FC-Bayern-veteran announces Transfer: 'll try to find a new club | FC Bayern

In the summer line up of FC Bayern München at the one or the other Position. A veteran, announced his Transfer. The FC Bayern* is reinforced for the coming s

FC-Bayern-veteran announces Transfer: 'll try to find a new club | FC Bayern

In the summer line up of FC Bayern München at the one or the other Position. A veteran, announced his Transfer.

The FC Bayern* is reinforced for the coming season with Alexander Nübel . The Transfer provides to the Isar for a new goalkeeping hierarchy. What is Sven Ulreich power ? The veteran announced his Transfer.

Update from 3. June: The FC Bayern München* in the Bundesliga on Saturday against Bayer Leverkusen ran*. May be it will be one of the last missions of substitute goalkeeper Sven Ulreich .

"what is also Clear is that I don't want to be in the coming season, the number three. I'll try to find a new club,“ said the 31-Year-old at Sport1, after the Bavarians have committed in addition to captain Manuel Neuer the Schalke Keeper Alexander Nübel starting in the summer.

Sven Ulreich: farewell from Bayern Munich sealed already?

Ulreichs contract in Munich runs until 2021. "If nothing Suitable result, it is possible that I will fulfill my contract. In this case, I'm going to hang myself in, in order to remain the number two,“ added the former Stuttgart, who plays for 2015 with Bayern.

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this season has not come Ulreich , who has passed for Bayern so far, 68 games, yet to use. A new goal yet. " to Imagine is everything . Especially in the current Situation, you don't know what all the results in yet,“ said Ulreich .

Nübel is currently playing in the Schalke goal, in S04, a Keeper of Chaos in the future, but how ruhr24.de* reported. At Bayern, it is speculated that during the more about the new additions. In the case of Leroy Sané and Kai Havertz there are apparently new developments. And: FCB-legend Philipp Lahm surprised now with an Instagram photo.

Bayern veteran speaks about farewell - change within the League? The two clubs traded

Update from 11. May: Sven Ulreich could leave the Bavarians. The replacement Keeper spoke to last open via a switch (see first message). Even if a departure of the 31-Year-old is far from a done deal, there are already rumours of potential interested parties.

was Primarily traded in this connection, the last Hertha BSC as a buyer for Ulreich, now the Kicker (Monday edition) brings another Bundesliga side to game - the FC Augsburg .

Sven Ulreich (FC Bayern): change within the League?

FCA-Manager, Stefan Reuter denied recently the rumors of an interest in Bavaria's young Keeper Christian Früchtl*. To attack the Bavarian Swabia, now in the case of Ulreich?

a need for action, the FCA had at the very least. The current goalkeeper Thomas Koubek has developed in the case of Augsburg's always more to the uncertainty factor and made some glaring blunder.

Why would Ulreich probably all an Upgrade for the team of New coach Heiko Herrlich . If the table 14. the Ex-Stuttgart, however, can afford it, is questionable - as is the General future of the Bayern veterans.

FC Bayern Munich: veteran Sven Ulreich speaks openly about an exchange

first message from the 8. May : Munich, Germany - A Transfer always brings winners and losers - irrespective of the changing player. While the Association provides an additional Alternative and thus in the rule of a Transfer of benefits, must fight other players in the squad* because of the additional competition situation suddenly to your place. This simple statement is currently watching FC Bayern* to.

the Munich-based commitment with a Alexander Nübel known to have an additional goalkeeper. The Still-Schalke made at the Säbener road already for eddy, even though he is once again at the FCB under the contract. If the 23-Year-old will be arriving in Munich, the result, in turn, new problems - for the native-born of Paderborn is indirectly responsible.

FC Bayern Munich Is Ulreich in the summer, only the number Three?

Because the Nübel-Transfer , chen record master* created when n a new goalkeeping hierarchy . That captain Manuel Neuer (for now) remains a stem Keeper, meanwhile, is clear, but who is his representative? The previous replacement Sven Ulreich , which was in the last few years, always there when he was needed? Or the emerging goalkeeping Talent Nübel ?

+ Formed previously, the goalkeeper Duo in the FCB. Sven Ulreich (R.) and Manuel Neuer.©dpa / Peter Kneffel

FC Bayern München: New pecking order in the FCB box?

That Nübel is demoted to the number Three, seems unlikely, even if coach Hansi Flick * emphasized most recently in the Kicker. "We want him (Nübel, d. ed.) continue to develop, however, it is also clear that at FC Bayern, the power thought that counts. And currently Sven Ulreich does his thing really well!“

Ulreich was, in turn, already clear in January, to have no place in the stands have. In this regard, there had been at that time a "clarifying conversation" with sport Board of management Hasan Salihamidzic. So how the method in the goalkeeper question*?

FC Bayern München: Ulreich could change in the summer "... then I'm happy to do it"

Perhaps this is a Problem in the summer, can be solved in a satisfactory way. Because Ulreich could be charged after five years at FCB, a new Chapter. the Hertha BSC should be an Option.

The capital club have, according to the sports interest in the image at the native Swabia, and hopes with New points of coach Bruno Labbadia. The 54-Year-old knows Ulreich from his time at VfB Stuttgart.

Ulreich looks to his future, however, relaxed: "I'm going to look at everything that happens in the next few weeks. I said Yes, if something opens up where I can play, then I'm happy to do it. Otherwise, I'm going to give here in my last year of the contract at all.“

FC Bayern Munich: Sven Ulreich - the loser on the winning side?

Ulreichs contract is currently dated to 2021. In the case of a change in the summer, the Munich could be enough of a transfer fee for the 31-Year-old once. The Hertha would also have an impeccable Keeper in their ranks, Ulreich would probably play again and, ultimately, from the losing to the winning side. This would then be the 35-year-old Keeper Rune Jarstein - as in the case of a Transfer of the way.

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Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 19:33

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