Hygiene-rules instead of socializing: tough times for hostels | Bad Tölz

a community is one of the hallmarks of youth hostels. However, it is precisely this attribute that bites with the Hygiene regulations to contain the Coronavirus

Hygiene-rules instead of socializing: tough times for hostels | Bad Tölz

a community is one of the hallmarks of youth hostels. However, it is precisely this attribute that bites with the Hygiene regulations to contain the Coronavirus’. A huge Problem for the institutions in the district.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen For Hotel operators, it is not easy to come relatively unscathed through the Corona of a crisis. Even more difficult is the Situation for the youth hostels. Reasonably lightly for the establishment in Lenggries is only of come. The sports hostel in Bad Tölz, Germany has lost 90 percent of its guests. The facilities in Walchensee and Benediktbeuern remain closed due to the strict Hygiene regulations for the time being.

"Long as we can keep the financially," said sister Johanna Moßburger, head of the youth hostel Miriam in Benediktbeuern. This house offers 28 rooms which can accommodate 125 beds. "All the rooms were booked out with school groups," says Moßburger. "But we have to cancel."

The cautious had been the opening scheduled for June. But then it turned out that the Hygiene is not to comply with regulations. Many of the rooms are without shower and toilet. "That's why we can bring on each floor, only two instead of ten families." Moßburger hopes, in July and again to unlock. "We actually wanted to do with Elan, but it doesn't look as rosy as we would like. We will prepare ourselves and the obligations. If it works, I don't know.“ Currently, all six employees were on short-time work.

Similar to the Situation of the hostel in Walchensee is. Also, you can't open it because of the Hygiene regulations at the moment. Head of Rico Hofmann is currently on vacation and was not available for comment nor accessible as Björn Koalick, head of the also closed in the hostel "Don Bosco" in Benediktbeuern.

Everything else as rosy, the Situation of bad tölz sports youth hostel, even if you since the 2. June is re-opened. At times Barbara bielmeier was the only Person in the 186-bed house: "That was very scary," says the Deputy hostel Manager. "I'm glad that now at least a couple of guests and the colleagues are back."

In the Whitsun holidays are, after all, been ten per cent of the beds occupied. "But in the first of the länder, the summer holidays start, it looks very mau." The Problem is that the hostel is designed for groups. "In the holidays we would have been with sports clubs booked out and then with school classes. But now, many consider whether you want to go away.“

Breakfast behind the glass of the panes

More than 60 people the hostel can accommodate at the moment, anyway, "otherwise, with the Breakfast Situation is difficult". Previously, it was customary for the guests to use at the Buffet. But this is no longer allowed due to Hygiene guidelines. The Breakfast is now behind a pane of glass, and must be individually with a tray of passed. "This is of course much slower, than if you served at the Buffet," says Bielmeier. Apart from that, it was more than 60 guests is difficult, the safety distances in the Breakfast room. As well as all of the 17 employees are currently on short-time work.

Also in the Lenggrieser youth hostel is popular with all twelve employees short-time work. And yet, the Situation is slightly better than in Tölz, Benediktbeuern. The Reason For This? "Tölz, Benediktbeuern to have a wonderful environment and play a very special clientele. We continue, however, a two-pronged approach,“ explains Director Uwe Dietrich. Do not come to "us only groups, but from the history out of many families. The effect is now positive.“

renovations pay off

in Addition, the house had been renovated as recently as 2013. Since then, a majority of the rooms has a shower and a toilet: "Well now it pays off," says Dietrich. 13 of the 21 rooms were usable. Under these difficult circumstances, the capacity utilization in the past few weeks had been "very good". In the coming weeks, it see, however, "mau". Dietrich: "Now so many families are on the go. I think people are waiting to see how the Corona-develop Numbers.

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