Tax classes-madness: In the case of splitting 700 euros less sick money

The sick pay the difference between the wage tax classes V and III, with up to 700 euros is particularly large, such as from a Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Fou

Tax classes-madness: In the case of splitting 700 euros less sick money

The sick pay the difference between the wage tax classes V and III, with up to 700 euros is particularly large, such as from a Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Foundation published study shows.

The splitting is applied, if a Couple opts for joint taxation. The couple loses then, according to the study, although a total of no claims. However, the effects are distributed between the two tax-classes is very unequal. Spouse-Splitting short

couples who are married or partnered, can be "aggregated," explains. The predisposition to be couples for tax purposes, a Person treated and the saves in most of the cases money, because the income tax is calculated differently now. This calculation method is called spouse Splitting.

is expected in the spouse-Splitting:

1. It is the year that counts the income of both partners in half the amount and a calculated half the income tax.

2. The calculated income tax will be doubled and the result is the income tax paid by the couple.

Already at 2500 Euro gross shrinks, the sick, money to several Hundred dollars

The largest is the difference in the sickness benefit in the case of a gross monthly income of 5000 Euro:

  • A person employed in wage tax class III is then, despite having the same social security contributions net of sick pay from 2682 euros in tax class V are 697 euros less.
  • Similar in size, the percentage difference in the sickness is consistently a monthly gross income of 2500 euros: Here the difference is already 414 euros a month.
  • At least the difference of six percent in low income of around 830 euros gross per month and a high of just under 6700 euros.

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Also in the case of unemployment benefit and the parents money huge differences

with the unemployment compensation , the monthly payments are significantly different. Specifically, it can be a maximum of 635 Euro:

  • Much less Employees with tax class V will receive a monthly gross income of approximately 6700 Euro, compared to tax class III, Which corresponds to a difference of 26 percent.
  • 27% of the distance with a gross income of between 2500 and 5000 euros.
  • Even in the case of low gross income, the claims, with different tax classes are still at least twelve percent.

The parents money is the maximum difference in gross income is the result of just under 4200 Euro per month. One of the parents is in class III is then in 1789 euros per month, while there are in tax class V only 1292 euros 497 euros less. This corresponds to a difference of 28 percent. 29 percent of the gap in a month is gross of 2500 Euro.

"advantages disadvantages to the detriment of women

bought", According to the study authors from the Institute for the equality-oriented processes and strategies in Berlin and the German University for administrative Sciences in Speyer, these tax regimes constitute gender discrimination. To relate to 90% the disadvantages women. The advantages of the combination of tax classes III and V for the monthly household income would be bought "by cons, at the expense of women," emphasize the experts. Order your Ticket now! Germany's largest financial week

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The scientists propose a Reform in the calculation of the monthly net income and the abolition of tax class V's. They point out that the wage tax class IV for both partners, or the so-called factor method is already an Alternative that minimizes the unbalance. The financial advantage of income splitting would be for the Couple, he would be divided approximately equal.

tax class IV also avoids other disadvantages of

For wage replacement benefits, the study suggests, in General, the calculation on the basis of the tax class IV, in order to eliminate not only the disadvantages of the tax class V, but also the discrimination of lone parents and other parents are not married.

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Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 03:27

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