Pension: the employer must participate in saving amounts

If workers besparten with their own money in a company pension scheme (bAV), have two sides of advantages: Both the Employees and the employer save in the case

Pension: the employer must participate in saving amounts

If workers besparten with their own money in a company pension scheme (bAV), have two sides of advantages: Both the Employees and the employer save in the case of the so-called deferred compensation social security contributions.

by the year 2018, the chief of the division was allowed to keep money easy. That all changed with the "occupational pension strengthening law", such as "financial test" reports in its new issue. Since 2019, the employer must give, in many cases, a portion of their Savings on to the employee.

Everything that was Important to the grants:

  • Who has a grant claim to the Employer?

Since 2019 workers get at the conclusion of a new bAV contract a grant of 15 percent – and if your boss saves social security contributions.

all who earn below the statutory contribution assessment ceiling for the health insurance benefit. She is currently 56.250 euros per year, on a monthly basis so 4687,50 Euro.

in addition, the employee must be insured in the statutory pension insurance.

contracts will be Funded in the case of direct insurance companies, pension funds, and pension funds.

Important for workers with Altverträgen: Starting in 2022, the boss has to subsidise their bAV.

Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

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  • Where to find the appropriate rules?

it is in the "law for the improvement of occupational retirement provision" (BetrAVG) § 1a Abs. 1a.

  • My boss says he needs to pay me any grants. His justification: The old operating agreement applies more. Is that true?

Yes. According to § 26a of the grant for deferred compensation agreements that have been concluded prior to 1/1/2019 applies only to 1.1.2022.

  • My boss pays so far already a grant. The new amount comes on top of it?

That depends. If the boss has tied his previous grant to the social insurance Savings, he can charge the new duty to grant the previous amount. The existing subsidy is already at least 15 percent, there is no more money.

If the previous grant was not tied to the Saving of the social insurance, has to pay the chief starting in 2022 in addition – as some lawyers argue, anyway. According to this view, also very well-paid employees would benefit through the contribution assessment ceiling. In the case of lower-paid employees, the way would be the voluntary grant, you would receive only the statutory grant. Presumably, the labour courts have to clarify this question. So much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

  • I earn over the income threshold for the health insurance, but among those of pension insurance. How much grant am I entitled to?

Saves the employer for only a part of the social security, he may restrict the grant to the actual amounts saved and also less than a 15 percent pay. Because it is for many companies a high amount of effort would be to determine the exact amounts that you contribute probably a flat rate of 15 percent.

  • I'm already deferred compensation, and change soon, the employer. I then get the new grant?

The point is: If the new employer takes over the old contract including the funding commitment, it is not considered as new business. The employee starts in the new company, a new contract must pay the chief of the new grant, if all the conditions are met. This also applies if the employee transferred the value of the old contract into the new contract.

  • My boss is not granted the subsidy. What can I do?

Check this article, and also with the "law for the improvement of occupational retirement provision" (BetrAVG), if you meet all the rules. This is the case, then you would point your boss to the fact. The employer remains at his attitude, you must inform the works Council or turn to a lawyer.

  • I get the grant and my savings is to increase contribution. Have to pay my boss the grant to the higher post?

Yes. As long as your employer is saving through your savings contributions social security contributions he must pay 15 percent on the increased amount.

  • I run my direct insurance during the Parental leave, private more. I get the grant?

no, because then your employer saves social security contributions and must give you no subsidy.

  • grant the bAV with the Employer automatically attractive?

The Employer's contribution and the 2020 force reduction in health insurance contributions in Retirement to make the conversion of gross pay, at least, more attractive.

But still applies: The attractiveness of occupational pensions depends on a number of factors:

  • The employer selects the contract for his employees.
  • There are different good pension contracts.
  • large companies can often negotiate favorable group rates.
  • Some employers added to even shoot more than 15 percent.

Independent estimates to get interested in consumer centers, as well as pension consultants.

Here you will find the Original article at the financial test.

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