Fürstenfeldbruck/Due to Corona: So many Abi-celebrate Fürstenfeldbruck like never |

The high school is a milestone in the lives of young people. The awarding of the certificates and the end of the school year will be a big celebration. Heuer is

Fürstenfeldbruck/Due to Corona: So many Abi-celebrate Fürstenfeldbruck like never |

The high school is a milestone in the lives of young people. The awarding of the certificates and the end of the school year will be a big celebration. Heuer is due to the Corona pandemic, but everything is different. The schools want to provide their students a dignified farewell. For weeks, putting the finishing touches on the concepts.

Fürstenfeldbruck –The Carl-Spitzweg-Gymnasium (CSG) in Germering the graduation to celebrate with the Surrender of the certificates want to perform in one day. The process, however, is a little different than usual.

group ways to celebrate

headmistress Rita Bovenz explains that the celebrations in each group go into the auditorium and a further large room on the stage. You eruiere how many groups you had to make, the hygiene rules to be complied with. The 130 graduating students may invite only the closest Relatives.

On the day of the testimony-giving ceremony it will be, as usual, the school administration, parents and high school graduates to give Speeches. Also on a musical accompaniment, the students will not miss – however, the celebrations are on for the whole day drag on.

Seven layers

The Max-Born-Gymnasium (MBG) has opted for a similar process. The celebrations are carried out in seven layers in the large and small gyms. Headmaster Robert Christoph will keep up to four of the speech, and his Deputy, Bernhard Sauermann at three. At MBG, approximately 140 students have made their Abitur.

Two versions

At the Rhabanus-Maurus Gymnasium in St. Ottilien have made the students ' minds, as they, in spite of a pandemic can celebrate. They were supported by the parents ' Council and a students father who is a lawyer. Out of the two options are come – one for bad and one for good weather.

both will be held in the afternoon a Church service in the monastery Church, explains Director Michael Häußinger. Due to hygiene regulations but only the high-school students can be present. The weather should be bad, to be presented to the testimonies in the Church. Parents, friends, and Acquaintances can also be via Live-Stream. "The necessary infrastructure is anyway in the monastery Church", so Häußiger. In good weather a Barbecue is held following the worship celebration on the Abbey grounds. "Then the students in Free get their certificates and the parents can be," explains Häußinger.

A Marathon

The size Zeller Director Boris Hackl must be set to a true send-off-Marathon. The 124 high school graduates will be celebrated in six events. "It's an expense, but it was important for us that this Year in a worthy walk. That's what he deserves,“ explains the head teacher. For him, that means six Times the same, albeit much shorter speech. About a half hour per Celebration. Reception and worship, there is not.

ideas and concept

Also in Olching, you worked out a concept to celebrate the Celebration in sections. "The students will be happy that anything at all takes place," says the Deputy head of the school, Sabine Ratberger. In Spite Of Corona Pandemic. It is currently planned that celebrates the course four Times. With two family members so always 75 people were in the gym of the high school. Therefore, there was already the idea, the outside is a canvas, so that all Love can have a part in the Celebration, albeit with a bit of distance. "The students want, however, is that the parents are right," explains Ratberger.

Live broadcast

For this Problem, it has been found in Puchheim is a solution. Director George Baptist plays in the cards that there is a heuer "only" 51 high school graduates. Also helps that it has recently invested much in the technical equipment of the school. The 51 graduates may 17. July take with a lot of distance in the auditorium space. The Talk will be held and certificates presented.

parents and other family members are housed in 26 classrooms and keep track of via screen live the Ceremony. Once your child gets the certificate, you may also briefly in the school hall. For safety reasons, only two family groups are always sitting in a classroom. In addition, a Church service and possibly a champagne reception, are still being considered.

Still not ripe for

On Brucker Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium, it is still undecided, as you want to with the subject method. "We have made in the past few weeks, of course, very many thoughts on this," says the school Director, Doris Hübler. A judgment in either of them but still nothing.

school is cleared

Anders, it looks at Viscardi-Gymnasium. There, the plan is corona due to a Ceremony, Marathon, in order to prepare the more than 120 high school graduates to a worthy conclusion. In ten layers of up to 13 students to be awarded the certificates. The rest of the up to 50 permitted seats are provided for parents and the closest family circle. "At least, should be," says Viscardi-headmaster Walter Zell Meier. About a half hour of time each of the groups for the certificate of Transfer. Not a lot to find the right words and to take some souvenir photos. "I'm going to keep my speech short," promises cell-Meier. He looks with respect on the day of the ceremony. "It will be a long affair." For the students it should be the effort value. To avoid the accumulation will be cleared during the celebrations of the school house. (tog,kg,no,it,po)

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