Bans and Surveillance: cities are in a panic and incite new riots

Taking discs, wrecked police cars, and young people, the official massive attack: images of the riots in Stuttgart and Frankfurt were in the past few weeks for

Bans and Surveillance: cities are in a panic and incite new riots

Taking discs, wrecked police cars, and young people, the official massive attack: images of the riots in Stuttgart and Frankfurt were in the past few weeks for horror. Groups of young adults rioted in two towns, injured police officers and desolated streets and squares.

Many describe the violence of Frankfurt cynical as the "Afterparty" in Stuttgart. The police sees it differently: In contrast to the riots in the baden-württemberg state capital, you've got the riots in Frankfurt in the first and the rioters in time identified. What both cities have in common, however, is the radical tightening of security measures in the city core.

So to be attached in Stuttgart, according to a report of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" of 30 surveillance cameras, in order to prevent new excesses of violence. In Frankfurt, the Opera square, the epicenter of the riots may not be entered in the nights to Saturday and Sunday from midnight. And during the week it is prohibited from 1 to 5 o'clock in the morning, stay. In addition, the police was strengthened presence in the whole of Frankfurt city centre is massive.

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expert explains: surveillance cameras, scare the perpetrators of violence in General, not ab

"The measures taken by the police, is probably used for the deterrence of potential perpetrators of violence," explains Thomas Bliesener, the Director of the criminological research Institute of lower Saxony (KFN) in an interview with FOCUS Online. That increased video surveillance of the young, violence-prone, is not to prevent adults from riot, don't believe Bliesener, however.

He says: "The research has shown that surveillance cameras are only effective for a 'deliberate' offences as a deterrent, so for example, if someone wants to steal a car. For excesses of violence which are not", the expert applies. Bliesener is assumed that many of the "Krawallos" will not make any thoughts about the new video cameras.

Jörg Kinzig, the head of the criminological Institute in Tübingen, it looks similar. "That you will get the problem completely in the grip, it is hard to accept. There are already too many alternate strategies," he explained to FOCUS Online. After all, who didn't want to be observed, incapable of "the eye of the camera". Before viewing, you could get drunk at home. KFN-chief Bliesener only sees a benefit in increased video surveillance: "The police know faster where the cabin is burning, and it can loss targeted official chicken."

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"Feel excluded": prohibitions and bans could stir up resentment in young people

the discontent with the Corona restrictions could have been a trigger for the riots in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, suspected least some experts. Finally, the moment they Leave their apartment was limited in some places, over several weeks. Until today, clubs have closed in this country, the majority of events were postponed or cancelled altogether.

"T-Online" quoted the sociologist Albert Scherr at the end of June with the words: "It is quite plausible to say that these restrictions of the last few weeks and months, something has been taut. Now, with the first Openings, a compensation - and a celebration there will be a requirement." So far young people are able to live out this "party need" only in private premises or in public places. Place lockouts and alcohol bans, they displace from the inner cities. dpa/Frank Rumpenhorst/dpabild The city of Frankfurt has come up with a new concept for the Opera square.

"Through measures such as the prohibition of Frankfurt's Opera square is a Frustration for the young adult can arise, they feel displaced and marginalized," says Bliesener, who has a doctorate in psychology. He is convinced: "The 'Outcasts' could see this as a justification for cross-border behavior."

Increased police presence may be "escalated instead of de escalation" effect

"with strong police forces, in many places," wants to Frankfurt prevent it from coming a second Time to the riots. "The police will now only come once 'the situation', I think is understandable. The strong police presence can, however, be no long-term solution," says criminologist Kinzig. And also Bliesener sees the officials-increase critical.

"reinforce The police presence in this extent is usually a two-edged sword," he explains. And further: "studies and demonstrations have shown that a large array can lead to equipped officers Assaults, instead of curb. The police then act - as paradoxical as it sounds - escalation instead of de escalation." Some of the protesters would feel threatened and aggressive behavior react. "That's why police officers wear safety vests at mass events instead of protective clothing often, the signaling serums to calm the Situation there," explained the KFN-chief. Reuters/Simon Adomat/dpabild police units are gathering to counter-rioters to proceed.

Kinzig: "Without increased social work it is hardly"

For Washington is clear: in Order to avoid new riots, we need more than stricter security measures. "Without a cause research, and a strengthened social work, it is unlikely to go down. If young men are left alone and without perspective, this is dangerous," he says.

And also for Bliesener, the current measures taken are not sufficient. He summarizes: "The video surveillance will not prevent young, aggressive adults to be violent. And place references, and alcohol bans ultimately only lead to one thing: A shift of the problem." Dog giant barking at a lizard, and promptly gets the receipt for PCP dog giant barking at a lizard, and promptly gets the receipt


Date Of Update: 24 July 2020, 14:26