World blood donor day: Why blood donations are so important right now are

A secure supply of blood products is one of the basic medzinischen preventive measures in health care. blood transfusions can be vital – for example, in the c

World blood donor day: Why blood donations are so important right now are

A secure supply of blood products is one of the basic medzinischen preventive measures in health care.

blood transfusions can be vital – for example, in the case of accidents or operations, but also for research. Daily be needed in Germany to 14,000 blood donations.

These important reserves, however, ensured only if enough people declare their willingness to donate.

blood and plasma donations save lives

The annual world blood donor day on 14. June to remind people and motivate them to donate regularly blood and Plasma.

Also this year, the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) gets to live on together with blood donation facilities under the Motto "safe blood saves" across the country to donate.

especially in times of Corona-pandemic and the associated fear of possible infections, have won for blood donations even more important.

Fewer donors during Corona pandemic

Because of fear of infection and the associated decrease in donor numbers can be at risk to the blood supply of the components.

in Addition, less donations, appointments are possible, since many of the facilities take place in this normally closed as before.

The BZgA on your Website in addition to concerns that currently the supply of plasma products due to their long durability is ensured.

However, it should be expected "here, too, in the medium term, with supply shortages, if not more, Plasma is donated."

It can be, as usual, donated

Generally speaking: anyone Who has previously donated blood, and still the basic criteria for donation is met, it can report, without hesitation, on a voluntary basis.

"The criteria for a blood or plasma donation have not changed," emphasizes the BZgA in a press release.

Any Donations from a Person without symptoms of the disease can donate, therefore, as usual, in fulfilment of the requirement for both blood as well as Plasma.

Corona: No increased risk of infection in blood donations

if Anyone would like to donate now, you should let the fear of a contagion of the projects to be diverted.

"It is not, in principle, of an increased risk of infection with the Coronavirus in the case of donations dates to go", entwarnt, the BZgA.

In the case of the bodies, the blood donation services would be strictly on the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) to the "General principles of risk evaluation and recommended action for events".

in Addition, the blood donation services with the health authorities to place more votes on the exact process of the donation date.

when can not be donated?

in Order to protect people and to ensure the quality of the donations, must be observed in the case of each donation, the criteria for selection of the so-called haemotherapy guidelines.

This means that people with signs of infection or elevated body temperature are not allowed to donate.

in Addition, recommended the Paul-Ehrlich Institute, a precautionary provision for special donations:

  • Four weeks for people, the contact to a Sars-CoV-2 patients had a
  • to Eight weeks for individuals, the self with the Coronavirus infected goods
blood products are safe

people, the fear of a blood transfusion with the Coronavirus to infect, can calm down also.

Because so far there is according to the BZgA, no reports that, when Infected, show no symptoms, the Virus is found in blood.

Also there were no reports of blood-tranfusionen resolved infections with Sars-CoV-2.

In the case of other pathogens of respiratory infections, such as Influenza, there has in the past also no evidence of a Transfusion induced infection.

blood donation as a sign of solidarity

"the blood and plasma supply during the pandemic, and with increasing travel activity, is the commitment of all who are in the position required," stresses the head of the BZgA, Prof. Dr. med. Heidrun Thaiss.

"Therefore: Put a sign of solidarity and donate blood and Plasma and, above all, they donate on a regular basis!

Still applies: those Who wish to donate blood, should take due to the current security measures in the case of a blood donation before, in each case with the blood donation service contact and an individual donation appointment.

events for the world blood donor day 2020

Around the world blood donation day this year has a few events where Volunteers can donate.

  • 15.06.2020, 07:30 – 19:00 at the blood donation center of the Südharz Klinikum Nordhausen gGmbH blood donation center (level 3), Dr.-Robert-Koch-Str. 39, 99734 Nordhausen
  • 15.-19.06.2020 blood donor service, University medical center Göttingen, Department of transfusion medicine blood donation on Campus, Weender Landstr. 1, 37073 Göttingen
  • 25.05.-21.06.2020 blood donation service of the University hospital Bonn Venusberg-Campus 1, 53127 Bonn


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