Collapse at the Grill destroyed the Henssler-Special: Tim Mälzer on the ground!

Henssler vs. Brewer, it was, once again, on Sunday evening on VOX. After the botched debut of Steffen Henssler in Tim Mälzer Show "Kitchen Impossible" was fol

Collapse at the Grill destroyed the Henssler-Special: Tim Mälzer on the ground!

Henssler vs. Brewer, it was, once again, on Sunday evening on VOX. After the botched debut of Steffen Henssler in Tim Mälzer Show "Kitchen Impossible" was followed by the rematch at "Grill the Henssler". Because it would be a disgrace if the name would fail-giving Star, personally, in the "battle of the chef-titans"!

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"He is the beginning of everything, in terms of cooking television," paid tribute to Henssler his opponent respect, he has finally, thanks to his own TV career. That's it, then, but also enough great. "As soon as Steffen opens his mouth, I was shouting and the sound of the sea in the head Seagulls", missed Maltster, the adulation and focused on the Beef with its "mirror image", as he called Henssler due to the many similarities such as their "incredible big-eating".

TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel tele show, Tim Mälzer completely out of breath

The improv course, the Jury consisting of Christian Rach, Mirja Boes and Reiner Calmund had to crabs wild creations from the river, sorrel and Jerusalem artichokes taste. "Not now," laughed Henssler the gasping of a Maltster, but had to sit down after nine minutes of the cooking stress. Under time pressure cooking "is not my thing," he admitted, completely out of breath. After all: In round one was a draw.

The Starter both cooks à la "Kitchen Impossible had to taste" first: Leberpaté with fruit jelly. Presenter Laura Wontorra did have a hard time with your Interviews, because of course none of us wanted to give the other a tip. "What he didn't realize that there's a hint of Sausage in it," explained Brewer, a ploy to confuse you. By luck Henssler took the right liver, and was therefore the taste is closer to the Original. But: "The Whole is the red plate but rather to a soup than to a Paté", said Rach, and gave Henssler the death knell for the Appetizer.

TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel telephoto look "Like the salad?!" - Tim Mälzer forget the side dish

The advantage spurred Tim Mälzer for the main course: Meatballs with potatoes and salad. Henssler got reinforcement by Mario Barth, a Maltster of Sasha. "We want to make mashed potatoes or parsley potatoes?", Henssler was hoping for the advice of his buddies. "You tell me, you're the cook, dude," came the unhelpful answer.

The enemy Team was more harmonious. "I don't want to be to blame for that Tim, that's why I'm very much trouble", supported Sasha his bosom friend, with full commitment. "Sasha is a grenade", there was a compliment of a Maltster. "You're a machine, I love you!" Out of sheer love, you forgot about the obligatory salad. Three minutes before the end of the time, the presenter gave the saving note. "Like The Salad?!"

Horrified, plucked a Maltster, a few leaves of fresh Green on the plate. The sweat flowed in Streams. After the expiration of the time of the Star-chef sagged from exhaustion on the floor. "Dude, this is so unworthy! Cook for 30 minutes, and I'm in Ar...!" The main course was the cops due to lack of salad dressings the defeat for the kitchen. "I pull the hat", was a Maltster as a good loser, after tasting of the opposing Meatballs.

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TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel tele look Worthy Competition to the "big eat"

there was only the Dessert, "the Dessert-God", as Henssler usual modest called. However, the Dessert of the Pope "Reiner Calmund was" the task of his favorite dessert: "Kaiserschmarrn, a sweet berry dream. So the fingers let's dance!" Mälzer strategy for the berry dream, "I'll get better only by a little Marinade and then try then the dream in any way, nor to." Its advantage is that Kaiserschmarrn was one of his "Kitchen Impossible"tasks. Hensslers advantage: He knew how Calli likes his pancakes the most.

"It is to eat a worthy Competition to the Big", didn't give up Brewer for a long time. "I have to say that I just ordered at the time of Corona is very happy to be with the Lord Henssler," he said. And added: "I have it each Time, regret - but only because the invoice amount." Henssler countered howl: "Today, after the Dessert you will." So it came to be, because Mälzer flour food reminded Christian Rach to scrambled eggs. Steffen Henssler defended his Grill area successfully.

So that was in the battle of the chef-titans after two duels (in the case of "Kitchen Impossible" and "Grill the Henssler") the same. "Now, the Sch...e's on again from the front." Mälzer sigh at the same time an invitation to Henssler on to the next duel.

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