Leipzig Coach nail man dreams of Henkelpott and announces Crazy

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Leipzig Coach nail man dreams of Henkelpott and announces Crazy
  • Everything that is Important to the Champions and Europa League
  • Champions League 2019/20: schedule, dates, and groups at a Glance
  • Europa League 2019/20 - schedule, dates and groups Overview

Welcome to the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online. Both cups will be played in August in a final tournament of the best eight Teams: the Champions League in Portugal, the Europa League in North Rhine-Westphalia. From the German Bundesliga, FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig are still in the Premier class, as well as Bayer Leverkusen, while Eintracht Frankfurt and VfL Wolfsburg in the smaller of the two European competitions. the tip of the Sport-editorial office

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nail man in winning the title "Crazy" to

Sunday, 02. August, 09.23 PM: the Leipzig-Trainer Julian nail man has not thought about his behavior, after a possible win of the Champions League. "I have thought of nothing yet, but it may be that I would then make something Crazy," said the nail man, the "picture on Sunday". He sees his Team, however, in addition to Atalanta Bergamo as one of the teams that are not among the favorites.

As a candidate to win, he sees the FC Bayern Munich. A final against the German Champions he considers to be "in the area of the Possible. Now it is up to us, to Bayern, to make it true. Also, we would be prepared."

In case of victory at the tournament in Portugal nail man would receive according to the contract, a bonus: "I think everyone has. Who has it, has been poorly negotiated." Leipzig plays in the quarter final of the Champions League on 13. August in Lisbon against Atlético Madrid.

Tuchel not expecting Mbappé-use against Bergamo

20.47 clock: coach Thomas Tuchel of Paris Saint-Germain is expecting a world champion Kylian Mbappé in the Champions League quarter-final against Atalanta Bergamo. He could see only a "very small Chance" that the 21-year-old attacker at the 12. August in Lisbon could play, said Tuchel on Thursday in Paris.

Mbappé had suffered in the Cup final against AS Saint-Etienne (1:0) last Friday, an injury on the ankle and the ligaments the course. As the outage time expected to be three weeks were called. "Every day counts in order to achieve, perhaps, but still a miracle," said Tuchel. In the League Cup final against Olympique Lyon on Friday (20.45 clock) he must refrain, however, definitely need to Mbappé.

Champions League: Naples resists the return game in Barcelona

Thursday, 30. July 2020: Because of the increased Corona-Barcelona SSC Napoli has commented on the Numbers of serious concerns against the sweep of the eighth-final second leg game in the Champions League in Spain. The for the 8. August scheduled the return leg (first leg 1:1) against FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou stadium should be better for Germany or Portugal, moved, suggested the President of the Italian first division club, Aurelio De Laurentiis, Italian media reports Thursday, according to.

"If you (have decided the Uefa), the Champions League in Portugal and the Europa League takes place in Germany, then we can go with the eighth-final to Portugal or Germany. I don't understand why we should stay in a city that has so big problems," said De Laurentiis. "It will be a great game, but I'm calling, I'm talking about, I have a question: It is very unfortunate. I realize that there is in Spain a great deal of confusion and Fears, and the Uefa will decide nothing," said De Laurentiis.

The Spanish sports newspaper "Marca" wrote, so far, maintains that the game in Camp Nou will be played in Barcelona. At the present time was provided for, and to relocate the meeting to another place. The UEFA announced that the situation was observed and in contact with the local authorities, such as the Italian newspaper "Il Mattino" reported. The game will take place as planned in Barcelona.

All the important information to CL in the Overview

Four Teams have already qualified for the Champions League quarter-final, the are the RB Leipzig, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. Four more teams have yet to qualify - on the basis of the Corona-crisis postponed the return matches of the eighth finals will be on 7. and 8. August rescheduled. The following duels are yet to come:

  • FC Chelsea - FC Bayern (first leg 0:3)
  • SSC Napoli - FC Barcelona (first leg 1:1)
  • Olympique Lyon - Juventus Turin (first leg 1:0)
  • Real Madrid - Manchester City (first leg 1:2)

All of the games from the quarter-finals will be held in Lisbon. Will host the quarter-finals on 14., 15. and 16. August, the semi-finals on may 18. and 19. August. The final will take place on 23. August.

All the important information to EL-an Overview

In the Europa League has yet qualified a Team for the quarter-finals. The unusual first-leg duels between Inter Milan and FC Getafe as well as Sevilla FC and AS Roma will not be chosen repeatedly, but in a single encounter. Will be played all games of the eighth finals at 5. and 6. August.

the Following duels are yet to come:

  • Shakhtar Donetsk - VfL Wolfsburg (first leg 2:1)
  • Bayer Leverkusen - Rangers FC (first leg 3:1)
  • FC Basel - Eintracht Frankfurt (first leg 0:3)
  • FC Copenhagen - Istanbul Basaksehir (first leg 0:1)
  • Manchester United - LASK (first leg 5:0)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers - Olympiakos Piraeus (first leg 1:1)
  • Inter-Milan - FC Getafe
  • Sevilla FC - AS Roma

second games of The team are held in the respective stages of the home. The other two duels has been played in the Veltins-Arena in Schalke and the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena in Duisburg. From the quarter-finals of the Euro League tournament completely in NRW. As additional venues, the Rhein energy stadium in Cologne and the mercury game-Arena in Düsseldorf to serve.

The quarter-finals is at 10. and 11. August played in the semi-finals on 16. and 17. August. The final will take place on 21. August, in Cologne, instead.

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