So the power comes into the E-car | car

The charging infrastructure for E-cars will continue to grow. But still E-tank not long ago always easy to find. And often, customers pay too much for your elec

So the power comes into the E-car | car

The charging infrastructure for E-cars will continue to grow. But still E-tank not long ago always easy to find. And often, customers pay too much for your electricity.

Berlin (dpa/tmn) - Who needs to refuel than gasoline or diesel driver, it's easy: Large light panels to show from far away the next gas station. Power stations, however, are often hidden in residential areas, in Parking lots of supermarkets or at local city works. The poor charging infrastructure is one reason why so many are afraid of the change to the E-car.

Good network coverage with charging stations has not yet reached

Currently there are the Federal Association for emobility (BEM), according to around 27 000 publicly accessible charging points. "Overall, the charging infrastructure is developed in Germany, is gratifying," says Markus Emmert from the BEM. "To be able to, however, by a good network speak, we would not need for the current vehicle fleet of approximately 270 000 E-cars, about 42 000 public charging points."

Overall current tank would have to ask a lot of "visible", says Volker Blandow from Tüv Süd, the acceptance of E-cars increases more. "The customer does not have to get the security just said, he must be able to learn in practice"", by, he gets power when he needs it."

the public charging network is currently being Extended also along the highways. "There is working on a fast-charging network, about all of the 400 German motorway service stations with a redundant fast-charging technology, and in part with High Power Char with 150 and 350 kW are to be equipped", says Blandow. To compare: Normal charging stations have a power output of 22 kW.

Where can I find the next charging station?

To find charging points are primarily about Apps, or the GPS of the cars. In addition, there are day-to-date Overviews of how the load column register of the German Federal network Agency, where on certain filters, the appropriate charging pillar can be found type.

In some of the in-vehicle navigation systems to the next load point can be associated with the rest of the range. The System calculates exactly how much the residual current of the target is achieved.

jumble when you Pay

criticism there are, as before, to the billing and payment systems for public charging stations. "Basically, the billing according to delivered kilowatt-hours should be, also the price should be transparently obvious," says Emmert. However, this is not always the case.

in Addition, the BEM wants a access and settlement to all public charging points may also be used for ad-Hoc Load with the possibility of using the common Payment and credit cards to settle.

Volker Blandow does not complain, moreover, that the complete barrier - free access - each vehicle on each charging station, with each power provider is still not widely possible. This is a task to stay on a European level. At the end of the charging process, including the settlement should be more comfortable than the ride to the gas station, "Then the customer will have the trust necessary to cooperate fully with the electric vehicle to move."

service providers have universal access

pay Helpful can service providers such as Plugsurfing, NewMotion, or a way to Get Batch, the allow your access key Germany - and Europe-wide access to charging infrastructure. With a Chip you hold on to the pillar, customers can pin then power immediately and no need to conclude contracts with the operators. At the end of the month there is an invoice.

In most cases, such additional service provider raises the price of the price but unnecessarily criticized the BEM. Because the Service Provider charge a Fee for settlement to the power station. It is more advantageous for customers to register directly with the operators of the charging stations. In principle, the cost for a kilowatt-hour of car varying between 29 and 89 cents. More and more supermarkets, furniture stores and tourist offices offer car power at a price.

Where to shop the most?

Public charging points are, the a lot more important, however, that Charging at home or in the workplace is suitable for most E-car drivers. The BEM indicate that over 80 percent of all charging takes place here operations. "The E-car will change our usual handling of the petrol station clearly. Vehicles are known to stand witness to what electric mobility is taking advantage of. Every Parking operation can then be used to Load," says Emmert.

load column register of the German Federal network Agency.

Updated Date: 23 June 2020, 05:35

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