Aston Martin DB5: a replica of James bond's car

Between 1963 and 1965 were less than 900 copies of the legendary Aston Martin DB5 – the car of James Bond actor Sean Connery in the Cult movie "Goldfinger

Aston Martin DB5: a replica of James bond's car

Between 1963 and 1965 were less than 900 copies of the legendary Aston Martin DB5 – the car of James Bond actor Sean Connery in the Cult movie "Goldfinger" driven, and then often in the 007 films appeared. Of course, the Bond Version, however, was not comparable with the series production, which was at that time (see with plenty of luck) on England's roads. The secret agent in the service of her Majesty, had firearms, unusual fenders, an escape key and some other functions, which were to him by quartermaster of Q provided. Aston Martin GQ cars

Now, several years later, it is possible to sit in this car. Yes, Bond Fans, is one of The fictional Design of the 007-car Aston Martin DB5 went for a series of limited-edition Fan-made replicas in production. Although this car can not be driven on roads, it is a collectors piece that can only acquire real 007 enthusiast (with the needed money).

James-Bond-Feeling in the true to the original 007-a company car

the new limited edition is 25 exclusive Aston Martin DB5 , which were made entirely by Hand with the most features that are seen in the Film "Goldfinger" to . Among the Highlights of the remake of the Bond classic, a fog machine, a bullet-proof rear window and ejector seat, the function is not capable of, but the shown in the Film is perfectly modeled. Also, the switching is part of the handle with the button that activated the ejector seat "".

Aston Martin On a Box with a variety of switches, many of the agent functions

to enable The collector's item also features a device to spray Oil on the road, which is activated by the rear lights and any liquid like a garden watering can on the road can throw. All the added elements were installed by specialist engineers from Aston Martin in collaboration with Chris Corbould, the genius for visual effects, movies, is for more Bond-responsible. James bond-agent-BMW with phone control FOCUS Online James bond agent-BMW with mobile phone control

another striking Element of this true to the original 007's company car is that it has the same console in the armrest with the different switches to Enable and Disable several options. So, for example, even can be used to machine guns (not real) from the fog light to the front – a special defense system that probably anyone can remember. Aston Martin GQ cars

Aston Martin DB5: Exclusive James Bond tag has its price.

if you are now thinking whether the whole of the Features "I need!"let me tell you that Aston Martin DB5 cost in the exclusive James Bond Edition proud to 3.3 million pounds (just under 3.7 million euros) . This is not equivalent to the 790 Times the original price, however, the production version of the Aston Martin DB5 in the 60s had years, of course, all of the aforementioned features on Board. Aston Martin is The listener for the on-Board phone built in door panel

hidden According to information provided by the car manufacturer takes the production of each of these cars is about 4,500 hours and you will be taking into account the current security measures. The "Job 1" called the car "stands not only for the further Design and construction success, but it is also the first DB5 built for the last 50 years of Aston Martin" says the brand in a statement. Aston Martin, The radar screen is decorative, but no real function

The sports cars of Aston Martin> British cultural icon apply a new edition of the Aston Martin DB5 of James Bond already

out of print, The Bond car was to "Goldfinger" to be a major part of all films, by integrating elements such as the above-mentioned features. The aim was to always to be the technological extension of the MI6 and the official car was not destroyed by 007 most of the time, what (frustrated only) Q. Equally frustrating for all interested parties is likely to be that the sold 25 copies already are. But on the street you would have had with this car anyway, don't drive. (Also read: on the Road in four James Bond-service car on the track at Silverstone)

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