Earlier in pension: How it works, without losing a lot of money

more and more Germans retire early from their profession. But to work those who stop with a good 63 years of age, receives a much lower pension. strategy 1: re

Earlier in pension: How it works, without losing a lot of money

more and more Germans retire early from their profession. But to work those who stop with a good 63 years of age, receives a much lower pension.

strategy 1: reductions in the pension in the purchase,

The normal retirement age begins in 2020, with 65 years and nine months for the Year 1955.

This is the so-called age limit. With a little more than 63 years, they can stop working, if you have deposited at least 35 years in the pension insurance. the downside: you will not get the normal old-age pension, as you pay in a good two years less in retirement than planned, and also has a longer pension. Therefore, you need to take for every month that you go more in retirement, discounts of 0.3 percentage in purchase. A pension without deductions is only possible if you have worked for 45 years continuously, and contributions paid.

Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

PDF guide

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strategy 2: compensation payment , you can avoid the pension discount, if you pay voluntary additional money in the pension Fund. You can compensate, but only the reductions itself, but not the two years you pay in less because they work shorter.

the amount of the compensation

adoption: For a full old-age pension is calculated 40 earnings points (EP) are necessary. The Insured, however, want to go two years before retirement. He must, therefore, accept a discount of 24 x 0.3% = 7.2% . Access factor (ZF) is 100 minus 7.2 = 92,8 . The average annual fee is currently for the recalculation of the 1.7.2019 at 38.901 Euro gross (monthly 3242 Euro). The amount will be adjusted to July 2020 again – probably on 40.551 Euro.

1. Step: the determination of the lack of earnings points (EP).

2. Step: calculate the shortfall in income to the average wage or salary on the basis of ZF.

3. Step: an Individual faulty income = step 2 x missing charge points.

4. Step: payment amount = failed income changes in the contribution rate FOCUS Online

Who 24 months before Reaching the regular retirement age returns to the Job the back, gets a discount of 7.2% a penalty of - month by 0.3 percent. the This applies for life. In the example in the table above, the payment of a balances once the amount of 22.455 Euro , the monthly pension losses, at least partially.

This extra payment, you should however, think carefully, because the amount paid is calculated only after years. In the above example: In the year 2019, all charge point (EP) is in the West, 33,05 Euro value. (According to a Sample calculation of the German pension insurance, he is expected to rise in 2020 to 34,02 EUR.) 2,88 EP bring 2019 per month in the old länder 95,18 Euro more pension per year, so well-1142 Euro. After almost 20 years has recouped the extra payment. In fact, you will be faster, because the annual pension increases will shorten the period.

by the Way: If you make a compensation payment due to a planned earlier Retirement, but still up to their regular age limit, you can increase your monthly income . You earn money as a participant of Online surveys, product testing, App testing & website testing (display) Now free of charge

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strategy 3: retirement move, another possibility is: you stop at 63 years, to work, to apply for your pension, but still only Reach the standard retirement age. Then you have to Finance a good two and a half years in between, out of their own pocket. The can can especially make, their Partner is still employed, and your life co-Finance.

But often, the "Ride is not worth it". Because you would have to later refer to for a very long time annuity, so that a private "interim financing" expects. Since you pay a good two years, no pension contributions, decreases their subsequent pension also. And although life-time! Retirement at 63: How does it work? Our PDF guide shows you how you can retire early can go and still have the full amount received.To the PDF guide

strategy 4: part-time job search

If you go with 63 years in retirement will be deducted from your retirement benefits by 0.3 percent for each month of earlier Retirement. You can compensate for the reductions but with a 450-Euro-Job. Currently, retirees are allowed prior to Reaching the age limit even 6300 Euro per year credit free earn.

But beware: Of the merit of 40 percent will be credited to the pension.

strategy 5: part-time pension

apply for anyone Who has worked 35 years, two years prior to the commencement of the Pension of his working time to 50 percent. Earlier took only a little a part of pension-Insured in the claim. With the 2017 existing Flexi pension, the changed. If you are not rigid limits, but a percentage of the regular salaries shall apply to the additional earnings. Even more attractive retirement can be arrangements with the employer. However, there is no promotion any more, they need to be individually negotiated.

How high your pension will be? Here, pension

calculate "Early retirement" in a timely manner

when planning should be Insured to the correct strategy to take care of? the "want to go for a Few years before you retire," advises Frank Heidemann, the German pension insurance.

extra payments as early as the 50. The age of the person Insured. Especially in the case of a compensation payment it may make tax sense to distribute this over a number of years. Because only then the maximum possible tax is savings.

In Detail: in 2020, 90 percent paid contributions tax-deductible - a maximum of 25.147 Euro per year for Singles or 50.294 Euro for Married/registered partners .

That is, for 2020, a maximum of 22.632 Euro (45.264 Euro for Married/registered partners) as a special tax expenditures to make a claim. However, amounts recoverable from the settling of the for the month salaries accrued employer and Employee contributions for pension insurance contributions to be deducted. As a result, the deductible contributions to halve about.

tip: Are of higher amounts than the annual deductible the maximum amounts of the compensatory payment necessary, you can leave on for several years to distribute.

The pension Fund will help in choosing the right strategy: Under 0800/1000 480 70 you can arrange a free consultation.

Also interesting: early retirement - you want early retirement? You need to now 61 and retired people in Germany know get more than 3000 Euro in a month, FOCUS Online/Wochit 61 retirees in Germany will get more than 3000 Euro in a month Now, private pension insurance compare (display)

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 18:27

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