Car sign: These are documents that you will need car |

If the dream car is in the Garage, want to sign up owner of your car as quickly as possible. However, some legal hurdles have to be observed. If the car is no

Car sign: These are documents that you will need car |

If the dream car is in the Garage, want to sign up owner of your car as quickly as possible. However, some legal hurdles have to be observed.

If the car is not duly licensed and registered, it is not allowed on the road. For the login the appropriate registration authority your place of residence is responsible. In many cities, the licensing authorities are integrated in the public offices. On the Land, the authority is often located at the district office. The best time for an appointment to save unnecessary waiting times.

Auto login: This documents, you need

is a trademark needed as well as an insurance. But that's not enough: To log various documents necessary, you need to submit and should not forget, since they must agree in the case of a new appointment. Here, you will learn everything you need to know on the subject.

passport, registration certificate, eVB-number

Fundamentally, you should run the ID or the passport when you sign in with to be able to identify themselves. Just as important is the certificate of approval , which consists of the Parts I and II (formerly the vehicle registration and the Vehicle title) is. If you sign up for a new car, you only need the second part of the certificate of approval. The existing provide proof of insurance coverage must be submitted to the eVB-number . Earlier it was the so-called insurance card.

For the registration of a Car, you need to grant at the time of admission is also a SEPA direct debit mandate place. So you agree that the road tax will be debited for your car from the account. Therefore, it is recommended to run the account data in the marketing authorisation.

Important: If the account holder of the vehicle is not also the owner, must also be the owner of the vehicle sign.

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check list for car registration: These documents are needed

new cars

identity card or passport registration certificate II (formerly Vehicle registration) motor Vehicle-insurance confirmation (eVB-number, formerly double-card)


identity card or passport, Car insurance confirmation (eVB-number, formerly double-card), registration certificate part I and II (formerly the vehicle registration certificate and a letter) put the proof of the main inspection and exhaust emission test In the case of de - registered vehicles: unsubscribe or nursing certificate

also, the dealer Can register the car?

Yes, he can. Who is afraid of the wait time on the approval, leaves it to the dealership, the car permit. Help traders ready to assume the often - depending on the basis for negotiation and surcharge - the Sign up for the new cars for the buyer. Best to ask at the dealership before buying it. For the seller, the Login is a Routine task. Cheaper it is, the car self to log in .

Auto login: how do I get a license plate?

When you Log in, you must take care of yourself in order to have a valid license plate. In many communities today is is possible to have a request license plates (fees apply) book online . You can then order the signs is also convenient on the Internet , where you already have 15 Euro. In the case of the sign shops in the vicinity of the respective licensing bodies, you need to dig in deeper, here are the Car signs can cost time, more than Double .

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What is the cost of a registration for the car?

The cost is depending on the community in different ways. In the rule for 50 Euro should be scheduled In the section of the application costs according to the Auto Club Europe (ACE), around 30 euros, however, it can be processing fees due. the Free registration services or car dealerships to calculate between 120 and 150 euros.

Can be logged on the car from third parties?

If you have no time for the Authorities, you can prepare also to help Relatives and Acquaintances to confide the matter. You don't have to register for personal site to your car. To do this, make a full power to the respective helper and give him all the documents necessary for registration required (see check list). A form for granting a power of attorney, the comparison portal Check24, for example, is available.

form Download

Good: alternatively, you can hire a registration service with the registration . Compare best prices for various providers in advance.

main examination: registration also available online

Automotive-holders will not be agreed to facilitate bureaucracy, you need to dates for the main examination directly or on the telephone. The Testing service providers such as Dekra, GTÜ, TÜV or KÜS offer on their websites now have the option, online to log in . Here you can find a branch in your area and there is a free time window to select.

Here you can arrange an appointment online for the main examination:

GTÜ, Dekra, TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Nord, KÜS-online search

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