What Istanbul can offer the former football's top clubs, is only a Declaration of bankruptcy

they drove in fact, with the double-Decker Bus. And indeed, there were a few spectators with fireworks in the Hand, the trellis stood up and mitfeierten. And ac

What Istanbul can offer the former football's top clubs, is only a Declaration of bankruptcy

they drove in fact, with the double-Decker Bus. And indeed, there were a few spectators with fireworks in the Hand, the trellis stood up and mitfeierten. And actually, it was a small Show in the stadium. Although, small?

well-Known Pop music singing musicians from the country their most beautiful songs. A spectacular light and laser show caused a stir, players were individually selected Songs on the mighty pedestal in the center circle. Ex-Bundesliga-Profi Eljero Elia, a delivery of his own song. His children were responsible for the dance routines. Happiness everywhere, because there was something to celebrate.

Basaksehir is not a One-Night-Stand of Turkish football

"The new champion of the Süper stand Lig" on a huge Banner. That was the reason the Party at the Fatih Terim stadium. And that is the message. "Look, here's a new Player!"

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This Player Basaksehir FK's. The club from the outer West of Istanbul, the sixth master in the history of the super League is Lig. That we celebrate since, is clear. The Stars, the singing of the parties of Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, were Basaksehir Council of Europe. They wore the Jersey of the new star in the Turkish football heaven, expressed their great sympathy for the club and wished him many more Championships. imago images/Depo Photos Basaksehir brings for the first time the championship in Turkey

In most of the sympathy for other clubs is actually quite well known, but it is in Turkey just like in many Turkish films: A short, overweight Boy moves to a new town, has many toys, because daddy is filthy rich, and the little Boy around gagging all around. The other guys who used to Say, just look and then close to soon.

The corpulent Boy is Basaksehir, the other ones are Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, the eighth decades of the title amongst themselves. And if it wasn't for the title, then it was just silver and Bronze. In the meantime bugged times by Trabzonspor as the club earned from the Black sea, many of the titles. Ten years ago, Bursaspor presumed to be the master. In the meantime, the club is League a bleak second.

Besiktas celebrates its place as a championship

Who has the hope that also Basaksehir will only be a One-Night-Stand of Turkish football, will probably be disappointed. The to Basaksehir is because the club is financially and structurally well-positioned.

on The other, but that is the current size of your country. Besiktas has become in the last round just in time to a third party, the players celebrated as if they were to become champion. Only Trainer Sergen Yalcin, the title as Besiktas is usual to legend, was suspicious of the Celebration. For Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, there was not even a token Celebration. AFP/SID/MIGUEL RIOPA Besiktas creates space three

The two clubs were in Turkey, the most common of the master and most of the supporters claim, are Sixth and Seventh become. Both are not among the first Five in the League, there was in the history of ever. Now you can say Yes, that it was a Fluke and next year, everything is business as usual could take. You could, but as of today, it would not be a big Surprise if the downward trend continues.

Galatasaray-Sponsor doesn't even cover the salary of Falcao

The Turkish clubs are extremely over-indebted, cash and cash equivalents are hardly ever available, and the biggest problems have the biggest clubs. After the missed championship and missed the Champions League, Galatasaray is trying to dilute the expensive squad.

Falcao to earn all of the bonus payments up to 7.5 million euros in the year, but in the past season, 23 games due to injuries missed, you could go for a buyer. That actually applies to almost every player who could bring a bit of detachment. On Monday, Galatasaray announced a new shirt sponsor. An internationally recognized car rental companies. However, the Jahresgage, the Galatasaray, the delivery in the pre-season with a pizza supplier on the chest around, doesn't even cover the annual salary of Falcao. imago images/Seskim Photo Star of the team, Radamel Falcao

The club is working on a break, but it won't result in younger players, but Older. Arda Turan (33) stands in front of a return to Galatasaray. Just like Semih Kaya and Emre Colak (both 29). Caner Erkin (31) should be required of League-rival Besiktas. As a goalkeeper Backup for the injured Fernando Muslera, the 38-year-old Beto, who was held at the Göztepe and actually a weak season has come.

Fatih Terim, coach and thinker Galatasaray, had a premonition a few days ago, a evil, that the thought to arrive Transfers particularly well. "I ask our Fans a question that you say when you see our Transfers: 'you will have already something in mind.'"

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But the only logical explanation of all these Transfer is that all of the players transfer fee are free, and because of their past Galatasaray in the Süper Lig is not large and must be integrated. First, if in fact, larger sales, it should be possible, could Galatasaray to try and deal with some younger players with more affordable replacement.

Fenerbahce in significant financial turmoil

In the case of Fenerbahce, one looks at the Situation in Galatasaray and says to oneself: Yes, we know well. The club is condemned as arch-rival Galatasaray to win the title, fought last year a long time against relegation, was at the end of the Sixth. This year, there was no relegation battle, but for this place, seven.

In the case of Fenerbahce is the financial Situation even more precarious. Without the financial injections from President Ali Koc, one of the richest men in the country, the club probably already bankrupt. And yet Koc is allowed to help due to Financial fair play only conditionally, and so the Situation is difficult. AFP/SID/ERDEM SAHIN Fenerbahce is in need of money

Emre Belözoglu, the age of 39, the best player of the past Fener-season, finished his career and becomes sporting Director. It is a mammoth task awaits. That money is tight, prove projects the Transfer. Fenerbahce released in the lower leagues for talent, which might actually help in the medium term. Otherwise, there is a big battle with Galatasaray to release free players from the domestic. With the 35-year-old Gökhan Gönül is an old hand returns. The defender of rights could come to an agreement with Besiktas, which also has no money, on a new contract. So now Fenerbahce.

Basaksehirs Team is also older, but is in the basic structure of

is That teams that attack back to the top, when all of these problems and the shortage of time until the new season, it is difficult to judge. Basaksehir has an older Team, but in the skeleton it is.

"We want to hold the team and perhaps on one, two positions improve,“ says coach Okan Buruk. With Irfan Can Kahveci on the way to Sevilla FC, is likely to leave in fact also only a regular player for the club.

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As a once-Bursaspor Champions, way bought the Istanbul club Bursa the best players simple. Today, you do not have the means to do it, therefore, Kahveci, for example, is one of the best players in the League, never a serious issue in one of the big clubs. The interest of Fenerbahce lost in wishful thinking.

If there is no big Surprise, it behaves so, too, with the title battle of the big Istanbul clubs in the new season.

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