Wirecard flies out of the Dax: The are the hottest candidates for the ascension

is Just 237 million euros, Wirecard, the German stock exchange is currently worth. Compared to the other Dax shares in the insolvent payment service providers r

Wirecard flies out of the Dax: The are the hottest candidates for the ascension

is Just 237 million euros, Wirecard, the German stock exchange is currently worth. Compared to the other Dax shares in the insolvent payment service providers ranked far behind. However, according to the previous rules of the game of the index Wirecard would be taken at the regular Review of the Index compilation in September. Deutsche Börse wants to change these rules now, exceptionally. Then Wirecard might be retiring this month from the highest German share index.

a condition for membership in the Dax, the market capitalization and the turnover of a company, both of which, however, are with limitations. So the sum of all the shares in the scattering are the property of value, i.e. those that are also traded freely on the stock exchange applies to the exchange value.

Why Wirecard from the Dax flies

Therefore, the laboratory suppliers, Sartorius, for example, has no Chance of a rise in the Dax. According to the pure exchange value of the göttingen-based company ranked at number 22 in Germany, so it is one of the 30 largest corporations. However, only two percent of the shares are freely traded. This is too little. The Deutsche Börse provides for a threshold of ten percent.

With sales is not the company's revenue, but the trade turnover to the exchange. Corporations whose shares are more frequently traded, are likely to rise in the Dax. This gives the Dax-companies a General advantage, because they are more visible on the stock exchange. But it protects not descent before a Dax. Wirecard EUR 1.94 +0,00 (+0,03%) Xetra

  • 1 day
  • 6 months
course data

Wirecard is a of his insolvency, to the 89. Place in terms of stock market value has fallen. In the Dax and the MDax, the "second shares League" is only Telefonica still less value – and also the only, because here only 22 per cent of the shares in free float are owned. The stock market turnover, for Wirecard is ranked 57 in the past month. According to the rules of the German stock exchange, a company will be eliminated in the case of a review date from the Dax if it ranks in one of the two criteria is worse than space 45.

This is given at Wirecard, however, for the so-called "Fast-Exit" must move to a suitable company. For this purpose, a group must meet the MDax, the following criteria:

  • the company's headquarters in Germany
  • free-float of at least 10 percent
  • market capitalization in free float of at least 35
  • stock sales at least 45

are Crucial for the decision, the official monthly of the German stock exchange lists. The July list will be published this week. According to the previous data, the following companies would be candidates for the ascension.

Symrise, Symrise 108,25 EUR +2,20 (+2,07%) Xetra
  • 1 day
  • 6 months
To the rate of data

The group in the lower Saxony, Holzminden, fragrance and flavor substances for food and cosmetic industry. He was born in Minden in 2003 from the merger of two 100-year-old company-in-the-wood.

Symrise has been listed since 2006 on the stock market and is listed since 2007 in the MDax. Currently it has a market value of 15 billion euros, of which 8.4 billion euros of which are publicly owned. That's enough for 28th place in Germany. The stock market turnover was in the last 30 days in the case of 491 million euros, which means space 37.

Symrise has so far made good by the Corona-crisis. Since the beginning of the year, the share price rose by almost 15 percent.

Delivery Hero Delivery Hero SE 101,60 EUR +3,84 (+3,93%) Xetra
  • 1 day
  • 6 months
course data

in addition to Symrise, the food delivery service Delivery Hero is a hot candidate for the Dax. Especially the Corona-crisis has given the organization a powerful boost. After the second quarter, Delivery Hero raised its full-year forecast yet again: Now the Dax-the candidate expects this year with a turnover of between 2.6 and 2.8 billion euros. Analysts had values on the order of 2.7 billion euros on the slip of paper, Delivery Hero himself was 2.4 to 2.6 billion in views.

About 50 percent of the shares are in Free Float. With a market capitalisation of 18.4 billion euros to 9.3 billion euros. Thus, Delivery Hero comes in 25th place. The stock exchange turnover, the company ranked 29, if you look at the sales of the last month. They amounted to 795 million Euro.

Zalando Zalando 64,04 EUR +2,80 (+4,57%) Xetra
  • 1 day
  • 6 months
To order the course data

Who's online clothing, the Zalando is of course a term. The Berlin-based Start-Up has increased since 2008, a rocket-like ascension hung. As the Tech company of 2014, went to the stock exchange, the issued shares of just 605 million euros, today it is 15.9 billion. Of these, only 39 percent are in free float, but that's enough for 33rd place in the Dax and the MDax. In addition, Zalando is a popular share: 571 million Euro stock market turnover in the past month, the share even ranks one place ahead of Symrise.

Zalando would be the first German Internet company that creates it in the Dax. In the coming years, more could follow. In the MDax about delivery hero, Hello fresh and TeamViewer already pawing at the bit.

Siemens Healthineers Siemens Healthineers 40,02 EUR -3,94 (-8,95%) Xetra To the rate of data

so Far, only 15 percent of the shares of Siemens Healthineers are in free float. There were more, we would lead a discussion about who's rising in the Dax, the medical technology subsidiary of Siemens now has a market value of 44 billion Euro and is the tenth-most valuable company in Germany.

However, the shares in free float, only to place 31. Only in the autumn of Siemens intends to reduce its shareholding in the subsidiary. Then Healthineers for the coming year would be a safe ascent candidate. The stock market turnover, the group falters a bit: 435 million euros only to space 40.

Brenntag Brenntag 53,00 EUR +0,88 (+1,69%) Xetra To the rate of data

The last group that meets in theory all the criteria for Dax, comes from food. Brenntag is the global market leader in the trade with chemicals and too busy for this global 16,600 employees. The company has been operating since 1874, and went to several Acquisitions by investors in 2010, the Frankfurt stock exchange. A few months later, the share price rose in the MDax, where you listed until today.

Brenntag today has a market value of 8 billion euros, of which 64 per cent (5.1 billion euros) in the free float. That's enough in Germany to square 34. The sales of the Essen-based company is also just below the threshold: With 358 million Euro, Brenntag achieved in the last month, place 42.

Airbus, Qiagen, Sartorius: These companies have no Chance

If we are only on exchange value in the free float and stock market turnover, were actually Airbus and Qiagen, the first candidate for the Dax. Airbus, for example, is the eighth-largest company on the German stock exchange and assigned sales just space 45. Qiagen is at place 31 in terms of market capitalisation and ranked 32 in the stock exchange turnover.

But the aircraft manufacturer is listed in the MDax, is headquartered but in Toulouse, France. Qiagen, a supplier of laboratory materials, has in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Hilden, Germany its Germany Headquarters, but the entire group is controlled by the Dutch Venlo.

Likewise, without any Chance of Dax-rise of the Sartorius and Knorr-Bremse: the Case of the former, mentioned as above only two per cent of the shares in free float. The Munich-based machine manufacturer would be to place 29 of the most valuable German companies, however, because only 24 percent of the shares are in free float, falls back to the company to place 40. For the same reason delivery hero is still lagging behind. Only eleven percent of the free float mean square 53.

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