Top man in the Union group shocked with crude conspiracy theories

He throws the police a "brazen small account of the number of participants of the Demo", and speculates that the "fight against Corona (...) could be an Inst

Top man in the Union group shocked with crude conspiracy theories

He throws the police a "brazen small account of the number of participants of the Demo", and speculates that the "fight against Corona (...) could be an Instrument of policy". There are sentences that could have come from the mouth of a conspiracy theorist. But she has referred to Arnold Vaatz (CDU), Deputy Chairman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, in a guest post for "Tichy's insight", the self as a "liberal-conservative opinion magazine".

Vaatz' accusation: In the case of Demos with double standards

from the measured First Vaatz works, the recent protests against the Corona measures in Berlin and the "Black Live Matters (BLM)"Demos. Vaatz says that in relation to the compliance of Corona rules with a double standard will be measured. Specifically, Vaatz asks why "the same danger situation, the BLM-demonstrations against racism and tolerated to be praised and the demonstrations of 1. August are generally cursed".

it is Unclear, as is the case with the whole article, the person to whom the criticism is directed specifically. However, the protests against racism were very criticized, because the Corona was not observed measures to their full extent. On the Monday after the big demonstration against racism in Berlin, government spokesman Steffen Seibert, while the concern is appreciated. He had, however, highlighted in detail that the pictures came to the part, "were not good". Angela Merkel's spokesman had stressed: "both must be possible: demonstrate peacefully, which is a fundamental right, and follow the rules, and the rules, the us protection and security in the Corona-type epidemic." It should be "possible to carry on such events masks and the minimum distance of 1.50 meters to comply with", had Seibert reminded explicitly.

Vaatz criticized a lot – but remains vague

Vaatz writes: "governments and media, which make the risk of spreading the disease of the disposition of the potential propagator depending on the damage your credibility, convince us to want to be in the fight for the Good the spread of the Virus is acceptable, is of the same intellectual quality as the trump rule recommendation, you should be spraying disinfectant."

It remains open, whether Vaatz says, the Federal government or one or more national governments. Also in the "media", it is unclear what he has in mind. Who, exactly, he wants "us" to appeal to, is equally apparent. Vaatz expresses in his article is very vague and sounds in Parts like a conspiracy theorist, which often use common terms and to the persons or organisations to whom the criticism is directed, not to call names.

"In the case of Nazis, it was guilt by Association, in the Germany of today, it is Collective"

in Addition, Vaatz attracts daring comparisons to the GDR: A credibility decay he sees since the introduction of the mask duty: "After it was said a long time, masks nothing of taking advantage of that – as long as there were not to buy. In the GDR, the party scattered: bananas are not so healthy." Apparently, he's trying to say that the current "government" would like to align the population so as to allow the given circumstances and according to the model of the GDR is.

Also with the number of participants Vaatz and the Demonstration want to assign to that seems to be in a larger historical significance: "The brazen small invoice of the participants of the Demo numbers from 1. August by the Berlin police is roughly equivalent to the chatter of the 'riot of a few hooligans', the GDR media were expecting at the beginning of the demonstrations in the autumn of 1989 is small."

So he seems to be on the side of the Demos-the promoter and his supporters that have posted in the social media, a series of photos to give the impression that a lot more people against the Corona-rules demonstrated. Because the police stated that around 20,000 people took part, the organisers spoke of the 1.3 million protesters, such as FOCUS Online reported. It seems strange that, of all things, a representative of the Union, here on the side of the conspiracy theorists.

in Addition, Vaatz establishes a Parallel to the Nazi period: "In the case of Nazis, it was guilt by Association, in the Germany of today, it is Collective." However, he criticized that would be defamed as a Nazi, "as soon as it is encountered in the case of a Demonstration, in which a Person must have neither known, nor at all in the crowd saw a 'at the Right of the popular' piece of clothing wears."

Union faction distances itself

For the Union this is a unangehme location. The party friends know Vaatz‘ merits as a high-profile civil rights activist. You have often stressed their appreciation for the mathematicians from Saxony. In recent years, however, the gap between the official Union position, and the positions had become in some of the themes from Arnold Vaatz, obviously. So he is regarded as a friend of nuclear power, he set himself publicly against the energy transition of the Federal government.

The Union group responded to the request by FOCUS Online reserved. A spokesman distanced himself from Vaatz' article with the words: "Mr. Vaatz has expressed in the opinion contribution of his personal opinion as a MdB, this does not reflect the attitude of the Union group in the German Bundestag."

On Twitter will be discussed Vaatz’contribution violently: "#Vaatz's already jumped from the track. In the role as group Vice-not really more portable. Verähnlich of democracy and dictatorship are a No-Go," says the publicist Andreas Püttmann.

Also Vaatz' party colleague, Patrick Kunkel and mayor of Eltville am Rhein, distances himself: "This #Vaatz I'll take that as a Christian Democrat, already serious in a long time."

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Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 10:27