Wrong, here wegzuducken: In the case of Wirecard Scholz is the chief scout

How could this happen to the cheating scandal at Wirecard with Thousands of bruised investors, have failed to state Agencies and walled, the Federal government

Wrong, here wegzuducken: In the case of Wirecard Scholz is the chief scout

How could this happen to the cheating scandal at Wirecard with Thousands of bruised investors, have failed to state Agencies and walled, the Federal government in education? These are the Central questions on the role of policy in the Wirecard scandal. Under pressure, Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, in his character of a possible SPD candidate for Chancellor, is especially. In the case of Wirecard could deal with the political Berlin for a long time because a Committee of inquiry as the "sharpest sword" is in the room.

With voltage, it was expected, therefore, a special meeting of the Finance Committee on Wednesday. A lot of news, it was not the case, however, the Opposition sees a lot of open questions. Scholz presented in the four hours of questioning, as chief scout, as the participants reported. The guilt he had pushed especially to accountants, the annual financial statements of Wirecard not had for many years objected to and which do not fall within its political jurisdiction. The Minister had reaffirmed its commitment to reform and the importance of an action plan stresses that he has already presented on that Similar repeat.

Wirecard: should Have push Scholz and Kukies energetic to enlightenment?

According to the survey - which was much longer than I thought - turned Scholz in the evening in front of the cameras. It was a very extensive and intensive discussion. There is a need for very quick reforms in financial supervision needs to get tougher instruments, and auditors in the company more frequently. What he gave, indirectly, to his Cabinet colleagues, Peter Altmaier (CDU), something that the Finance Committee according to Scholz respondents also. dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, at the meeting of the parliamentary Finance Committee to the Wirecard scandal.

The Minister of economy is responsible for the supervision of the auditor, the SPD accuses him of too little to the Wirecard educate the public. "I think that those are wrong who believe that you could hide here, and that it is hoped that the goes by," said Scholz. "Now we must all contribute to, that we know everything and then also, the necessary reforms can be derived."

But the Opposition enough? In February 2019, Scholz was informed that the financial Supervisory authority Bafin the case, Wirecard, on suspicion of violation of the prohibition of market manipulation under search. And state Secretary Jörg Kukies met in November 2019 with Wirecard CEO Markus Braun to a personal conversation - at Braun's birthday. Had Scholz and Kukies energetic will to push for clarity?

"The Supervisory Board, the auditor, and the state supervision have failed,"

Against Braun and other former executives, has been issued arrest warrant. The now insolvent, the payment service provider had given in June, air bookings of 1.9 billion euros. The Munich public Prosecutor's office is now a "commercial band Scam", and has been since 2015. More than three billion euros could be lost.

The share price crashed, many investors in the Dax-group met, there should be thousands of lawsuits. The scandal had played for years under the Radar of the financial Supervisory authority, Bafin, said the FDP Finance politician Florian Toncar. The Bafin is subordinated to the Ministry of Finance. "All the safety nets have failed, the Supervisory Board, the auditor, and the state supervision."

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As problematic, many members of Parliament see also close relations of Wirecard in the policy. A consultant for the company, the former Commissioner for the intelligence services of the Federal government, Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, as well as Ex-defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who led talks in the Chancellery were.

Spicy: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had responded to a trip to China in September 2019 and a planned Acquisition of the Chinese company AllScore Financial by Wirecard. Merkel had at the time of travel "is not aware of possible serious irregularities in Wirecard", a spokesman said this.

"Wirecard scandal stinks, and the political Connections need to be illuminated"

The Chancellor's office was not represented on Wednesday at the special meeting of the Finance Committee, what further meetings are in the summer break, probably. And also, a parliamentary Committee of inquiry is drawing closer. Toncar said, the Opposition will not may come with the previous methods, but in the files, and witnesses have to look. The Left is for U-the Committee that would have more competencies: "Wirecard scandal stinks, and the political Connections need to be illuminated," said group Vice-Fabio De Masi. dpa/Sven Hoppe/dpa Wirecard Central: The Munich public Prosecutor's office determined against a number of former and active Manager of the company.

For the establishment of an investigation Committee must vote in the Bundestag, a quarter of the deputies. The FDP, greens and the Left would reach the Quorum. The Green hesitation, but still. The financial politician Lisa Paus said on Wednesday, in a Pause, the Scholz-survey, they could not identify any blockage of the Federal government in education. If the processing succeeds, together, is not a Committee of inquiry is necessary. Also representatives of the CDU and the CSU held back with wide sides against Scholz striking. The problem with Wirecard go back by the way until well into the term of office of Scholz's predecessor Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU).

Bafin chief Hufeld is increasingly under pressure

How much is a U-Committee in view of the tight schedule could, enlighten is already uncertain. The work could he possibly only in November and the end of the legislative session in the fall of 2021 seam. He could ensure, however, to keep the potential SPD candidate for Chancellor Scholz in the Negative headlines.

Under pressure Wirecard device in the case, meanwhile, increasingly the head of the Federal financial Supervisory authority (Bafin), Felix Hufeld. A report of the "mirror" according to Hufeld made in a meeting of the Finance Committee at the beginning of July untruthful statements, it is about Connections, in the case of Wirecard Singapore. Bafin rejected the allegations but admitted some of the statements Hufelds had been "imprecise". In the midst of Demo: police pull woman suddenly in the Van and the noise of them FOCUS Online/Wochit in the Middle of Demo: police pull woman suddenly in the Van and the noise of it

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