Bichl creates a lot of new housing | Bichl

In Bichl will arise in the near future new housing. The Council paved the way for numerous projects. Bichl, especially in the area of the Fire house way will

Bichl creates a lot of new housing | Bichl

In Bichl will arise in the near future new housing. The Council paved the way for numerous projects.

Bichl, especially in the area of the Fire house way will change in Bichl a lot. As previously reported, from, moved here, a farmer. On the surface, some of the new buildings are planned, for which the municipal Council has been paved in accordance with the way. In the most recent meeting, it was the largest new building in this area, namely two-to Five-family houses with twenty Parking spaces. Before all this, and more specifically to the driveway, it went in the discussion. In the run-up to the Builder had been asked, the actuating surfaces otherwise arranged. The municipality wants a straightening of the fire hauswegs at a constriction, so that the neighbor has no problems with Parking.

Second mayor Helmut Oppel spoke generally of a "successful planning for the land", but regretted "that now and again an old farm eliminated". According to mayor Benedict Pössenbacher would be a structural Alternative to rebuild the existing house and barn into apartments. "That's okay, but then it would not be as well organized as it is now."

The appearance of the two large new buildings, the councils exercised no criticism, just the Parking areas and the Road still need to be revised. Thomas Schaefer expressed concerns about a winding Road, if the other new buildings to come. Pössenbacher does not share this concern but.

Also in other Places in the village will be built. In the Ludlmühlstraße a multi-family house with three apartments will be created in the large garden of an existing house. "It is a vacant lot," said Pössenbacher. The required ten Parking spaces are feasible.

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The path is torn down, a double house, in order to make room for two single family homes. Here, too, the parish Council has no objections, discussed but in the case of a property, the Parking. Because with Duplex-garages, you can't make friends. "We can't ban them," said Pössenbacher. "But we have made the experience, that they are often not accepted, and people then Park on the street." The Builder show encouraging conversation ready way, and want to try to find a different solution for the access road.

Also on the Roßweide is built. A farmer plant on his land a building which accommodates a discharge housing, a holiday apartment, add to this the apprentice room, wood chip heating and machine shop. Prior to the implementation of the country needs to host, but it is still the fire protection, the potable water supply and wastewater disposal to prove, at the request of the municipality, he is to let the flood protection check.

A biomass heating system is to be built soon at the Duke edge life. After reviewing the Plan there were no objections.

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Not the request of a citizen, to change to the sports ground road (at junction B 11) the land use plan was approved, however, neither for commercial nor for a solar Park, or even a RV Parking space. "The application is not new, actually it comes every six years," said Pössenbacher. Currently the Area is used for agricultural purposes. "Our community should not be three pages of commercial areas surrounded," said the mayor.

in Addition, being in the viewing axis to the Church. Whether a solar Park would be possible here, is the question. "Like our village to develop, is a theme for the retreat," said the third mayor Leonhard Peschl. Ultimately, the request was unanimously rejected.

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