VW Golf 8 GTI: All the images and data

How often have we heard in the presentation of new cars: The New better than the Previous Also at the VW Golf GTI 8, the Wolfsburg-based marketing machine is ad

VW Golf 8 GTI: All the images and data

How often have we heard in the presentation of new cars: The New better than the Previous Also at the VW Golf GTI 8, the Wolfsburg-based marketing machine is advertising spit it out for sure sooner or later this basic wisdom. But honour to whom honour is due: The eighth GTI is actually faster and more agile than the seventh. The 3.3-kilometre-long reference round shows on the VW's own test track in Ehra, on the GTI vw8 has the GTI 7 Performance of 3.9 seconds and removed. On this track, this is a very nice pound.

Golf GTI comes with 245 HP

The A's and O's for such a performance of the drive: The Standard GTI gets the EA 288 engine with 180 kW / 245 HP, which was previously reserved for the Performance variant. This upgrade is also necessary when even the Hyundai i30 N Performance 202 kW / 275 HP club on the road. Speaking of Performance: In the case of this GTI model set, the wolf Burger, and that is likely to the to the 221 kW / 300 HP car, the Golf R with all-wheel drive with 245 kW / 333 HP level off. But this is still music of the future. press-inform / VW, The chassis has been completely revised

The suspension, the wolf Burger Packed a lot in: The McPherson front suspension has stiffer control-arm mounts, and the dampers and springs have been retuned. From the Clubsport S version of the Golf 7 GTI have caught the engineers of the Aluminium sub-frame, the three kilograms weighs less than before and a more rigid connection. The electronically controlled front-axle cross lock (VAQ) and the well-known XDS Plus with brake intervention for dynamics.

"Accurate, but not nervous,"

the MacPherson strut multi-link rear suspension, among other things, the control arm bearings, and the springs and additional aligned springs, and new wheel carriers and damper bearings installed. This includes higher spring rates at both axles. "The car is supposed to be accurate, but not nervous," explained Riders Karsten Schebsdat. press-inform / VW, The steering Wheel is flattened at the bottom

To select a conventional steel suspension and one with adaptive dampers are available. The progressive steering to allow the driver to chase the new GTI as soon as possible to the curve. Thus, all of these components together perfectly, technicians have adapted to play also the driving dynamics of Manager on the sporting requirements of the Golf GTI of the eighth Generation. "We set up the Software application on the head," explains Karsten Schebsdat, the profound adjustments. Polestar 1 in the Test to be As economical Volvo's Hybrid force grumpy with 600 HP really PCP Polestar 1 in the Test to be As economical Volvo's Hybrid force grumpy with 600 HP really

For example, the individual wheel damping is adjusted to 200 Times per second. Like Golf, a 8 and Passat you can tighten the drive program according to your own taste (About sports), or in the case of extremely bad roads to make them more comfortable (Under Comfort). A specially designed roll stabilization, there is no way that is controlled by the adaptive dampers. Thus, all this arrives on the Asphalt, the Golf 8 GTI also wider Tires (235/35 R19), and for the first time, even racing tires (19-inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2).

Evil eye and LED spotlight

switched to either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed DSG. The interior with the virtual 10.25 inches Cockpit and the ten-inch Touchscreen is essentially the same as the Golf 8, but is trimmed on the GTI. In the Show, the Seats and the applications, however, are very often red. The Design does the interior. The new GTI stands there wide-legged and stocky, and the proportions between the body and the structure are significantly coherent. The Front with the evil eye, LED fog lights, each with five points, and the big grille gives the GTI a noticeably stronger presence than in the past. However, the Form also serves an aerodynamic purpose: The air resistance is lower, as is the buoyancy at the rear and the drive balance is more balanced, which has a positive effect on the driving dynamics and fuel consumption. Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design With the VW ID R could get Volkswagen GTI-Feel the electric Segment

The E-Alternative: Version of the R-ID3

How quickly the Golf 8 GTI the Standard driving completed exercises, not want to comment on the VW yet. However, the new people's sportsman is likely to make everything a little bit better than the Golf 7 GTI Performance, at the price of the new GTI is also based. In late summer, the first copies should be available then to the dealer - assuming VW its current Software gets problems in the handle; it is known that the production of the Golf has become bogged down just because of the automatic emergency call system works properly.

in addition to the classic GTI but there is also a other Power branch, the VW wants to expand the electric mobility. While Porsche with Taycan and co. car the super sport and Audi covers the SUV, and fast coupes with E-drive, will VW continue to play the role of the people's athlete. The ID3 R is likely to have to wait, because first, the market must start the introduction of the normal ID3 and the wolf Burger still have Software problems.

performance plus and firmer suspension

An R Version of the stromer would be, after all, not rocket science and would go especially with a power increase from 204 to 300 horsepower, a tighter suspension and possibly all-wheel-drive hand-in-hand; then the car had two electric motors instead of one on Board.

Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 23:28

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