terribly annoying. I was back in Training and wanted to increase the end of the year in the kickboxing Ring. I can tick off once.“

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display: Thank you @bmwmotorradde for the #s1000rr I'm so mega happy and can hardly put it into words!!! It is my very great honor to be a part of you and I am looking forward to the coming year!!! Pic: @davdalfons #bmwmotorrad #driving #bmwmotor cycle #munich #s1000rr

A post shared by Sebastian Preuss (@Sebastian Preuss) on may 14, 2020 at 8:43 am PDT

The police wrote in their report: "The motorcycle had to be towed away with a total loss. It's a total damage of around 20,000 euros.

The police asked to witnesses, the relevant information driving the motorcycle driver and his companion (also with a BMW motorcycle on the road) before the accident, can make to report on the number 08171/4211-0.“

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 19:34

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