Clubs as Hotspots for the Coronavirus | Boulevard

Clubs, discos, Bars - you are in the Corona-crisis in front of the abyss. The prospects of an early Opening are low. And a case in South Korea shows that For th

Clubs as Hotspots for the Coronavirus | Boulevard

Clubs, discos, Bars - you are in the Corona-crisis in front of the abyss. The prospects of an early Opening are low. And a case in South Korea shows that For the Virus of guests are there, easy prey.

Berlin/Hamburg/Seoul (dpa) - bass waft over the dance floor, it's loud, stuffy, cramped. Hundreds of sweaty people fidget through the night and... wait. Stirs something in the newly-learned distance awareness?

the Corona-crisis, have become such scenes difficult to imagine. While there are many relaxations, look Clubs, discos and Bars more in a bleak future. Your Problem: The Virus has very easy here.

example of Berlin: From the first 263 confirmed cases, 42 in Club visits. Pamela Schobeß by the Board of Directors of the club Commission - the Association of Berlin club, organizers predicted at the beginning of the Corona-crisis: "We were the first to have power, and the last to be able to re-open it to be good."

have An opinion, which is also the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine (medical establishment has treated you) share. Just in Clubs, Bars and Discos, the Coronavirus can find perfect conditions for a fast spreading, he says. It is tight, you sweat, screaming at each other with a small distance to the ear: "This is exactly this scenario for which it is liable in other countries, to mass infections came. These are the virus-Hotspots - just for the Coronavirus."

Besides, it'll make the poor ventilation of the rooms of the Virus even easier. "You can't provide for ventilation, you may only have equipment that read the circulation, or a bit of verb. But actually, the small tight spaces." This was the best condition he could for a respiratory of the respiratory - transmissible pathogens present. "So, the worst condition for the humans. Overall, the Situation is just ideal to be able to infect."

How to ideal the dance floor for the Virus, had to know the people in South Korea at the beginning of may. In the capital of Seoul, a 29-year-old Corona-Infected was drawn through a number of well-attended Clubs and Bars in the nightlife district of Itaewon. There was a Cluster infection: Almost 200 cases of infection have been associated with the outbreak, more than 65 000 people had to be tested. In South Korea, where the situation actually was relaxed - it was the fear of the Virus again because.

The authorities had assumed that there were multiple "index cases in this Itaewon-Cluster," says Kim Dong Hyun of the Korean society of epidemiology. "And the 29-Year-old is definitely one of them." With index patients are usually referred to people, from which a burst originates. "That means, there are certainly still undiscovered, silent cases."

much of a chance to distance, difficult ventilation conditions and the constant fear of the next large outbreak: Is the Party in the Clubs, now definitively over? The sense would be most useful to have in a Club for 100 visitors, only five guests, says virologist Schmidt-Chanasit. "But no one wants that and it makes no sense." He believes that Dancing, as before, the Corona-pandemic will be the first in many months possible. "Until we have a vaccine or the pandemic is over and the immunity is increased in the population."

In Berlin, is fighting the scene, meanwhile, is a matter of Survival. The Streaming-Format #UnitedWeStream brings something to donate, other Alternatives are being worked on. The club Commission wants to dance with a view to the approaching summer outside. Open spaces should be temporarily open until midnight, the music will be turned off two hours earlier. For Pamela Schobeß, which operates the Club "Gretchen", with views of the scarce financial ceiling, however, the question of "whether there is all of us, even if we may re-open".

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