Milestones for the world: Hoeness says of German-Corona-Plan

AZ-Interview with Uli Hoeness: The 68-Year-old retired in November after more than 40 years in a responsible Position as President of Bayern and is now honorary

Milestones for the world: Hoeness says of German-Corona-Plan

AZ-Interview with Uli Hoeness: The 68-Year-old retired in November after more than 40 years in a responsible Position as President of Bayern and is now honorary President. Only with the Sky: The semi-finals of the DFB Cup stream LIVE (display)

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Saarbrücken | Leverkusen see

AZ: Mr Hoeness, after the Re-Start of the Bundesliga will be played in the master tournament in Munich, now back to Basketball. For the football Champions League, there are similar plans with a tournament in one place. The leaders of Uefa are looking just interested in Germany, or?

Uli Hoeneß: I believe that the German sports worked just as the German policy in this crisis has been exemplary, and milestones for all the other countries in the world have set. In this respect, can now look like to all to Germany. And we can all be proud that we have such a good health system, and the clubs and, for example, the DFL are so creative.

What are the chances you would calculate with the FC Bayern in a spirit of tournament of the Champions League?

This is regardless of whether the spirit of the tournament or not: If the team plays like in Leverkusen, you can play this year at any title.

Uli Hoeness to Bayern: "The Triple, you can't plan,"

Sounds like a Triple-a Plan.

This is a word I never want to see in the mouth. You can't plan when it is developed. You have to think from game to game, and then things will evolve well.

As period of time for the Champions League tournament, August will be called. Could be the early Re-Start of the Bundesliga against Bayern?

no. For this team there is at the Moment no obstacles. Again: If it plays like it is now, is you can play for the title.

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to do that in the DFB Cup, would have to prevail Bayern on Wednesday in the semi-final against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Because we need to win, then we come to the final.

You get the impression that you have very much confidence in the work of coach Hansi Flick. Right?

Hansi Flick is doing a super Job. But the whole team plays like a cast. You need in the Moment, not to Worry.

Hoeness is "a whole Team very, very happy"

Not even the Corona-break was able to bring the Bayern rhythm. What is the secret of success?

It was worked in to the break well. And the Cohesion of the team with the Trainer seems to work perfectly. From this, the team draws its strength.

How do you like the work of Herbert Hainer and Oliver Kahn so far, the person in charge of the FC Bayern in their footsteps?

The whole Team, the management Board Karl-Heinz, Hasan (Rummenigge and Salihamidzic; d. Red.), Oliver, Herbert and all the others work fine, what I can see. Because you can be very, very happy. dpa/Matthias Balk/dpabild Uli Hoeneß, honorary President of Bayern Munich, in the gallery

Hainer basketball player in the Audi Dome, you will now be on Monday in the second game, was cheering at the kick-off of the Bayern. How was your first spirits-Basketball-visit? For this you had to – like all of us – Yes, among other things, also due to the disinfection shower on the entrance.

You must perform this level consistently, hence nothing happens. Otherwise, the thing is about to end, before it went off. The tournament is organized by our Basketball Department and the BBL is excellent. And the only way to get to the football in a more professional sports through the summer.

what is your impression, then, was in the hall?

I looked at the weekend on TV. Because it looks very good, because in Basketball, the rooms are of course close. It looks on television, relatively real. That's why it's in the next few weeks, a great Chance to make for Basketball is good publicity.

Hoeness for the BBL: "Alba Berlin is the big favorite,"

your support has really been good for the Team, apparently. After the defeat against Ulm (85:95) saw a comfortable victory against Crailsheim (110:79).

I not to write to me. The team has realized that they can't play with this as on Saturday next. That was pretty action. I am therefore very glad that the team ripped and a good game has delivered. Hoeness reveals his title favourites FC Bayern, it is not FOCUS Online Hoeness reveals his title favourites FC Bayern, it is not

Has reported Bayern in the fight for the championship back?

you have to wait, because you couldn't play before the tournament but for a long time. I think that Alba Berlin is the big favorite. You have, in fact, your Team completely. We have, however, with Greg Monroe and Nihad Djedovic two very important players. How much us the hits, you have to see. But with fighting spirit and commitment can compensate for the may.

How important would be for the championship? Or is the this year, under these exceptional circumstances, exceptionally, perhaps not quite so important?

For me, a championship is always a championship, no matter under what conditions. We have actually played up to the demolition of scores in the BBL and were at a great distance in front. In this respect, it would be a great shame if we are not able to translate this great performance up to March in a championship. But as I said, very hard.

Hoeneß: "If I am asked to help, I'll help"

do you Fear that the Corona-crisis, will meet FC Bayern Basketball more than the Bayern players?

I'm not a fan of predictions, because tomorrow everything can be different. You have to wait and thinking from week to week, from month to month. And when this tournament is over, be put together to forge plans for the new season.

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How can you be in support of the Bayern basketball in the process?

If I am asked to help, as is sometimes the case, I will help for sure, Basketball here still hold up. I'm having a conversation with Herbert Hainer and Marko Pesic. I'm not going to force myself there but. If you feel that you need me, I'm ready. But we have good people who are doing well.

Would you help the FCBB also in the search for a new main sponsor, if that should be necessary?

I think Herbert Hainer is there a professional who will fix that together with Marko Pesic already.

the international interest in The BBL tournament is very large. It may be a good example for other countries, maybe even for the NBA?

The NBA will have to now not necessarily look to Germany, except, perhaps, of the organization. I've heard that you will make in Disney Land. There are also many professionals that can do that, I think, too, of course. Study: Davies already more valuable than Messi and Ronaldo PCP study: Davies already more valuable than Messi and Ronaldo In the PCP In the

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