These Exercises are better than Situps

According to a report in the American magazine, Business Insider, scientists have found in various studies that Sit-ups don't help the belly fat or reduce your

These Exercises are better than Situps

According to a report in the American magazine, Business Insider, scientists have found in various studies that Sit-ups don't help the belly fat or reduce your waist circumference. Therefore, Sit-ups are not the optimal way to get the deep muscles to strengthen and hold this long term, flexible.

The best Sit-up Alternatives

And not only the lack of effectiveness are a Problem in this classic abdominal exercise: the bent posture Sit could exercise ups the pressure on the spine and for back pain and neck problems be responsible. It becomes especially dangerous if the Exercises are not running clean.

Even the US Army, which put in your Training is always to Sit-ups, wants to stress, according to the Washington Times this part of your Fitness program. Instead, you focus on lifting in the future on more effective Exercises such as the cross (Dead Lift), litter training, and train Movements. In order for the abdominal muscle Training varied runs rich and without pain, we have compiled for you Alternatives to the traditional Sit-ups and Crunches. For effective abdominal muscles the correct Training is extremely important, do not forget that diet also plays a big role: rich in Protein you should be for muscle building.

The Plank

The forearm support is one of the best Exercises for strong abdominal muscles. With the Plank you strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and strong at the same time the back and arms. You will lie on your stomach and stand up from this Position, the torso, by bracing herself on her forearms. The body should form a straight line, standing on the tips of the toes and the Po must not slip up. Tighten stomach and buttocks tight. Hold this Position for as long as you can, but at least for 30 seconds. After a short Pause follows. Three to five repetitions.

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For the lower abdominal muscles, this Exercise is perfect. You lie on your back and stretch the arms and legs. Then it will be a tough one: stretch your arms and legs simultaneously as high as possible to the ceiling and touch the hands to your toes. Thereafter, the arms and legs to be lowered, but not completely saved. In this Exercise, it is particularly important that the movement is executed with the force of the abdominal muscles, not momentum. Do the Exercise 15 Times. Three Repeat Sets.

Bicycle Crunch

For the oblique abdominal muscles is the Bicycle Crunch. For this Exercise, you lie on your back and bend the torso slightly. Tighten the abdominal muscles, when you lift the head and put them together alternately by the right shoulder and the left knee and then the left shoulder and the right knee. Make sure that the legs are properly bent or stretched, and you do not put the feet. Three Sets with 15 to 20 repetitions.

Russian Twist

the Russian Twist you will strengthen your side abdominal muscles. You sit on the floor and lift the legs at a 90 degree angle in the air. You tilt your torso a little to the rear, so you tense your belly automatically. You then bring your arms from left to right. Your torso must remain straight. You can also hold a weight or Kettlebell in the hands, in order to increase the intensity of the workout. Three Sets with 15 repetitions.

Leg Lifts

this Exercise trains the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle and the hip flexors required. You lay on your back and keep the legs stretched out about 15 inches above the floor. Make sure that your lower back is resting fully on the floor. Lift the legs as high, until they form a 45 degree angle with the ground. To intensify the Exercise, you can lower the legs slowly. Three Sets with ten to 15 repetitions.

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