Angry Mob? Migrants? For Stuttgart, the following applies: quick judgment, wrong judgment

Destroyed window panes, looted stores, injured police officers: Within a few hours Stuttgart sank into Chaos and violence. An angry Mob has cleaned up quiet wit

Angry Mob? Migrants? For Stuttgart, the following applies: quick judgment, wrong judgment

Destroyed window panes, looted stores, injured police officers: Within a few hours Stuttgart sank into Chaos and violence. An angry Mob has cleaned up quiet with the Image of a bourgeois, almost staid in town. What was going on, what is going on in the southwest? Or is cooked here, only high, which simmers long ago in the entire country under the surface threat?

Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, Lord mayor Fritz Kuhn (both Green), the country's interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) and Federal Minister of the interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU) have yesterday done the most Important thing for you to do: you have shown, and common. With her appearance in the Stuttgart City, opposite the deserts images of marauding anarchists another: a state that wants to leave and in the stands. The reminder, however, that this state is capable of action, was long overdue.

dpa/Marijan Murat/dpa, Horst Seehofer (CSU, r-l), Winfried Kretschmann (Green party) and Thomas Strobl (CDU) in Stuttgart.

protection pledge for police officers

19 police officers were injured during this operation. A quick return to Routine is out of the question for that reason alone. The men and women who hold out for that state – for "us" – the head, need a clear message that this state is immediately and with all his strength helps, if you need him once. Something Similar should not repeat. It has repeatedly been already too often. The rule of law was challenged, and he has, it seems, this challenge is accepted.

The promise to the police but is not to redeem so easily. It could be in the case of Stuttgart is more difficult than some of the faster comment the last few days suggests. Because it is not even clear what it was for a group which has rocked since the violence-ecstasy high. Alone, the word "party scene", the shows in the first position, the police took showed up, the helplessness to take something what time is not grasp so easily. Because no one seems to know precisely, what people have agreed since – spontaneous or – your Festival of devastation organized.

the enemy here, enemy there, course, were very young. And there were almost only men. So much seems to be clear. Whether it were people, Strangers, migrants, representatives of the anti-fascist, radical right, or a Mix of all? It is just talk quite a lot, but nobody knows it. In this Phase, the groups charge a flat rate, therefore, has only one effect: It reinforces divisions in society. Fine image here, the enemy image as a country of walls.

For many months already, it shows that the readiness to use violence against police officers and other responders, such as paramedics or firefighters increasing threat. That is a fact. The CSU members of the Bundestag, Stefan Müller is also right when he points out that uncontrolled anger is stoked to COP part of the radical-left Community strong. Also, the aggressive-garbled Text, is the recommended last dumps in the "Taz" the disposal of police officers to waste, fits into this picture.

the Spiritual mother of the riot night in Stuttgart?

the Stuttgart-based escalation to draw a direct Link plates Utterances of the SPD-Chairman (keyword: latent racism in the police) to the link table – this, however, goes too far. Saskia esque, expressed, once again, very clumsy. That alone disqualified a senior politician. You identify now, but almost as a spiritual mother of the ruckus from Saturday night, misses the reality. It would be in the result even a belittling of the Stuttgart-based violence, excesses. A wrong word of a politician as the cause? If only it were that easy! Finally, Eskens set was taken about generally benevolent, but mainly to sharp criticism. Of colleagues and representatives of the media.

From helplessness

learn, Perhaps, but just from the helplessness of politicians and representatives of security agencies look to Stuttgart, to learn something. Over the years, more presence of the police was called on the road, true to the old image of the Policeman on the corner, of discouraging, by the pure presence of potential rioters. Here has done in the last years in Germany a lot.

  • All of the information on the situation in Stuttgart in the News Ticker

just as important as the presence in the public in the virtual space is but. Here the state could be missed in Stuttgart about: there Was a Dating of the Festival of the violence? Possible. In any case it needs to see urgently more closely, be looked in the social networks. Then it might also be clearer to determine what the angry mob connects, except a penchant for violence.

stockers play

the Cologne-based new year's eve night, the turn of the Year 2015/2016 has taught that hasty conclusions may be wrong. A quick verdict on "Stuttgart" helps no one – except maybe the one that wants to cast itself as a strong Cleaner. To offer now with hemdsärmeligem gesture, the fixed, hard-core explanation, it is prohibited for another reason: It smells kilometers to panic.

racism-allegation against police "for every COP is a slap in the face" PCP racism-allegation against police "for every COP air drop is holding a slap in the face" Cold-heat-wave-short-in check - but here, 37 degrees to be cracked PCP cold air drops heat wave stops short in chess, but here are the 37 degree of be cracked

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