30 years WMSieg 1990: Andi Brehme on the biggest night of his life

Andreas Brehme with his converted penalty kick for the decisive 1:0 in world Cup final in 1990 against Argentina immortal, and in a series with Helmut Rahn, Ger

30 years WMSieg 1990: Andi Brehme on the biggest night of his life

Andreas Brehme with his converted penalty kick for the decisive 1:0 in world Cup final in 1990 against Argentina immortal, and in a series with Helmut Rahn, Gerd Muller and - since 2014 - Mario Götze made. In an Interview with GQ, he tells how he took up as a shooter number 3 for the penalty, what happened in the night after the Finale - and how Corona Meeting, the proposed “veterans” has prevented.

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GQ: Mr Brehme, to the 8. July the Triumph at the world Cup in 1990, marks the anniversary of the Golden goal in the final against Argentina to 30 Times. On we pull the horse from the back again: To which Details of the Celebration after the final of Rome, you remember today?

Andreas Brehme: First of all, the then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl in the cabin of the Olympic stadium drank a beer with us. After the award ceremony and all the trimmings we have come very late back to the Hotel, I guess at 2 am in the night. Then we asked Franz for the first time in the meeting room.

What had to announce Franz Beckenbauer in the middle of the world championship party mood?

he stops now, as a team boss. And that we should be from now on, all with him by you.

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After the reception of the WM-G 30 years after the world Cup victory of the DFB Team in the noise: world Cup final goalscorer Brehme on the biggest night of his life oldmedaille the second accolade of the night, is it?

Absolutely. But I've done very difficult. Because Franz is Franz, one of the Largest in the world of football, I always look up to. At the time, I thought it wasn't possible. If I duze the Trainer in the future, I get outbreaks of sweat.

but Now is, is it?

of Course. We have become good friends, Lothar (Matthäus, ed.d.Red.), the Rudi (Völler, Anm.d.Red.) and I. When we meet, such as recently in Salzburg "Hotel Friesacher", is always very nice.

A short question is allowed: How is the 74-year-old Franz Beckenbauer, in the meantime – after a six-Bypass surgery, a SURGERY for an artificial hip and an eye infarction?

It goes to him better, he makes a good, positive impression - it is very nice to see. And our Meetings do good to him, and visibly, as he blooms. Franz also emphasized again that our world Cup title in 1990, was the Verdi the most world Championships won by a German team. I have to say: He's right.

30 years later, the Triumph is still the topic. How proud it makes you to be not only done that, but to have the penalty kick the 1:0 win hit turned?

That people appreciate today, what we have achieved is great. I am every day raised to the penalty. (Read also: Jürgen Klopp shows how it is 2020 a real Leader)

Because you have made Germany the world champion. How would you rate the "Foul" on Rudi Völler in the 85. Minute?

You could give the penalty, because the defensive player is going stupid. As we had seen the action, with Rudi behind in the cabin again, it was laughter, then we took him up: "Hey, Rudi, You're broken together?"

Not the only contentious penalty area scene in this Finale ...

Exactly. We would need to get to the Foul on Klaus Augenthaler, a penalty, quite clearly. (Also read: So it goes with the Champions League)

Legendary is the decision-making to the question: who's shooting? Please tell us the drama of these seconds once again.

We had agreed to Protect three: Lothar Matthäus, Rudi Völler and me. Rudi has been fouled, and the infraction will not shoot. Lothar has indicated to me that I should go to the point. He has made a few steps back, since it was clear to me what that meant.

Later, Matthew said that he had not felt safe, because from its Shoe studs were broken.

His resignation had nothing to do with fear, but with the question of whether you feel safe or not. I think it's unjust if some people accuse him that he had made in the pants. No. Lothar has played a world-class world Cup, and in that Moment made the right decision. It was not personal vanity, but to us, to the team and to a whole Nation.

Had you been actually to the substitutes ' bench with team boss Franz Beckenbauer?

Yes, Franz has shown me that I should shoot the penalty and go. I also felt relatively safe.

Did you call someone something?

Rudi Völler. The said to me: "Andy, if you purely are doing, we are world champion." I answered: "Thank you, my friend, thank you for the note, I know that too!" My goodness, that was probably the quote of the century.

you have to shot the Ball with the inside.

If you shoot half high, the goalkeeper the best chance to keep the Ball. And if you want the ball high up in the angle rooms – phew, that's quite a risk.

Did you feel during the shot: Yes, it is!

Yes, because I hit him good, really good.

If you look at the pictures of the Torjubels, then you have to be glad that you remained unharmed...

...and that I'm not smothered. Since I had anxiety really quite short. At once all of it was on me. A huge relief.

head of the team, Beckenbauer were the penalty not a matter of luck but a question of training. He's back in Italy to practice.

And I've always said: Trainer, the brings nothing. In Training I have no special Motivation, because there's no 80,000 Fans, the whistle or murmur are. And if I miss the shot on the training course, don't annoy me too. The only thing you practice in Training will be able to: A corner, pick out and aim carefully. But the total concentration you need in the game, you have everything around you to hide. You can't simulate in Training.

For this summer, which should actually be an EM-summer, you Get a large-Together with the Stakeholders of 1990 planned a really nice 30-years-Celebration. The Corona-pandemic falls into the water?

no, we want to do now, in the autumn, for two, three days in the South of Tuscany. Franz Beckenbauer has selected the Hotel, soon we want to send out invitations to the players. All of the coach like Sepp Maier, Berti Vogts and Holger Osieck as well as the physiotherapist of the time to be there – plus Annex, of course. Lothar and I still have to find a few sponsors. We do everything on own initiative. (Also read: all of This happened in the last year, as the FC Bayern München was a master)

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