Bad Kissingen: Nüdlingen: discussion on school location

When looking at the agenda of the recent Council meeting, the impression is: In Nüdlingen, a lot is built in: it Was the new elementary school or the social hou

Bad Kissingen: Nüdlingen: discussion on school location

When looking at the agenda of the recent Council meeting, the impression is: In Nüdlingen, a lot is built in: it Was the new elementary school or the social housing. The councils agreed in the meeting in addition, numerous applications Nüdlinger and Haarder builders, who want to extend their Garage or building a Conservatory.

In the gym of castle hill school, the decision to build the castle mount school new fell on Tuesday evening. Thus, a General renovation of the school is final from the table.

On the 27. June had taken place, a Workshop of the municipal Council with the architecture office Perleth. The attendees had agreed that a new building of a refurbishment is preferable (we reported).

On a precise location of the members of the municipal Council have to agree. The agenda called for in this regard no final decision, however, was kindled among the municipal councils, a renewed discussion.

it was the question of whether a new building on an adjacent Church property was a viable Alternative. The Problem: It is not yet clear whether the diocese would sell the "Church field", so the plot of land next to the sports field, at all. An advantage is that A local build would have all the structural advantages of a new school building. And The school would not be disturbed during construction.

site in question is also a matter of time

Sebastian Schäfer (SPD), said he was in favour of the Church of arable as the site and advocated the use of the old school site for housing. André Iff (CSU) led the "time problem" as a counter-argument. It will take at least one to two years, until all the issues had been resolved.

The new building on the old school grounds were no building code issues. His argument was followed by Liane Hofmann (CSU). You referred to a workshop contribution by Anita Haub (civic block) and said: "we ran out of time." Anita Haub and Burkhard Dietz (UWH) suggested that the diocese should at least be called to consider could be whether to build the Option there ever was.

What happens to the gym?

Uwe Beer (CSU), had not participated in the previous Workshop, said that there is in the subjective Perception of the population only a location for the school, namely the traditional. He also raised the question of how the current gymnasium of the castle of the mountain school will be connected to the new school. Harald Hofmann, 1. Mayor, spoke in the discussion for the previous location and added that he wanted to leave the gym for school sport, recreational sports, and social events.

Edgar Thomas (CSU), who wanted to clarify remaining questions, the Council members made a nearly unanimous decision.

discontent over a long discussion on

Under the parish councils were also expressed displeasure about the re-discussion: Volker Schäfer (SPD), he was surprised that, once again, so intense will be discussed. Everything had already been on Saturday at the three-hour Workshop discussed, for the local councils had spent their leisure time. It disturbed him, when the to be waste the talks held just "". Similar to Stephan Schmitt (UWH) expressed. He requested the demolition of the discussion. The local councils decided to clarify the location in question at a future meeting.

Quickly, the councils agreed on the question of whether yellow or grey is the appropriate colour for the external plaster of the was social housing. Matthias Kleinhenz by the architectural office of "mk consulting" showed, on the basis of Patterns of design options for the exterior wall of the residential houses, resulting in Nüdlingen at the worm, Erich, and in the Haarder, castle street.

Yellow or gray?

Uwe Beer pointed out that there are numerous types of plaster structure. Fungicidal agents prevent the walls of the formation of algae and moss on the house, were mostly washed out after a few years. Since the external cleaning will not be cleaned as often, you should choose a color tone, in which the algae are not as strong notice.

The councils opted for the colour grey. For the coloring of the tiles a 3D to Animation created, which will introduce the architect to the municipal councils in one of the next meetings.

see and hear

Klaus Beck (civil block) was completed in mid-June a request for better visual and audio presentation in picture and sound during the meetings. "In the back you can't hear what is spoken." An offer that caught the Nüdlinger administration, revealed that per Council meeting for a cost of approximately 1065 euros would arise.

The councils choose to continue to use the existing technical equipment, to keep word messages, the discipline and the MICS approach.

This article was written by Charlotte Wittnebel-Schmitz

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