Sports in the heat: 9 mistakes to avoid when Training in the summer

The body would, of course, required even in summer, and fit to be kept. Then, if the temperature spread is also a holiday feeling, increases the Motivation to t

Sports in the heat: 9 mistakes to avoid when Training in the summer

The body would, of course, required even in summer, and fit to be kept. Then, if the temperature spread is also a holiday feeling, increases the Motivation to transfer the Training to the fresh air.

But if the temperatures approach 30 degrees, can be the additional physical stress of fast counter-productive and the body more harm than good.

of The body during Training, is stronger

charged to anyone Who is careless and not the temperatures, appropriate behavior, risking an unpleasant sunstroke, dehydration or even circulatory collapse.

But don't worry: the largest of The nine major errors, with a little care it is easily avoidable. So you expose your body to any Stress, we have summarized in a YouTube Video.

1. Training at the wrong time

In the summer under the heat of the Afternoon train? Not a good idea. Instead, early sports should be on the program – at this time, the air is still fresh, and the ozone levels are not as high as during the day.

How about an energizing Jogging in the countryside? Or you grab your Yoga Mat and welcomes greet the fresh day with some Sun.

In the course of the day, you should start a Workout. The midday hours, around hatching, the sun tent at the most intense, the maximum reached temperatures in the summer months, however, between 16 and 17 o'clock.

You're more of a morning person? No Problem. Laying your sports sessions in the evening hours, when the sun is not as high, and view, cools the air again.

2. Wrong Workout clothes

In warm weather must work the body of intensive, in order to cool it down, it makes a higher sweat production is noticeable.

The workout clothes should be breathable and quick drying. Especially clothing made of functional fibers now, because this conduct the sweat from the skin to the air, and you so in the ideal case, to cool slightly.

loose-fitting pants and top are wear parts in the heat is particularly pleasant, since the air can circulate under the fabric, and the heat builds up so much on your skin.

3. No sun cream

When the sun burns from the sky, is the Application of sun cream with a high sun protection factor is mandatory.

especially when doing sports on the water or in the mountains, you have to RUB it in, you generous. Because here you're not just exposed to the blazing sun; the water or the Wind, the risk is high, the radiation to underestimate.

When choosing the sunscreen, make sure that it is too greasy – the grease clogs the pores and prevents sweating, the cooling end. Attack, therefore, at best, a light, water-resistant cream.

It is important to distinguish between the chemical and physical Filter of the creams to:

  • The chemical sunscreen absorbs the sun's rays, you must move to do this, but in the skin he acts so only after 20 to 30 minutes. Under intense sunlight, it decomposes and, therefore, frequent Re-announced.
  • The physical sun protection, however, puts as a Film on the skin and protects it immediately. Although he does not decompose, for it is washed off quite quickly. Here, too, you're not going to get you out the Reapply.
  • make sure when applying Lotion, especially on the ears and the feet – these games will be happy to forget, are suspended in water sports, however, directly to the sun.

    4. Sports in the sun

    Sport and the body at the same time crisp tan? Not a good idea! Your usual run-of-should routes and sports facilities in the blazing sun, look for the summer months schattigere Alternatives.

    To Jogging in the forest or Park trails, for example, are ideal. But HIIT or strength training workouts, you should exercise better in the shade. This not only protects your skin, but also makes the whole Training enjoyable.

    5. Eyes and head don't protect

    In the summer hits the sun, especially on your head, your neck and shoulders – this body is your most sensitive zones are therefore in the Outdoor sports.

    However, you can protect it very easily. Sports sunglasses, or lightweight headgear such as scarves and Caps provide good protection from the sun's rays and prevent sun stroke.

    You want a little more cooling? Just put a damp rag or towel in the back of your neck.

    6. Too little,

    drinking a sufficient intake of liquids, especially in the summer is important, is known. Those who train in hot temperatures, increases his need for fluids again.

    you Drink too little, you risk in summer, dehydration. Therefore, you should always have a water bottle in a tangible and to the signals of your body hear. As a rule of thumb you can remember: every 15 minutes, 100 milliliters of drinking, the fluid balance balance.

    in addition to water, unsweetened teas or isotonic sports drinks. Or you spice up on your mineral water simply with cucumber, ginger, mint, citrus fruit or delicious berries.

    According to the Sport you a cold drink? You should prefer not to. Because your body has to expend a lot of energy to regulate the temperature, charged to this cold, refreshing to the organism even more. Attack instead prefer to lukewarm water.

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    7. To new best times quest

    When heat is exposed in your heart a greater burden and thus fails faster than under normal conditions. Now go to the utmost limit of your limit, doesn't make much sense.

    to reduce, Therefore, it is recommended that in summer Temperature in the usual Training heart rate by five to ten percent. Don't worry, the Training is still effective.

    8. No time to Acclimatize

    Also on holiday in tropical and warm regions, many athletes want to keep track of your Training continues. The human organism requires a certain amount of time to acclimate to the prevailing temperatures.

    A complete acclimatization can take up to a week. You want to start right away on the first day with the Fitness program, screw the load down in the next few days you can increase you slowly.

    Here the cooler Morning or evening hours are also better for your workouts. The same applies of course also for sudden heat waves, the temperatures of intensive climbing.

    9. The warning signs of the body to ignore

    As always, the following applies: pay attention to your body and the signals it sends you. Luckily heat damage is quickly noticeable.

    During exercise, headache, weakness, muscle cramps, Nausea, or dizziness occur all of a sudden? Then your body is unable to cope with the heat and what you should do is immediately stop Training.

    Sit in the shade, cool your body and take plenty of fluids. Other symptoms such as fever, coordination problems, and clouding of Consciousness occur, you should seek medical advice.

    At high temperatures, therefore it is recommended to train in groups – so everyone can pay attention to each other and potentially auftretene symptoms can be evaluated by another Person.

    Also, you can't support you just, the Training is much more fun.

    Cornelia Bertram

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    Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 08:26

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