Because people with HIV die hardly at Corona, put doctors on certain drugs

where the AIDS Virus originates, the widely used since the 80s as a new civilization disease with pandemic proportions, is not yet clearly demonstrated. The The

Because people with HIV die hardly at Corona, put doctors on certain drugs

where the AIDS Virus originates, the widely used since the 80s as a new civilization disease with pandemic proportions, is not yet clearly demonstrated. The Thesis that monkeys transmit the disease, persists to this day, but also conspiracy theories, the services, and laboratories that are testing biological weapons, ascribe to the Virus a secret, as is currently the case in Corona, rampant through the heads.

As with Covid-19 there are animals that are one of the deadliest pandemics, responsible. However, in contrast Covid-19, which makes in particular the elderly with pre-existing conditions to a risk group with high mortality, the infectious disease, AIDS, first gay, but then more and more heterosexual – in particular in Africa. About the author

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Damage Covid-19 lungs and kidneys, but also the heart and other organs, destroying AIDS gradually the immune system. In the case of the Sick it comes to life-threatening opportunistic infections and tumors.

During the first Corona cases were in December 2019, to be known, was the first AIDS-infection when patient Zero in the year 1959 undetectable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified in 1981, HIV as a separate disease.

In Germany: About 460 Deaths due to AIDS in the year

Have died by mid-June 2020 to 7.5 million people worldwide in Corona, so since the outbreak of the AIDS Virus more than 35 million. 40 million people are currently HIV-positive. As in the case of Corona, the number of new infections is increasing also in the case of AIDS. The proportion of HIV-Infected is in the global average, at about 0.8% of 15 - to 49-Year-old and achieved in each of the African countries, values of around 25 %.

In Germany is one of AIDS compared to other causes of death with about 460 deaths per year, of the more insignificant causes of death. However, a sufficiently effective HIV vaccine, today there are not and the search continues. Alone with a Cocktail of different drugs, HIV infection can be controlled over a longer period of time successfully.

HIV is not curable, but treatable

While in the 80s and early 90s, the diagnosis of AIDS was a death sentence, succeeded in 1996 with the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is the big breakthrough: doctors went on to distribute the anti-retroviral therapy (ART) on multiple medications.

HIV was not curable – but treatable: thanks to this Medication has a potentially fatal disease a chronic. And by the combination therapy, the life expectancy for people Infected with HIV in Europe and North America has now risen to around ten years.

In Africa South of the Sahara live in today is estimated at nearly 26 million people living with HIV. 16.4 million of them according to the WHO anti-viral therapy, to prevent the outbreak of the disease. However, in times of Corona and Malaria, the UN is already anticipating an additional 500,000 deaths from Aids in Africa to 2021.

The year long research and development of preventive AIDS drugs could now be in the search for a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus to help.

Similarities between AIDS and Covid-19

A Team of the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, southern China, was able to demonstrate a few months ago, that the Coronavirus that occurs through the cell surface, has some striking Similarities with the HIV.

Professor Gu Chaojiang, a life science, which deals in the Wuhan University of Science and Technology, HIV and Sars-CoV-2, emphasizing the differences between the two viruses, but also finds a Common ground, as both have a very similar structure in the spiny Protein that binds the Virus to a host cell.

"There is reasonable hope of a cure for Covid-19 by Anti-HIV drugs, the scientists. The Similarity between the two viruses increase the probability that it is a persistent infection, such as Aids was not a question at Covid-19, however, the Coronavirus mutated as quickly as HIV.

Lopinavir and Ritonavi as drugs against AIDS-Virus-outbreak

a Chinese researcher in Wuhan, the first epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, found no cases of Covid-19 nearly 200 HIV patients, Lopinavir and Ritonavir revenue. In the case of both drugs, which are administered since the year 2000 in the outbreak of the AIDS Virus-preventing Cocktail.

Wang Guangfa, an expert on respiratory diseases, the infected as one of the first in Wuhan, confirmed that Lopinavir would have been a great help for him.

This confirms the suspicion of the Chinese scientists that the low mortality rates of Covid-19-patients with HIV with anti-viral therapies could be brought in connection. In addition, these were also not so prone to over-reactive immune response.

New Spanish study, people with HIV have a five-Times lower death rate

are weakened, According to a new study presented by a team of researchers from Madrid at the beginning of June 2020, people who carry the HIV Virus, especially, and can die a lot more often have flu, because your immune system is attacked, but in the case of patients infected with the Coronavirus, the mortality five Times lower than in the case of people, had no HIV, but the corona virus in itself.

Thus, the Spaniards have confirmed the earlier clinical observations in China: Where patients are taking anti-AIDS drugs, is an infection with Covid-19 is not so great. Now the country with the most Corona infections and dead sprouts in Spain, along with Italy, the United States and Brazil, in the hope that through the exploration of AIDS drugs, new knowledge about the structure of the Coronavirus and effective tool in the fight against the new pandemic can be found.

"First study, the infection rate of Covid-19 Infected describes in HIV-"

lead in the new Madrid study, Dr. Pilar Vizcarra from the Hospital Universitario Ramon y Cajal was. They examined the medical records of nearly 3,000 HIV-Infected and identified 51 Covid-19-cases. This corresponded to an infection rate of 1.7 percent. Compared with the 4 percent mark of the total population of Madrid, this Rate was significantly lower.

"to Our knowledge, this is the first study, the infection rate of Covid-19 describes in HIV-Infected compared to the total population in the same Region in a comprehensive," says Vizcarra. However, the scientist adds, stating the study found that the Coronavirus is not a risk for people with HIV.

Tenofovir helps in the disease course

"in Spite of the low mortality rate of 25 per cent of the HIV had infected people with Covid-19 is a serious illness, and 12 percent were admitted to the [intensive care unit], which is a higher Rate than the General population", but in relation to the particularly high Rate particularly in the Metropolitan region of Madrid the number was locally low.

the team of researchers to Pilar Vizcarra came to the realization that Tenofovir, another anti-viral medication, which is administered for the treatment of HIV, contributing to a significant improvement of the disease process.

Nevertheless, to Date there is still no solid scientific evidence from large-scale studies that could prove that Anti-HIV drugs against Covid-19 are effective. But with your studies to HIV and Corona already existing AIDS could further develop the success of the researchers from China and Spain, perhaps of breakthrough drugs, to defeat in the end Corona.

case numbers on the rise in the world: Sweden, new infections are PCP case, numbers achieved record weekly rise the world: Sweden record week recorded in the new infections.

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