Bavaria-alone, descent concerns and Schalke's problems | football

Before the last six ghosts-game days seems to be the title race in the Bundesliga, decided. The more exciting it is in the table cellar. In the view point of th

Bavaria-alone, descent concerns and Schalke's problems | football

Before the last six ghosts-game days seems to be the title race in the Bundesliga, decided. The more exciting it is in the table cellar. In the view point of the goalkeeper are.

Munich (dpa) - The FC Bayern is able to expand on today, Saturday from 18.30 with a supposed duty of victory against the relegation candidates Fortuna Düsseldorf the lead at the top of the Bundesliga at least for a day on ten points.

However, a little caution is required. The Fortuna lost under coach Uwe Rösler, only one out of nine Games and in last season, a 3:3 in Munich managed to Düsseldorf.

The rest of the games on Saturday (15.30 CET) are, in particular, in the character of the relegation battle. The second-to-last Werder Bremen wants to confirm its upward trend with an away win Schalke 04 even deeper into the crisis send. The fourth-last FSV Mainz 05 against 1899 Hoffenheim under pressure to act, threatens, however, slipping to the relegation rank. Uncomfortable it is, gradually, for the table 14. Eintracht Frankfurt, the VfL Wolfsburg is guest. In addition, Hertha BSC host FC Augsburg.

FAREWELL: The time of his resignation is unusual. In the midst of a relegation battle sports chief Lutz pan leaves the stem the third-to-last Fortuna Dusseldorf, the game at Bayern is the last in a responsible Position. In Winter, pan had a long handle with the Club on a contract resolution to the 31. May agreed. Also because he had been hostility to the separation of Friedhelm Funkel has a strong public. The season, by means of the Corona pandemic is now until the end of June, was not foreseeable.

downward trend, The two neighbours FSV Mainz 05 and Eintracht Frankfurt move more threatening to the relegation ranks. A point or two counters are for the two Clubs, only up to 16th place. The Trend bodes nothing Good. Mainz have won just one of their last seven games, Frankfurt took only one point from their last six games. Accordingly, both Clubs are in a tight spot. For Mainz it goes on Saturday against 1899 Hoffenheim, Frankfurt and VfL Wolfsburg to a guest.

BIG POINTS: After the victory in Dortmund will be Hansi Flick of his way to ensure the Munich title in the series not to be dissuaded. "Against Düsseldorf and we want to win, of course, even if it is difficult. The Big Points from Dortmund, we want to strengthen that," said Flick. It was the eleventh victory in the twelfth back-round game.

FINALS: For Bremen's coach Florian Kohfeldt there are still seven finals. Therefore, the Coach of the table-penultimate full concentration on the demands: "No one should lose the Galligkeit. No one can lose the grip. We only have key weeks in front of us," said Kohfeldt. Despite four points from two Games, the team are five points behind the relegation place 16. So Werder has to score also in the hospitality game at Schalke. "We can handle the pressure," said Kohfeldt, which still relies on the catch-up game against Eintracht Frankfurt.

WARRANTY: Despite his Snafu in the game at RB Leipzig (2:2) must make Hertha Keeper Rune Jarstein before the game against Augsburg and not have to Worry about his place. "For us, it was clear that Rune is our number one, we have said from day one," said coach Bruno Labbadia. Jarstein wanted to hold on Wednesday evening at Red Bull Arena an easy Ball. The 35-year-old Norwegians fought him but in the end even for the interim leadership of the host into the goal. "The needs don't make. He should throw his qualities, I am sure that he will make on Saturday." In the current season Jarstein under Labbadia had lost predecessor, Alexander Nouri, in the meantime, his place.

goalkeeper change: The Back and Forth in the Schalke goal goes on. Coach David Wagner hinted before the game against Werder, Markus Schubert for Alexander Nübel soft again. "Of course, I had a conversation with him. He has his involvement in the one or the other conceding in the last few weeks," said Wagner, of Schubert, and added: "Everyone needs to get the power to justify, to be able to continue to play." Schubert had begun in the back round in the Schalke goal because of a lockout in the summer to Bayern changing Nübel, but this is not the first impression. Nübel then returned to the gate, but also not a good figure. However, the second test could not take advantage of Schubert in a sustainable way.


Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 19:33

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