New viaduct in Genoa, hope for 5 stars - The Point

" Beautiful or ugly ? I don't care, as long as he can stand, that is all that was asked of him ", plague a waterfront, the hands on the kidneys and the nape

New viaduct in Genoa, hope for 5 stars - The Point

" Beautiful or ugly ? I don't care, as long as he can stand, that is all that was asked of him ", plague a waterfront, the hands on the kidneys and the nape of the neck unscrewed to observe the imposing pillars of the bridge of San Giorgio across the Val Polcevera, in the west of Genoa. Nearly two years after the collapse tragic bridge Morandi (43 dead), now was the time for final touch-ups prior to a inauguration with great pomp on the 3rd of August, in the presence of the head of State Sergio Mattarella and the chairman of the Board Giuseppe Conte.

high on the photo to pose a few figures of the Movement 5 stars (M5S). All ready to remind that, if the party was made known in the past for his opposition to large infrastructure projects (the high-speed line Lyon-Turin, the pipeline TAP etc), it is also thanks to their intervention, to the orders of the executive with the League of Matteo Salvini at the time of the disaster, that the book was able to break ground in record time.

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On the other hand, the patterns of Aspi, the company road manager for the new bridge, did not receive an invitation, at the request of the families of the victims. Implicated in the collapse of Morandi, the company, partly controlled by the family Benetton, is no longer in the odor of sanctity in the peninsula. A recent agreement, which was secured to the forceps by the coalition government between the Movement 5 stars and the democratic Party, will gradually push the famous dynasty industrial vénète towards the exit, only to be replaced within Aspi by the Caisse des dépôts Italian and accredited investors, future directors of the San Giorgio and of almost 3 000 kilometres of road infrastructure across the country.

Between victory and bitterness for the M5S

For the Movement 5 star was because of the "expulsion" of Benetton his horse of battle, the government's decision sounds like a victory, welcomes Fabio Tosi, leader of the pentastellati the regional council of Liguria. "Because here in Italy, in the face of this kind of tragedies, ( ... ), it still lacked the certainty that the process would go on until the end," he continued. But in Genoa, in the city of Beppe Grillo, comedian and founder of the M5S, some of the "lasts" of the movement do not hide a slight bitterness : "They had promised the revocation is immediate and total from the dealership and today what is there ? An agreement with the shadow areas, and no certainty that Benetton does not paid nothing at the exit, " explains one voter.

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it doesn't matter. Two months to the regional elections where the incumbent of the centre-right is given archi-favorite, the announcement is timely for the M5S. The opportunity to send a "signal coherence" to the voters, telling them " we made it ", confirms Fabio Tosi. Not sure that this is enough. It is far the time of the breakthrough national of 2013, carried out drum beating in Genova by Beppe Grillo himself. Or the triumph of 2018, when the formation "antisystème" imposed itself as the first party in Italy. The light of the 5-star has become blighted. The apathy of the movement and its erasure in the face of Salvini have cost some 6 million votes in the european in may 2019. Then will come the covenant with the sworn enemy, the democratic Party, in the summer of 2019 : "Many of our activists have not accepted this alliance, and we have lost voters," acknowledged the leader of the M5S genoa.

Departures cascade

The bleeding does not see that in the polls. Over the months, many elected officials have left the ship : thirty deputies and senators in two years. Ditto on the side of local elected officials. In Liguria, the leader of the local M5S, Alice Salvatore, slammed the door in may, not digesting, not the choice of the movement to make joint application with the PD for the regional in September. How to recognize themselves in a party that supports the Gronda, this mammoth infrastructure project meant to streamline the traffic of cars and goods in the city of Genoa to the brink of breaking ? "In the region, the M5S is born in opposition to this project," she says. On the side of the Movement 5 star ligurian, it says, promising a "light" version of the Gronda, which is necessary to reduce congestion in the city.

The regional council, Alice Salvatore, has just launched his own movement, the " common Sense ". A sort of return to the sources of the M5S : the battles, the environmental, the fight against the bétonisation of the territory, access to public transportation, etc., But with more internal democracy, promises the chosen one, tired she said of the ultra-verticalism of his former party.

A schism pentastellato which it will take some getting used to, believes Paolo Becchi, " the ex-ideologue of the M5S ", as the Italian media to describe it. For this professor of philosophy of law at the university of Genoa, " the idea to bring everyone together in the same party no longer works ". The movement is " frozen ", that is paralyzed by internal power struggles, " he says. The only way to go, " the separation, by creating on one side a party of government, with those wishing to maintain the alliance with the PD, as Beppe Grillo. And the other opposition party of struggle ". It has to do is look at Genoa, writes Paolo Becchi : "There, the split took place. The city could be a laboratory for understanding the future of the movement. "

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Collapse of the bridge of Genoa : 37 years of neglect

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