Aldi wants to cut sausage prices, although debate on the abuses raging in the meat industry

the Aldi provides with demand for sausage price reduction for excitement Wednesday, 20. May, 14.52 PM: in the Middle of the debate about the working cond

Aldi wants to cut sausage prices, although debate on the abuses raging in the meat industry
the Aldi provides with demand for sausage price reduction for excitement

Wednesday, 20. May, 14.52 PM: in the Middle of the debate about the working conditions in the German meat industry Discount market leader Aldi with the request for price reductions in the case of sausage products for excitement. "The claims of Aldi are completely unconscionable," said on Wednesday the President of the Federal Association of the German meat industry (BVDF), Sarah Directly, the German press Agency.

Especially in view of the efforts of the sausage wasteland in the past few weeks, the security of supply in the Corona-crisis with great effort to ensure, not adjust the claim in time. Previously, the trade journal "Lebensmittel Zeitung had reported" over the price demands.

the Background to the dispute is the collapse of pork prices in recent weeks. Aldi stressed that the company is orienting itself "like any other dealer" in the price of tenders on the supply and demand influenced price levels, taking into account but also other criteria such as quality and performance. "As a dealer, and, in particular, discounters, but it is also our own task costs and pass on savings to our customers."

Why Aldis exposure to criticism

results call for The "food newspaper" that Aldi cuts, referring to the decline in prices for pork swift price in the case of sausage products was reported. The sausage prices are based in principle on the raw material prices, is quite common, as well as Directly to grants.

For resentment in the industry, the height, the pace and timing of price claims according to their words but. In addition, the industry fears that the step of Aldi is likely to have chains as a signal for the other big trade.

Aldi stressed that, traditionally, the prices for sausage would be negotiated were new, when the market is moving noticeably upwards or downwards. In light of the recent violent Price fluctuations, the company have proposed to the manufacturers for the next time, a more flexible approach.

"We have said explicitly that the proposal relates to both rising and falling price levels, so no "one way street" is", - said the company.

According to Edeka and net: Lidl designers now selling masks of Van Laack PCP To Edeka and Netto Lidl now sells Designer masks by Van Laack

Aldi Convertible and Gaming-Notebook

Monday, 18. May, 14.51 PM: From 28. In may 2020, Aldi offers two new Medion Laptops in its Online store. While both Aldi North and Aldi Süd offer the Erazer P15609 online, the Akoya E2292 exclusively at Aldi Nord online.

The € 250 cheap Akoya E2292 for the multimedia use is equipped with an aluminum housing. The built-in SSD hard drive with a rugged design for fast access times and low noise level. Special Feature: The Notebook, thanks to 360-degree hinges completely folded down. Buyers have a three-year warranty. Aldi/Medion The Medion Akoya E2292, there are at Aldi.

The memory is 4 GB, in addition, 128 GB of Flash memory are available. A second SSD to be subsequently integrated. The two speakers are provided with Dolby Audio. The Medion Akoya E2292 comes to a battery life of up to 8.5 hours. The weight of the laptop is measured at 1.4 kilograms. The Notebook has a Bluetooth-5.0-function, a built-in HD Webcam and microphone. A free 30-day trial for Office 365 is an integral part of the device.

The second Notebook, the Erazer P15609, is 800 euros and is something for gamers. Here, too, buyers get a three year warranty. With its 15.6-inch Touch-screen Display with Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels), the Erazer P15609 for mobile Play. The Gaming laptop is 2.1 kg heavy. On the 256 GB large PCI-Express-SSD Windows is pre-installed 10 Home. Visual Highlight is an illuminated keypad with 15 selectable colors.

When connecting, the client can put on a USB type-C, a Further four USB-A connectors are usable. For the next LAN Party is also a HDMI port and a classical network connection. A connection to the Gaming-Headset via Bluetooth 5.0 possible. Secret fattening foods: These fruits and vegetables calories fall FOCUS Online/Wochit Secret fattening foods: These fruits and vegetables calories fall

Aldi sold off the hygiene hook for door handles and shopping carts for 99 cents

Thursday, 14. May, 11:09 PM: hygiene measures play an important role, in order to protect themselves and others from the Coronavirus. The demand for masks, disinfectants and disposable gloves is accordingly large. Therefore, the number of oak supermarkets and discounters have added any products to their range.

After Aldi Süd right to Run his mouth, nose and recorded at the end of April a rule covers that the Discounter sold according to own statements at cost ( FOCUS Online reported), the company offers, from the 28. May the next hygiene product: the so-called hygiene hook. The consumer and technology portal "Chip" answers the most important questions and answers.

What is a hygiene hook?
With this hook, you open the doors, tracks, press stop buttons in buses and on the road, press the light switch, open toilet lids, or typing your PIN in the card reader at the supermarket checkout counter without having to even your Hand or fingers to use. May the shopping carts can even be in order slide. With the hygiene hook a possible risk of Infection should be minimized by viruses and bacteria.

What is the cost of the hooks at Aldi?
The Discounter sold the hygiene hook 28. May for 99 cents. An unbeatable price, if you look at common Alternatives (see below) looks at.

there Will be him also in the case of Aldi Nord?
nothing is, unfortunately, known.

what Material is the hook made of?
The hook is manufactured by the company Priomold from the Baden-Württemberg - a company that specialises in injection moulding technology from plastic .

Aldi Süd CHIP Corona


We put on our page so-called Affiliate Links. About FOCUS Online possibly receives a Commission from a dealer. Affiliate Links are no Ads. Our editorial coverage is, in principle, independent of the Existence or the amount of a Commission. For users, nothing changes in the purchase price of the product.

hygiene hook: The Alternatives on Amazon

hygiene hooks are no Aldi's own invention, there are some German plastics companies that produce such a hook already for a few weeks and sell. Including, for example, the company Wanzl has developed a hook that you can slide a Ring over the Finger. There is, for example, for less than 10 euros at Amazon. Three other Alternatives do you see here in the following listing. However, none is as cheap as the Aldi deal - with the exception of a special action that you'll learn in the next paragraph.

Wanzl Hygiene-hook


This plastic hook from Wanzl is easy on the fingers slipped and something is thus to be expected. But it is significantly more expensive than Aldi.

For 9,96 Euro at Amazon

buy hygiene handle with anti-bacterial additives

Amazon of The hygiene handle with anti-bacterial additive was made of plastic and not metal as the picture suggests it - manufactured. He is also a key chain Eyelet, which makes it a practical companion.

For 7,99 Euro at Amazon

FTP door opener

Amazon, The FTP door hooks buy was designed by the seller by means of CAD technology. He also has a useful key ring Eyelet.

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