Against Economical: In the struggle for huge Corona package Berlin is moving closer to the Mediterranean sea

the Four countries, the "Thrifty Four" were known, have given your opposition to the Protocol. The great Haggling can begin. However, the old conditions have

Against Economical: In the struggle for huge Corona package Berlin is moving closer to the Mediterranean sea

the Four countries, the "Thrifty Four" were known, have given your opposition to the Protocol. The great Haggling can begin. However, the old conditions have changed, and new constellations are formed. In the policy, geographic terms can take on new meanings.

So was the time of the Iron curtain from West Berlin seen in every direction East. Since Corona old Guides mess tumble in the European Union. The pandemic is shifting the balance within the Federation, without regard to latitude and longitude and the previous alliances, such as the Stiftung Wissenschaft und politik (SWP) in a new study.

test for balance of power in the EU

it is, not only the cohesion of the EU in front of a standing test, but also the internal balance of power. The scientists see Spain and Italy in the advantage, which a stronger "South facing" to help France.

In the requirement for a community's liability for the debts of the reconstruction program against the consequences of the Corona-crisis, knew these three countries now including Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Slovenia at your side; the Baltic States and Slovakia have at least given up their fundamental opposition against it.

The Foundation holds, therefore, that "the traditional economic South has expanded". In contrast, the old North was "on the Defensive and has to call up to the controversial demand for Eurobonds numerous Support from this camp met".

The "gang of four" watch the last taboo

Now, even this last fall with the taboo still. In the circles of the States, which were considered to be "Thrifty Four" known (Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark), are beeurteilt the plans from Brussels, Berlin and Paris as a de facto introduction of the Euro, or corona bonds, since they provide for a debt of the EU as a Whole. Therefore, it is in their diplomatic representations in Brussels, there are currently no discussions on further action: "We begin to negotiate with the other, when the subject of corona bonds is off the table."

It should be according to the ideas of the four governments with no additional funding from the EU Budget for countries which were caught by Corona in substantial Distress, but individually repayable loans. The countries-Alliance, which calls itself, ironically, also "gang of four", hopes for the support of Parts of the Visegrad group (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia).

in These Central and Eastern European States is keen to have its Status as a net beneficiary of aid from the EU pot is not a diversion of money in the South at risk. In a joint paper of the "Thrifty Four" also "significant increases" in the EU budget. Instead, the EU should save Commission, wherever economic interests are not affected.

With new taxes from the economic crisis?

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, has other plans. With the moral appeal for a Union of the haves and the have-nots to prevent, it put them on the 500 billion, involving Paris and Berlin for a European Fund for economic recovery, once again 250 billion as a desire. This 750 billion correspond to estimates in the EU Parliament circles about 4.5 percent of the annual economic performance of the Union. Two-thirds of which are to be granted in the form of grants from the EU budget, the Rest as loans. Reuters/Etienne Ansotte/European Commission/Reuters EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen comes to the European Parliament, has drafted on behalf of the EU heads of state and heads of government reconstruction program.

Von der Leyen is not only an urgent need for the EU to absorb exceptionally common debt. You must also develop "a series of new own sources of revenue". As examples of the President before the European Parliament called for a CO2 tax for climate-damaging products from non-European countries and a digital expensive.

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crisis with new taxes to rein in: "Economic nonsense"

support of the Leyen in the SPD. The head of their deputies in the European Parliament, Jens Geier, will, "towards a real EU own resources, which can then help to Finance the repayment of the loans". A Plethora of new levies he could collect, Brussels: plastic and kerosene, the carbon dioxide emissions of ships and aircraft.

holding not only the "Thrifty Four" is questionable. The budget expert of the FDP in the European Parliament, Moritz Körner, judge: "The idea to the economic crisis with new taxes to rein in, is economic nonsense." The Chairman of the Committee on budgetary control of the European Parliament Monika Hohlmeier (CSU), warns also, EU assistance purpose zuentfremden: "For debts there must be, ultimately, not a Cent."

huge task for Germany in the EU presidency

But Italy and Spain are in the case of the "Thrifty Four" suspected to want the use of money from Brussels, not on the Finger look. Three weeks before the next EU summit, there is nothing to suggest that the common Front of Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden would crumble. For them, it's the same double-ums Canned. They fear the current debt prohibition for the European Commission and the Maastricht criteria for stability in the Eurozone.

The Greens in the Euro Parliament, hoped that their party could create friends as a coalition partner in Austria and Sweden, cracks in the Alliance. The green Austrian Vice-Chancellor, Werner Kogler, responded with a rather cautious letter to Brussels in which he spoke of loans to "a solid Basis of grants". In Sweden the Greens in a minority government, the Parliament overruled.

compromise solution, the consent of all the EU is in need of members

In the Swedish Parliament is to be presumed a rejection of the proposals from Brussels, Berlin and Paris as well as in the Danish Folketing, the looks, the daily newspaper "Jyllands-Posten" to your satisfaction in this matter, "almost agree". Also the attitude of the Dutch Tweede Kamer in The Hague, Prime Minister Mark Rutte leaves little room.

Any compromise solution, how ever you may look, you need the consent of all the members of the EU. Here is a giant building task for the Federal Republic of Germany on 1. July, assumes the presidency of the Council of the European Union and as intermediary needs to be. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has recognized: "The expectations in Germany are huge, this leadership role as an honest broker to accept."

Berlin moves politically closer to the Mediterranean sea

Still, the Federal government has not decided its programme for the German EU presidency. It announced, however, to take account of the plans of the European Commission. This should not be so difficult as to be made of the Leyen, the German-French proposal virtually of your operating basis.

However, in your new Position of responsibility, the Federal Republic must be the concern of all member countries. In the case of the "Thrifty Four" is likely to be a delicate task, as the North sea and Baltic sea, Germany is perceived in the meanwhile, as a new member of the "Club Med" in the political the South of Europe. Salt-water Trick In strawberries more animal hide than PCP salt water Trick In strawberries more animal hide than I thought

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