Dragon Quest XI Test of the Switch-Version is: Pure love | Multimedia

The wonderful role-playing game "Dragon Quest XI warriors of fate" is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Can convince the giant Game on the small screen?

Dragon Quest XI Test of the Switch-Version is: Pure love | Multimedia

The wonderful role-playing game "Dragon Quest XI warriors of fate" is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Can convince the giant Game on the small screen?

There is always a game series that is so far gone past. For me, this was a game series "Dragon Quest". Now, finally, I came to discover with the Switch-Version of "Dragon Quest XI". And quickly it was clear: This will be a lasting love relationship.

But from the very beginning. In a competition for the longest game title, Dragon Quest XI - warriors of destiny - the Definitive Edition would have "" the not-so-bad cards. The Name itself is awe-inspiring. You know, a on the game, it will be a long-term decision-making. And, in fact, Dragon Quest XI, a long, a very long game. And not for one second boring.

Test of the "Dragon Quest XI" (Switch): The Party makes the Party

the surprise, if you look at the main story. We play the taciturn "bringer of light", the Savior of the world and save the world of course. What makes Dragon Quest XI, but so unique, are binding on the companion, we will meet in the course of the game, to us, lose and find again. Every single one of these very different characters brings its own, often surprising and touching, always compelling story and grows over the course of dozens of hours of play so always more to the heart.

+ Our companion to grow us more and more to the heart.©Nintendo

Maliciously, you could say now, that even the more RPG-standard food. But that's not true. Because so lovingly, like how the characters in Dragon Quest XI will be developed, creating only a very few developers. Because you write when you Write erroneously often anyway Dragon Age instead of Dragon Quest - just think, once more, in hindsight, a terrible "Dragon Age Inquisition", which tried very similar, but with a crash has failed.

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you Can remember today, not a single character from Dragon Age Inquisition because these were a kind of matter, and remained, grow a to in Dragon Quest XI of the impetuous thief Erik, the stunning charming warrior Princess Jade, crazy circus-knight Rionaldo or the tiny mage Veronika with massive aggression is a problem in the wind to the heart.

Test of the "Dragon Quest XI" (Switch): Serious topics, sensitive

You can see: Even if the main story is in the ever-darker and more sophisticated, remains Dragon Quest XI is in large Parts a fun and heart-warming game. Also, because it is not in front of it does not shy away from difficult issues. So we follow a character to his Outing in the conversation with his grotesquely over ännlichen father.

What could very easily be very embarrassing (an impression certainly reinforced by the fact that in the preparation no Gay stereotype is omitted), culminates in a wonderful, surprising dialogue. Because the super-man ännlichen father is perfect no matter what it is that drives his son. Him but it does not matter what a man he is, whether he is reliable and helpful.

Test of the "Dragon Quest XI" (Switch): Crazy Translation shies away from any word game

small, surprising stories abound in Dragon Quest XI. You give the game that shies away from none of the silliness (especially the excellent German Translation is full throttle at the word game machine and the origin is clearly structural than the English edition), a depth and emotional Heaviness that you wouldn't expect at first glance, the language.

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And so to explore the huge world, leading countless to meet demanding turn-based combat (which can, however, also largely automate), improved its equipment, helping NPCs, and sinking more and more into the world of Dragon Quest XI, As so often, shows that the Switch is an outstandingly suitable platform for JRPGs. The game world is always in the process of the technical implementation is very good.

Test of the "Dragon Quest XI" (Switch): The Switch-Version is the best and most extensive of all

Sure Dragon Quest XI on the Switch is not quite as amazing as on PC or PS4, it's a miracle but also on the Switch is nice game, the all-time butter runs soft. And the buyer of the Switch-variant to get the "Definitive Edition" is unquestionably the best overall package. Because of this, the game has been drilled out significantly.

+ if you like, you may variant on the Switch the whole Game in a flash, the pretty 16-bit by play.©Nintendo

Numerous side-quests were added, you have the choice between the synth and epic orchestral sound track, and - no kidding - you can the entire game (if you like and nostalgic is) also in a flash the pretty 16-bit variant by play.


to beat In the current time, in the many have a lot more time to Play, "Dragon Quest Xi warriors of destiny - the Definitive Edition" hardly. Dozens of hours full of warm-hearted, exciting and funny stories, tactically challenging battles and an excellent technique role - playing game heart, what more do You want?

Who procrastinates still, the can tell you that there are in the eShop from Nintendo for a absurd extensive demo version of Dragon Quest XI to Download with around ten hours of playing time. Now there is no more reason not to go for a spin with the light-bringer and his friends.

Updated Date: 27 May 2020, 15:34

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