Coronavirus: R-value for several days, slightly above 1 - is threatening the Lockdown? | World

to be able to loosening of the Coronavirus-limitations of responsibility, must remain the reproduction number as in 1. Now, however, she is already several day

Coronavirus: R-value for several days, slightly above 1 - is threatening the Lockdown? | World
to be able to

loosening of the Coronavirus-limitations of responsibility, must remain the reproduction number as in 1. Now, however, she is already several days over this value.

The reproduction number determines the course of the Corona-pandemic and Loosening decisions of politicians. Virologists emphasized repeatedly in the past that you should not increase the critical value 1 . Now the number of since three days on this brand - announces a second Virus wave? Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures.

Berlin, reproduction number of new infections and the frequency of Corona infections per 100,000 population - the three of the most important indicators for the further development of the Corona-pandemic* are. Experts, politicians and the Public can follow the development of these Numbers is exactly hardly surprising, it has been instrumental in the decisions of the government about more loosening the Lockdown .

researchers at The Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) and experts such as the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten* seek, first and foremost, as many people as possible to inform, what is the reproduction number*, in short R-value , is indeed, why is a represents> a value more than 1 and why the number, however, sometimes higher than 1 can be, without that instant all the newly won freedoms to be taken for the benefit of the virus containment back.

Coronavirus-characteristic value: The reproductive number indicates how many of the people Infected in the Mediterranean infects

Short in summary, the reproduction number , how many people with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 Infected person on average infects *. This means that: Is the reproduction number at 1, is an Infected in the middle one more Person. The value 1 is for the containment of a pandemic, therefore, a critical brand. Because the virus spread can be contained, it must slow down. The R-value is below 1, it is contagious an infected Person is less than another Person with the Virus* and the number of daily new infections decreases. Quite different the scenario is in the case of a value greater than 1: The number of daily new infections is rising, the pandemic continues to spread and in the long term, the capacity of the health system could be overloaded as a result.

Therefore, virologists and politicians stressed at the beginning of the pandemic, repeatedly and vehemently, how important it is to bring the reproduction number by measures such as contact - and output restrictions* and stick to the sanitation and clearance rules* under the critical mark of 1 and to stabilize at this low level.

Corona-crisis not over yet: the reproduction number for three days in a row above the critical brand

This goal is, at least in Germany in the course of the past few weeks, largely succeeded. However, the RKI Figures sit up and take notice of the last days: On this Wednesday (10. June) , the Institute announced the third day in a row, an R-value of about 1 . Thus, the reproduction number was on the previous Sunday, 7. June, at 1.05. On the following Monday and Tuesday, the value of fraud then each of 1.11 (data, 0 a.m. on the respective day). To note here is that the reproductive value is always the infection happened about one and a half weeks earlier, mapping. This is partly due to the fact that it can take up to two weeks, until the first symptoms after infection with the Coronavirus* noticeable.

That the R-value is for the third day in a row on one, is not a good sign in terms of a possible second Virus wave, in front of the experts for weeks to warn. However, the RKI said in the past that the reproduction number is subject to rare current variations , the long-term significance. Therefore, the Institute is in the middle of may in addition to the daily R-value is a so-called 7-days-R, the less current is subject to fluctuations, because it refers to a longer period of time. It is the infection starting to happen from eight to 16 days, and was according to the RKI estimates with data as of Tuesday, 9 forms. June (0 hours), below the critical mark, namely 0,9 .

+ experts, such as virologist Christian Drosten a strong warning against a second Coronavirus-wave. (Archive image)©dpa / Michael Kappeler

Coronavirus-Figures show that Neither panic nor negligence in the case of protective measures is appropriate

The current Corona-Figures show There are still no reason to panic , but also rules no grounds for negligence , or a complete reversal of the Corona, as it was the last for many in Thuringia, the appearance.

those Who want to continue to provide information on the daily Corona-developments in Germany, Europe and around the world, finds the corresponding News Ticker on our news Portal. A quick and thorough Overview of the current Numbers of the daily situation report on the Website of the Robert-Koch Institute also.

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