Lone was disappointing julehjælp: the Basket was filled with corrupt and old food

the Joy of julehjælp was quickly replaced by disappointment and indignation. The basket with the food, as the Lone Russel stood with in the hands, a little we

Lone was disappointing julehjælp: the Basket was filled with corrupt and old food

the Joy of julehjælp was quickly replaced by disappointment and indignation.

The basket with the food, as the Lone Russel stood with in the hands, a little week before christmas eve was almost inedible.

"I took a pack of bacon up and could see that fat was completely gray and the flesh is brown," she says. "It was evident that it could not be eaten."

the Expiration date was 9. december, and the chocolate from Anton Berg expiration 25. november, and had become white in the edge.

It was only four out of the total 22 goods, which had already exceeded the sell-by date. At the top of the juleparken were also two rolls of toilet paper.

"I looked at my friend and said: 'If we eat it here, so we have at least something to wipe ass with, when we get sick of the decayed food.'"

the Contents of the basket and the condition of the food was far from it, as she had hoped and asked his two daughters at 17 and 19 years in the wait for christmas eve.

"I had said that we would not be missing something, because we got the basket. The disappointment in their eyes hurt, as I said, it was not the case."

Julekurven was in the first place has been awarded the Lone Russels sambo, Sissie Krogh, who is a single mother on social assistance. She had already scored a basket from the Red Cross, but as her caseworker in Skjern asked if she would be set to a different julekurv, she thanked the yes with the thought of her friend, who had not been awarded one in the year.

For the Lone Russel is in ressourceforløb and her economy is, by his own admission hard-pressed. Julekurven would, therefore, fall on a dry place.

"I was happy. It would ensure that my daughters and I could get a roughly christmas," she says.

The two women were running on Thursday morning to pick up julekurven, but it was not a feeling of joy, as the sat back when they looked more closely at the content.

Påskeslik, coleslaw and buns in curry from the Net with reduced price tags. The imposition of kamsteg, which had expired the 6. november.

It was only a bag of prunes, a classic pork roast, some potatoes in the glass and rødkålen, which was still fresh. Most of the curve had long since expired and had therefore been frozen. Julekurven had, however, just like the baskets for several other families stood in a warm office and waited to be picked up. The goods, as the starting point could be eaten, should be consumed with the same.

"I was just about to hoot," says the Lone Russel. Her friend, Sissie Krogh was speechless that her caseworker had assigned to the type of julekurv.

Since the two girlfriends made both the examiner and the mayor aware of it, as they call for a grotesque situation.

"I would like to have been the experience in addition. I am also thinking of the other families, who may receive the same type of basket," says Lone Russel.

They had not necessarily expected that all of the food was absolutely fresh, when they receive a basket of julehjælp, but they had not, however, expected to get thawed udløbsvarer on the way.

the Basket of food had been packed and donated by the charity G Factor in Ringkøbing, as B. T., in vain, tried to contact.

At Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern tells the on-site manager Lene Laugesen that the caseworker had contacted her with an urgent question on a julekurv. They have a cooperation with municipal social workers to nominate citizens for the baskets, but the distribution in the year was basically over. Anyway would you try to find a solution.

"I said that we had nothing left, but the examiner responded that if there was just a little, it would be fine," explains Lene Laugesen.

The food, as the charity share out, is donated by the other citizens and become frozen. The meaning is not, therefore, to goods is to constitute a traditional julekurv for christmas eve. There is, instead, a julemadhjælp for the days around christmas, she explains.

Lene Laugesen will in the aftermath of the incident to talk with the examiner about how, in future, to avoid similar situations.

the Mayor of the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skern Municipality, Hans Østergaard, believes that there is talk about an annoying situation and a mistake which is happened due to various unfortunate circumstances.

"of Course, it is not optimal. It is regrettable that it has happened, and I would like to apologise for the municipality's part in it here, for it is not good enough," he says.

The persons responsible for stable julehjælpen on the legs, according to the mayor, volunteers have made every effort to help in the situation in question, where the ceremony was over for the year.

"I know that the volunteers will do everything for people in need. There is no doubt that those who have packed this basket, have been under pressure and have had the best of intentions."

His Østergaard emphasises, moreover, that it is not on a municipal system, and that has not been previously complaining about julehjælpen.

Date Of Update: 21 December 2019, 13:00