Full nutrient Power: eat a fitness trainer on the day

in addition to a lot of movement and the necessary portion of self-care is also a nutrient naturally rich and balanced diet to a healthy life style. it is not

Full nutrient Power: eat a fitness trainer on the day

in addition to a lot of movement and the necessary portion of self-care is also a nutrient naturally rich and balanced diet to a healthy life style.

it is not only on a reasonable number of Calories.

Both the correct supply of macro-nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals are important to nourish the body and strengthen it.

the body through the food

support for Known pay athletes as being particularly meticulous on your diet to support your body in the best possible way and to maximize the performance for Training and competitions.

A similarly close eye on the ingredients also fitness trainer have – after all, you want to give up full force in the Workout Gas, and as good role models, go ahead.

In an Interview with FIT FOR FUN, the Coaches Moritz Fiebig and Daniela Kahl betrayed, what emphasis and what are the ingredients in their refrigerators not to be missed.

Enough calories to record FIT FOR FUN Moritz Fiebig of St. Pauli athletics

Moritz Fiebig of St. Pauli athletics

Moritz Fiebig of St. Pauli athletics is not only a nutrition consultant and Coach, but even a passionate cross fitter. Accordingly, the rich will be the dining plan.

Between the two workouts of the day, business Meetings, and coaching sessions especially designed with one thing in his eating habits in the foreground: to eat enough.

"Depending on the type of training I take a day of between 5,000 and 8,000 calories to me," says Moritz. In doing so, he followed two principles:

"The meals are so processed as little and be as green as possible."

As an athlete, Moritz respects also, of course, on the protein needed – to both himself, as well as its customers.

"I would always recommend early pieces. The best protein-rich and with as little simple Carbs, so you have the morning with a high energy level and not in a hole."

On the body

But probably the most important tip that Moritz each on the way there and he takes also to the heart of listening: "Listen to your body."

after all, just because a lot of sports not to swear avid on a diet or a food, it means that this also has to do any good.

"The food is to raise the energy level. If it does not, it is important to find the cause," explains Moritz.

"Try just a diet or meal. If you realize that you're okay and you have force – very good! If not, then you should try something else for you."

He gives the tip to rate meals for themselves on a scale. The energy level is after dinner, at ten, should be kept in mind.

you need to assign a value less than eight, it is important to look at which components to replace. For example, some carbohydrates stress and to take more protein.

And from the Moritz on the plate?

"My day starts in the morning animal Protein and fat," says the Coach. For example, these are:

  • salmon (for Protein and Omega 3)
  • Avocado (for antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids)
  • mushrooms (for potassium, iron and zinc)

a Lot of carbohydrates to seek early hour in vain on the plate of the athlete. Two hours after Breakfast there is a small Snack in the Form of Brazil nut kernels. "Half an hour later, my first sports unit."

After the Training, it is carbohydrates then time for the first Portion. How many Carbs takes Moritz depends on the intensity of the workout. High in the course

  • oatmeal with a banana

For lunch, then continues with a good load of vegetables as well as protein and carbohydrates with a low glycemic Index are to him. To save time, before cooking Moritz, his meals often.

in the meantime it must be like to continue to be rich in protein:

  • nuts
  • Skyr
  • Chia or flax seeds

Directly after the next sports unit is a Smoothie, followed with protein powder and fresh fruit. In the evening, with a warm meal that can fill the still – remaining Carbs-the loved one:

  • rice, potatoes, or Quinoa

of Course, here is the good Dose of Protein and healthy Fat is a must.

A strict Plan? Is not absolutely necessary Daniela Kahl daniela-bald-live-workout

While many individuals make with an accurate Plan your meals, the Personal trainer, Daniela Kahl, the theme is not quite so tight, and it shows that It goes also differently!

"Generally speaking, I don't have a strict food plan, I think I am," she explains in an Interview with FIT FOR FUN. "I pay attention but in any case, the fact that I take enough protein to me."

Early in the Morning Daniela is so sweet type: Healthy and hearty, the Start may be in the day. This means:

  • a healthy bread with eggs and Avocado

as for counting the calories, is the power woman rather atypical for a disciplined Athlete: "I calories not track at all. This is not mine."

of Course, a limitation of energy absorption is important, if you want to lose weight or you have a certain goal in mind – such as, for example, bodybuilders who want to be on stage.

"But for myself, I count no calories."

the right balance

you worry about have in view, as a lot of energy which food has about. And as they feed generally in a very balanced way, be allowed a Treat from time to time, absolutely.

with the many motion, with the stunt double and fitness model daily on the program, it does not depend on one or the other calorie so much.

And if the sports cannon noted that the diet but failed even to unhealthy, she compensates for this the next day, just a little.

Besides, Who forbids to much, loses the joy in healthy eating and does not last long against his desires stand.

Healthy, long-term changes,

probably The most important principle, followed by Daniela and all of your customers with on the way there, is: "A healthy diet must be considered, especially permanently."

radical diets with lots of Forbidden seems to make little sense, since these call out for a relapse and the resulting yo-Yo effect.

"No diet anything, as long as you can make to your life-style."

Therefore, Daniela will also integrate a lot of healthy ingredients and dishes in your meal plan, your taste particularly good.

Since she has a penchant for Asian cuisine, landing a lot of vegetables and rice on your plate, which is ideal to support the body after a strenuous workout.

Daniela is trying to reduce the consumption of animal products for the most part. Next to the egg fish is only on your food plan – this covers the requirement of protein and healthy fats.

awareness of the food

While many athletes try especially, your nutritional needs exactly, is Daniela one thing is important: to develop an awareness of the foods and their effect on the body.

While you took earlier is still quite a lot of meat and dairy products, the Athlete, in the meantime, to avoid these animal ingredients.

"This is an awareness of the need for food begins at some point in the ideal case, so that you know, such as animal products," she explains.

"Until you finally have the all encompassing Knowledge of what calories and ingredients you take a day to yourself."

And then a healthy, aufgewogene diet works almost by itself.

Cornelia Bertram

*The contribution of "the Full nutrient Power: published The eat is a fitness trainer of the day" by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.


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