Fitness: Liam Neeson has the perfect Workout for men over 50

Liam Neeson is now in his 60s, but still has the energy of a young Hollywood actor. When he was in his 50s, he played in the trilogy of “Taken”, the main role i

Fitness: Liam Neeson has the perfect Workout for men over 50

Liam Neeson is now in his 60s, but still has the energy of a young Hollywood actor. When he was in his 50s, he played in the trilogy of “Taken”, the main role in which he is a retired agent who must rescue his teenage daughter. He is in every moment of its Best and proves that you don't need to be young to be fit, or to provide good services – but how? (Also read: These Exercises are better than Sit-ups)

Fitness for men over 50: Liam Neeson, relies on Basic Exercises


Since Neeson is a man who focuses more on his work as an actor in front of the camera, he has no time to declare his Fitness Routine step-by-step. But what is important is, In fact, he seems to have no Bodybuilding programs, such as the Avengers, the actor (Chris Hemsworth) to pull through. Neeson keeps his physique with simple Exercises in the Form.

Fitness over 50: Liam Neeson continues to Run and Bodyweight Training

"The 60s are the new 40s, right?" he said in an Interview with the Inquirer, and revealed that he follows a fairly simple Routine to stay fit: “When I'm in town, I run with a buddy for 8 miles to the Park, go for a extra round and make the usual boring squats and pushups. It was'p.” (Also interesting: So are you doing deadlifts with the barbell right)

Before the shooting, the intensity increases

When it comes to filming Action movies, this will work, the Exercises, the running, the actor off of the set are the basis of the rule, however, only one of. Neeson must also work out choreographies (for Action scenes), and during the shooting, he also makes a certain amount of Exercises per day.

“I consider myself pretty fit. I usually increase the intensity of the Exercises a few months prior to the start. I'm doing a whole bunch of things. I do a lot of Power Walking, I put on weight Training. To make a Film, you need energy, no matter whether it rotates or not. You must ensure this Fitness.”

Fitness for men over 50: nutrition is crucial

The Fitness Routine is a thing in men over 50, but the key to success also lies in the diet. Mark Vanselow was the Trainer for the action sequences in “Taken” and he explained to the Online magazine “Shortlist” that the diet is one of the most important factors in his philosophy: “It must be simple and practical: stay away from carbohydrates when you can, look for a healthy source of protein and add vegetables!” (Worth reading: this 15-minute Workout you can overcome your hangover and burn the side fat)

Workouts for men over 50: You are not a fitness Studio needs to stay fit

on the Other hand, Neesons Trainer recommends, just to train there, where the opportunity offers – what the actor does, no doubt, because he holds the remote in principle from the fitness studios. “You can always go for a few minutes to run. There are many Basics that support you deck can do in a hotel room:, squats and lots of Stretching. Core Exercises are the key.”

the fight scenes are the biggest challenge

the battle scenes, it is necessary to warm up only once: “If it is allowed to schedule samples, we fight as often as possible before we turn him, so that he can train all these muscle groups and require, before we start with the movies. Before each fight scene, you need to keep your arms and legs in motion, every muscle that you use, stretch and flexible hold.”

Vanselow not only worked with Liam Neeson, but also acted as a Stuntman, so that he had to be even better prepared. (Also read: Ben Afflecks Trainer reveals how the Star has his “Batman”-Body get – and how you 'copy' him

can be mentioned), such As Vanselow, you don't need a gym to stay in shape, but only a few basic exercises and, above all, one needs determination and should eat a healthy diet. Neeson is taking his Fitness Routine seriously, and seems to make them at least five times per week, which keeps him fit – not only for the action sequences, but more generally for his work as an actor. (Also interesting: With these four food rules, you have to train a lot more successful)


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