As the Corona-crisis, China is still a mighty power, and the West is only watching

China, which regards the Corona-crisis as an opportunity to consolidate its geopolitical and world economic Power. "The big steps in history were all made afte

As the Corona-crisis, China is still a mighty power, and the West is only watching

China, which regards the Corona-crisis as an opportunity to consolidate its geopolitical and world economic Power. "The big steps in history were all made after major disasters." This is a quote of the Chinese President Xi Jinping makes it clear that China wants to take the obvious example of America. After world war II, the United States was the global's most influential super.

the bottom line is considered, could Europe live with the American leadership role well. It enjoyed military protection. Germany, in particular, as a direct front-line state in the Warsaw Pact was as an American beloved child unrestrained across the pond to export and if there was one on the old continent to the dispute, for example, because of the German unity, was the big brother in Washington for peace in the European box. In comparison, China shows undisguised sympathy for the "decent" influence. The KP preferred relationships of dependence and economic pressure of Sanctions. The Person

Robert Halver, the analysis of Capital markets head of Baader Bank.

Donald alone in the house

Unfair Chinese trade practices, Theft of intellectual property and foreign investment, which can be prevented of the great wall of China, literally, must be the West not fallen. But he makes it to the Chinese damn easy. The counter-measures of the US President are often enough to diffuse. In the case of his threats in the direction of Beijing, he is not an uncontrolled shooting from the hip, but is really consistent, but turns itself back to 180 degrees. With this policy, without a clear line, topped with some of the verbal derailment, diluted it a legitimate criticism of China dramatically. And while Trump attracts all the negative attention like moths to a flame, China can pursue its expansion strategies in peace.

The biggest shortcoming of Trumps, however, is his lack of understanding of the importance of the Western Alliance. The formed counter-pressure on China would be much greater if the United States adds to, together with their allies were in Europe - like Russia and Japan - a Phalanx against China. Instead, he operates Western military force decomposition and treated Europe as an enemy. Of course, there are also in the TRANS-Atlantic relationship conflicts, such as Nato, contributions or customs issues. You should be able to resolve internally. In view of the public nest soiling of the West, one can imagine the delightful Smile in Beijing vividly.

The bellwether in the Western flock of sheep missing. And Europe is not yet able to compensate for this failure. It is divided and speaks in foreign, economic and financial policy with a forked tongue. Unfortunately, the dispute has to look like, given the severe Corona-recession European solidarity, the EU-sceptical forces strengthened. Webinar with Marc Friedrich: How do you now protect your wealth

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"whose bread I eat, his song I sing"

Not altruistic, China is available here as a helper in time of Need. The EU countries Greece, Italy and Spain and also to the candidate countries benefiting from substantial investment. The formerly beleaguered port of Piraeus has become, with China's aid to one of the most important cargo ports in Europe. In economic and social policy with his back to the wall, these countries, these measures did not miss their effect: in Many cases, the Rock is closer than the shirt, China more popular than Germany. The Beijing-expected counter-performance is clear: when In doubt, for China and the EU. Europe's common defence power is weakened once enough falls along the common resistance against the (economic-)political dependencies of Beijing like a house of cards. Europe would be easy prey.

China has a lot of time. The atheistic state, President Xi has a striking Similarity with the Pope. Also he must have no fear of deselection, he is appointed for life. Since the mills of God slowly, but steadily, can work in the sense of Chinese power interests.

I Think of Europe at night, am I then to sleep?

Berlin has recognized the danger of a disintegrating Europe. So far, the massive Berlin-based resistance against the transformation of the EU to the Romanesque debt Union was suddenly abandoned. So also in the EU, to gifts of friendship to Germany. On the issue of community bonds, for the Germany properly in a liability occurs, to be paid generous donations to the South of Europe. Some German politicians even speaks of lack of alternatives, probably because European sales will be created power for the German export economy.

But where is the sustainable economic nutritional value for Europe as a whole? What if the gifts seep through the soil and not on fertile ground? What if you don't specific a location verb for the benefit of the improving measures, for example, Italy will be back on a growth track, the Chinese aid is no longer required and, therefore, prevents dependencies? No one can force EU-southerners to their happiness. On the contrary, you could threaten with withdrawal from the EU and the Euro-zone and a final-European countries, financial compensation even more gifts without any economic consideration received.

Without "Vorsprung durch Technik" is the European welfare state to keep

But Germany is doing far too little to the industrial-technological General attack from Beijing to shake off that threatens our prosperity. The massive economic stimulus package of 130 billion Euro will certainly show effects. The "social guarantee 2021", the social covers charges for the time being, is just as positive as are the Bridging loans and tax relief for businesses. However, you should have this shot from the stimulus Bazooka in the future in view. Much of it is Patchwork or "Ein Kessel Buntes", so that can promote both large koalitionären Partner before the election, 2021. The child bonus is a pleasant one. But it is only a short-term straw fire. How fast is 300 Euro are to be spent. Better permanent tax cuts, which provide just for a small income, purchasing power, and sustainable economic strength. The solos must favorite for all!

Temporary tax cuts and bonuses for E-cars to offer also the Green no attack surface - it is an incentive. But it is questionable whether short-time work employees, the fear of the Future, now really spend money on want to unsettled have. And if you want to now take a state Bonus, I'm sure it will be a nice dealer discounts. With this bonus, it helps the Asian car competition. Anyway the trade could take advantage of the VAT reduction to an increase of the margin.

in addition to the deletion of a crisis, a fire, mainly - by the way, in the whole of Europe - in the future, you want to win with competitiveness and innovation. Here, China is strict but also America much more than the old continent. In today's global time leadership of the former military Superiority is, however, technology. The departure from the principle of merit is the beginning of the end of the (economic)politically independent of Europe. Who today operates idleness, they've got to make a kowtow.

I, as a descendant of the Rhine plaice learned early that you can only harvest when you have sown before, to be fertilized and in the truest sense of the word has ploughed. Often, the wisdoms of life are quite simple.

Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 02:27