Anti-social Dreckssch...: celebrity mutiny against RTLZWEI at the battle of the reality stars

As themselves "had to make Captain Reality," Jürgen Milski (56) of the reality, had cooled his pulse again, "from 500 to 160". But surprised he was. Is a th

Anti-social Dreckssch...: celebrity mutiny against RTLZWEI at the battle of the reality stars

As themselves "had to make Captain Reality," Jürgen Milski (56) of the reality, had cooled his pulse again, "from 500 to 160". But surprised he was. Is a thing: The "king of C-list celebrities", thanks to "Big Brother", "the jungle camp", "Teleshopping" and dozens of other Reality formats almost as well-known as a B-list celebrity was eliminated in cold blood. "King killer", so to speak, of Brutus in Caesar drama, on the Thai dream, the beach was Johannes Haller (32). The island of new arrival used his position of power for a "decision that will not only do the Affected, but many hurt". At the end, probably him self, because: "Many of the friends I've made me."

RTLZWEI Teleschau

The "king of murder" was the dramatic climax of the second episode of "battle of the reality stars" (RTLZWEI) . That in the same sweep, the former American idol bitch" and, in the meantime, active Bible reader Annemarie Eilfeld (from the other new arrival Melissa Damalia) was hate - almost a side note.

RTLZWEI Teleschau Bitter pill for Jürgen Milski: He is not sexy!

Jürgen Milski is also because of his instinct 20 years of success in the Reality Business. As John ("Bachelorette", "celebrity Big Brother", "the summer home of the Stars") to country, sensed the veteran has a "strong competitor". And then there was still the same on the "wall of truth" a bitter blow to the Ego of "Captain Reality": The TV viewers declared him the island's residents with the least amount of sex appeal! "In common," commented Jürgen, "I've invented the word 'sexy' so to speak."

American idol Trällerer Momo Chahine was selected as the third sexiest Star ("I'm a friendly AND hot!"), Kate whiting, the "summer house"-a resident with the blazing personality was Second. Right, you could not be happy because to the "bombshell" of the Format, Melissa was appointed Damilia - it was at the time of the election yet, but chuggled still - clad, in innocent White to the beach.

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RTLZWEI Teleschau beginning of the end? Jürgen Milski mocked John Haller

in addition to "John Smart" (O-Ton: "I love it when people say, 'the John is a hot guy'!") had a rough Start. As a Comedian he should not try, because its contradictions have led him unerringly in various Fettnäpfe, especially in the case of the Reality-Twins Yana and Tayisiya, which were: "For us, this man is a Zero. Just because we're nice, we're not stupid." Then it turned out the group game "personal bankruptcy" also, that John is one of the low-income earners of the Reality pack. "I leave it to the always Negotiate the Agency," he said in a small voice. Jürgen, with daily fees of up to 25,000 euros of Croesus, dry: "Then if you've got the fucking Agency!"

The "personal bankruptcy" resulted in a five-Sala-residents in the clothes of insolvency, because of incorrect answers to the wardrobes of Kate, Tayisiya, Anne Marie, Georgina and Sam were boarded up. What had, in turn, rotate a sexy side effect: The bottle and the command "Put a piece of clothing!" it was tight for Kate. "I'm only two!", she purred and opted for the panties!

RTLZWEI tele check First spit, then swallow? Jürgen Milski's freaking out!

As it was in the direction of "Safety-game", the opportunity to secure a victory for the whereabouts on the island, took the Drama to run its course. The rules of the game ("Two members of a team must transport a variety of Cocktails in the mouth, in a community glass, spit, and then together to drink") commented Jürgen with the words clear: "Everything, I'm out!" His team partner, Ex-Princess Andrea ("all Schlotz drink?"), joined. More and more you miss expressed to fall, but "Captain Reality" by popped a fuse. "This is the most anti-social Dreckssch...e! I am a 56-year-old man! On the level, I don't let it get me down! I want that my daughter can continue to be proud of me."

The question is, whether it is in the light of the swear-word Tirade, which sounded to her Dad out of there, because Milski was to "Hulski":. He raged verbally ("you can win with any of these A...holes, but not with us!") and "foot grasp Lich" - he went to two platforms with the Drinking container.

RTLZWEI tele-show, Reality-twins tilt the "schlotz cocktail"!

But the use of the Rebel showed effect! "We'll all go!", joined the other celebrities to your upper mutineers and left the game arena - the first German TV-Revolution was perfect.

During mutiny-Colonel Jürgen on his sheep was proud ("I'm very proud of the troop. I take my hat off to all!") John, Misunderstood, turned "on" to "John, the understanding of the free". He didn't get all the excitement, rubbed with mats jokes salt in all the wounds. Jürgen sauer ("John, enough!") and the twins are so confused that they rushed back on the playing field, where they picked up the "schlotz cocktail" quirlten and emptied - and the immunity!

Eventually, king Jürgen must be gone "" the "Beggar John" animal in the Sack, because in which the brain of the thoughts matured, that he "will meet today not a comfortable decision." Jürgen was slain as a king, as the chief mutineers fared to him as the French revolutionary Pierre Vergniaud, in October, 1793. Since the namely, was executed. His last words: "The Revolution eats its children!" History lessons thanks to Jürgen and RTLZWEI!

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RTLZWEI Teleschau Momo mourns the loss of his "Idol, Jürgen"

before the eyes of the "presenter" Cathy Hummels (she got this time, even almost ten minutes of TV presence!) John's judgment about Jürgen was spoken ("I have decided to use the largest competitors"), sat the shock low. Momo was stunned: "Jürgen is my role model!" Sandy killed John with a Look: "trust is built up slowly, but you can destroy it in seconds!"

And the Gemeuchelte? The smiled. "I am grateful, it was a great experience, and my life goes on anyway." That is to accept. Also probably is that he suffered by far the largest of the Gage for the "battle of the reality stars". And now he even has a couple of weeks time to sell the girlfriend and daughter. At home, in the Cozy. While John, the king killer, will have to fight on the beach of Thailand between mosquitoes and human celebrity snakes to Survive.

So, that's that. Brutus was also not happy with Caesar but a legend.

RTLZWEI / Magdalena Possert tele show

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