Federer, Nadal and Williams: On this watch the tennis stars set

Federer, Nadal, and Williams: The luxury watch of the Tennis Stars Without the Corona pandemic would be Wimbledon on 12. Went to July end. Last year, Roger F

Federer, Nadal and Williams: On this watch the tennis stars set

Federer, Nadal, and Williams: The luxury watch of the Tennis Stars

Without the Corona pandemic would be Wimbledon on 12. Went to July end. Last year, Roger Federer was still in the final, had to be there, however, Novak Djokovic beaten. While the Serb stretched out to thunderous applause, the trophy in the London night sky, there used to be Federer with the plate, all in White, and as it is in Tennis now common with a luxury watch on the wrist. Finally, the two worlds of watches and Tennis are associated for decades with each other, because the big brands with the Country-Club Status of the sport and his ultra-marketable Stars in. (Also interesting: This 10 Rolex models be worthwhile to 2020, especially for the purchase)

Apart from the Aesthetics and the luxurious veneer of the Sport is a perfect stage for the timepiece, as they can be during the games worn. The Trend started already in the 80s, when Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Andre Agassi your Ebel models wore on the court. Today, Nadal wears his Richard Mille as a brand, while Serena Williams continues also during the Match at Audemars Piguet. But no player has benefited greatly from the love the world of watches to Tennis like Roger Federer, who graduated in 2006 to a contract with Rolex and has since been a world-class collection has been compiled. (Read here: this 5 Rolex models sets to Roger Federer)

Rolex watch, GQ style

Roger Federer at The Tennis-Star-swears on the Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman”

Virtually every model of Rolex collectors like to get hold of would have been seen on Federer's wrist. In 2011, he came to a press conference with a Rolex Daytona “Big Red” , while he wore after the victory at the Australian Open in 2017, the above-mentioned “Batman” GMT . Photos like this are exactly the reason why Rolex, the Swiss tennis legend paid: Federer, who basks in the victory and a trophy, with his watch in the field of view holds up, is pretty much the fastest way to connect their product with excellence. Rolex grafted to its brand by at the right time in the right place. As a Mercedes channel by sponge Gleitze the Sleeves (for the second Time), she was wearing a Rolex Oyster. When Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest, he wore a Rolex. And if the Maestro in his sports – he has more than any other marked – to climb to the proverbial summit, he wears a Rolex. (Also interesting: Rolex new arrivals are coming – and the already 2020)

Richard Mille, GQ style

a gives The luxury watch of Rafael Nadal: Richard Mille RM 27-03

There is a saying in the sports world – that all the talent in the world are of no use if you can't show that on the pitch. The proverb can also be used to watch transfer. It's nice that Federer can show the before and after the Games will be decorated wrist, but Rafael Nadal can wear his watch while he was dealing a blow. The Richard Mille RM 27-03 has been specially developed for the force of Nadal's strokes, and is easy enough to the possessed Spaniards with his quirky rituals on court not to distract. Also the Design that shows the color of the Spanish flag, was designed for Nadal. (Also read: Richard Mille RM 11-05 – The-clock with space technology to the purchase price of an apartment)

Rolex watch, GQ style

The Rolex Day-Date Tennis Star Arthur Ashe

There are several incredible photos of Ashe with its Rolex Day-Date – including this one, on which he wears them while golfing. Just look at these plaid pants! Ashe allegedly said that he would wear according to the Brand Executive, T. Walker Lloyd only Rolex. If Ashe did that really, we don't know – but what is clear is that He lived this philosophy. The Americans not only remained loyal to the brand even more: He always wore the same model. To put the beginning of his career Ashe on the Rolex Day-Date with the above, the champagne dial. Towards the end of his life, he switched to a clock that was up on the dark dial are almost identical. (Also interesting: you Can buy the legendary Rolex of Al Capone today?)

The Day-Date is a watch that is touted by leading figures and U.S. presidents as a first choice. Ashe this reputation was justified. During his playing career, he called for the end of Apartheid in South Africa and half in 1972 with the founding of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) in order to fight for better wages for the players and more control over the schedule. Two years after founding the company, he was President of the organization.

Audemars Piguet, GQ style

Another Tennis Star with a luxury watch: Audemars Piguet Millenary of Serena Williams

A watch, we have seen all of Serena Williams during a Match, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore . Your model was made specifically for you: The crown is not sitting on the left side of the housing and not, as usual, on the right, so that it cuts the Play in your Hand. But there is still a more unusual watch, worn by Williams on the Court. The AP Millenary is not nearly as well known as the flagship models of the brand, but equally interesting. The timepiece with an oval shape was first introduced in the early 50s, a short time later but re-set. In 1995, she brought back a Audemars Piguet in a new sophisticated Design. Williams' clock in the width of the elongated dial with a glimpse into the engine room that drives you. A similar black model wore Williams during the US Open in 2018 – to match your Off-White-Outfit. (Read: Rolex, Omega, AP – The are the 15 most famous clocks in the world)

Cartier, GQ style

Björn Borgs watch: The Cartier Tank of the Tennis Stars

Borg's career and rise in the world of Tennis is closely connected with that of John McEnroe (so closely that there is even a movie about it). The hot-headed McEnroe was a perfect counterpart to the Borg, rested on the court so that he earned the nickname “Ice Man”. It is only fitting that the cool, restrained Borg handle to an equally cool and restrained at. The Cartier Tank was a favorite among the icons of the Borg-Era, Muhammad Ali and Princess Diana wore this model. As with Borg, the watch and the people who are attracted to her, something Simple and Elegant to have. (Read also: So discreet the Dalai Lama wears his gold Rolex)

Courtesy of Ebel, GQ style

The luxury of the tennis legend Boris Becker: Ebel sports Classic

Boris Becker was one of the first tennis stars, the wore during the games a watch. Even if the Name is not the Younger among them today, maybe common, was Ebel in the 70s and 80s, a significant brand. After the invention of the quartz, had blown up the much more expensive Swiss watch industry in the air, and died out many brands. Ebel, however, rode on the shaft, by the brand to manufacture their own quartz movements, and in 1977 the quartz-driven line of sports Classic introduced. The watches were a Hit – because Ebel you brought with formula 1 racing drivers, golfers and high-level tennis stars such as Becker, in conjunction. Wearing the watch during the games paved the way for people such as Williams and Nadal, the advertise today on the place for your pieces. (Also read: watch-basic knowledge – This 7 clocks-types have to know every man).

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